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How Late Does DHL Deliver?

how late does dhl deliver

DHL is one of the largest logistics and shipping companies in the world, with a global network of warehouses, distribution centers, and delivery vehicles. 

They offer a wide range of shipping services for individuals, businesses, and organizations, including express delivery, freight, and logistics solutions. But, How Late Does DHL Deliver?

Well, I decided to take a detailed look at the delivery schedule, the factors that can affect delivery times, and how customers can track deliveries and contact DHL for assistance.

So, let’s get started with the…

Delivery Schedule

DHL’s delivery schedule varies depending on the type of service and destination. But in general, DHL delivers packages between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Therefore, it is very unlikely that you will get a DHL delivery after 6:00 p.m.

However weekend delivery is available in some locations, but it may be limited or require an additional fee.

For express delivery services, they offer time-definite delivery options, such as “Next Day by 10:30 a.m.” or “Next Day by 12:00 p.m.” For an additional cost, these services guarantee delivery by the specified time. They also provide same-day delivery service in selected areas, which can be scheduled for pick-up and delivery on the same day, subject to cut-off time and area availability.

Factors To Consider

There are a number of factors that can affect delivery times for DHL packages; these include:


Delivery to a remote or rural area may take longer than delivery to a major city. In addition, if the package is being shipped from a different country, this will also add time to the delivery process.

Service Level 

Express delivery services generally arrive faster than standard delivery services. This option guarantee delivery by an earlier date and time. However, these services come with an additional cost.

Time of Year 

DHL experiences increased volume during peak periods, such as the holiday season, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Valentine’s Day. During these times, delivery times may be longer than usual.

Weather Conditions 

Bad weather can cause delays and disruptions. DHL takes steps to make sure its workers and customers are safe when there is bad weather, which can also cause delays.

Customs Clearance 

If your package is being shipped internationally, it may be subject to customs clearance. This process can add additional time to the delivery schedule. DHL has a dedicated team that handles this and ensures that your package is cleared as quickly as possible. However, some countries may have stricter regulations than others.

Package Size and Weight 

Larger or heavier packages may take longer to deliver than smaller packages. DHL has weight and size limitations for certain services, so it’s important to check these before selecting a service.

Package Size and Weight 

Payment Method 

Some payment methods may take longer to process than others which can cause delays.

Security and Compliance 

Certain items may be subject to security and compliance checks, which can add more time to the delivery process.


DHL also offers insurance options for packages, which can provide added protection and peace of mind. However, due to more careful handling, this service may add to the delivery time.

Planning Ahead

To ensure that your package arrives on time, it’s essential to plan ahead and allow extra time for delivery, given the factors above. It’s also important to ensure that the package is properly packaged, labeled, and addressed to avoid any delays or issues. 

Doing so can help prevent any confusion and increase the chances of your package being delivered smoothly and on time.

Tracking Your Package

All of DHL’s packages can be tracked online, so customers can check on the status of their delivery at any time. Customers can do this by entering the tracking number on the DHL website or using the DHL Express mobile app. The tracking information will show where the package is, when it is expected to arrive, and if there have been any changes or delays.

Customers also have the option to sign up for email or SMS notifications, which will provide updates on the package’s status, including when it has been picked up, when it’s in transit, and when it’s out for delivery.

Delivery Options

DHL has delivery options that let customers make the delivery process fit their needs. They can opt for “delivery to a neighbor,” or “delivery to a safe place,” which allows the customer to specify a safe location for the package to be left, or “delivery to a DHL service point,” which allows them to pick up the package from a DHL service point location.

Delivery Option

Contacting DHL

In the event of a delay or problem with your delivery, customers can contact DHL customer service for assistance. You can do this by phone, email, or through the DHL website.

Customer service representatives can provide information about the status of your delivery and assist with any issues or concerns that may arise. This service is available 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does DHL ship all night?

DHL’s standard delivery schedule is between 8:00 am and 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday. However, DHL Express, a subsidiary of DHL, offers 24/7 services for shipping packages and documents. However, service availability may vary depending on the destination and the specific service options that you choose.

Is Sunday a working day for DHL?

Sunday is not a standard working day for DHL, but in some areas, they offer weekend delivery for an additional fee.

Is Sunday a working day for DHL

Can I change the delivery address for my package?

Yes, you can. Contact DHL customer service or use their website or mobile app to update the delivery address. They may require you to verify your identity before making changes to the shipping information. It is also important to note that changes to the delivery address may result in additional fees or affect the estimated delivery time.

Does DHL offer Saturday delivery?

Some areas may offer Saturday delivery, but it may be limited or come with an additional fee.

Can I cancel my DHL shipment?

It depends on the status of the package. If the package has not been picked up yet, then you can cancel the shipment. However, if the package has already been picked up or is in transit, it may not be possible. Contact DHL customer service for assistance.

What should I do if my package is delayed?

Contact DHL customer service for assistance. They can provide information about the status of your delivery and assist with any issues or concerns that may arise. Additionally, you can track your package in real-time to check for any updates or delays.

What should I do if my package is lost or damaged?

Contact DHL customer service immediately if you believe your package is lost or damaged. They can assist with filing a claim and ensure that you receive the appropriate compensation. Be sure to keep any documentation, as it may be needed for the claim process.

What are the weight and size limitations for DHL packages?

The weight limit for a single package is 70 kg (154 lbs). For shipments exceeding this weight, multiple packages will be required. In terms of size, the maximum dimensions are 240 cm x 120 cm x 220 cm per package.

Can DHL ship hazardous materials?

Yes, DHL can ship hazardous materials, but it is subject to specific regulations and restrictions. Customers should contact customer service for assistance and ensure that the package is properly packaged, labeled, and shipped in compliance with regulations.

Can I ship perishable items with DHL?

DHL does offer solutions for shipping perishable items, such as temperature-controlled packaging and transportation. However, there are restrictions and regulations. So, customers should contact customer service for assistance and ensure that the package is properly packaged, labeled, and shipped in compliance with regulations.

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Final Thoughts

DHL is a reliable and efficient shipping and logistics company that offers a wide range of services for individuals, businesses, and organizations. 

Delivery times may vary depending on the destination, service level, time of year, and weather conditions. However, with DHL’s extensive global network and variety of services, customers can have peace of mind that their package will be delivered on schedule and in good condition.

Good luck, and I hope your parcel gets there safely!

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