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How Long Does StockX Take to Ship? (2023 Guide)

how long does stockx take to ship

StockX is an online specialty store that offers coveted shoes, clothes, electronics, accessories, trading cards, NFTs, and collectibles from in-demand brands to customers across the globe. 

Headquartered in Michigan, they also have offices in Portland, the Netherlands, the UK, Canada, and Hong Kong. They often allow customers to pre-order and receive the latest releases before they hit retail shopping markets. 

However, shipping times may be worth taking into consideration, since it may take a while before you receive your items anyway. It begs the question: How long does StockX take to ship?

Vendor Shipping

Vendor Shipping

StockX does not manufacture its stock, so they rely on vendors to supply its offering. Of course, they are supplied ahead of time by larger brands; thus, there is no wait time added for those items.

Smaller vendors, however, usually have some stock on hand but only ship it to StockX once orders come through. This process may add a day or two to the delivery time. They are expected to ship the items via UPS within two days to StockX for distribution.

International Shipping

International Shipping

Should your order be placed to be delivered from an international branch, it could take quite a bit of time to reach you. It is difficult to say how long it would take. Each country has different waiting times for imports to reach them and clear customs. Local postal services also vary, depending on their capacity and the size of the country. 

They have some indication of what to expect in accordance with some countries, listed in their terms and conditions. However, as they ship globally and do not have local distribution centers in every country, this is another variable in the estimated waiting time. 

Domestic Shipping In The US

StockX uses UPS as its shipping service. The most common waiting time for StockX delivery within the US takes between six to ten business days, excluding public holidays and weekends.

 As mentioned, it may take a bit longer if your items are first sent from the vendor to the StockX distribution office. Those items are likely to meet the ten-day mark. However, if items are already available, you could expect your package to arrive within a week.

Tracking your package

Once your order has been placed, you will receive an email with your tracking information. You can track the progression of your delivery and monitor the estimated time of arrival. If your package is not delivered within two days of the latest delivery date, you must inform StockX immediately. You can then explore the options of them issuing a refund or locating the missing package.

Accepting the delivery

Accepting the delivery

Should your delivery show up late, you are obligated to still accept it unless you have consulted with StockX regarding a refund. Refusing to sign the delivery receipt may result in StockX charging additional fees for abandoned items and restocking fees. 

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How Long Does StockX Take to Ship? – Final Thoughts

UPS is the shipping service for StockX. Although, depending on where you are, the waiting time will differ. However, within the US, you can expect your package from StockX in about a week or two.

Hope your next shipment from StockX arrives safely!

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