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How Much Do Newspapers Cost?

how much do newspapers cost

Newspapers have been a staple of daily life for a long time. Where else can you find information about the world around us?

Newspapers are always there to keep you up-to-date with both local and global news, sports, and entertainment.

But to have easy access to all that information, you need to pay. Hey, nothing comes for free in this life!

So, let’s take a closer look at how much do newspapers cost?

How Much Does a Newspaper Cost Today?

How much a newspaper costs isn’t as simple as you might expect. The price of a newspaper can vary greatly based on several factors.

how much do newspapers cost

Such as?

Well, first and foremost is your location. Where do you live? Because in many neighborhoods, you can get newspapers for free!

These freebies are usually distributed as a community service. They’re also used as a way of earning advertising revenue. They’re generally pretty limited on the news front, though, containing mostly local information with only a little coverage of global events.

What are some free daily newspapers?

If you’re in the New York area, AM New York Metro is the free newspaper for you. Those in Colorado can check out The Aspen Times. And any west coast Californians out there can read The Palo Alto Daily Post or the San Francisco Examiner.

How Much Are Non-free Newspapers?

If your area doesn’t have a free paper, or you like your news a little more in-depth, with a lot less advertising, then it’s time to buy a newspaper. And many these days are sold through a subscription service. These subscriptions can be in print, digital, or both, and can come with either a daily, weekly, or monthly fee.

how much are non free newspapers

How much is a newspaper subscription?

The price here depends on a couple of things. First of all, there’s the frequency of how often it’s published. Then there’s the level of content and journalistic integrity it provides.

For example…

If a newspaper impartially covers local and global affairs, as well as politics, sports, and entertainment, it’s probably going to be on the pricey side of things. A newspaper that only reports on local news and events will probably be a lot cheaper. Anda newspaper that only covers entertainment and gossip will have a low price tag too.

Look at The New York TimesA subscription to the digital newspaper costs $18 a month and $22 a month for the print versionThe Wall Street Journal is even more expensive than that, at $39 a month for a digital subscription and $49 a month for both print and digital together.

How Much Does a Newspaper Cost without a Subscription?

If you don’t want to commit to a newspaper subscription, that’s no problem. Single newspapers are available to buy everywhere! Just pop down to your local convenience store to pick one up.

And just as the price of a subscription varies, the cost per newspaper varies as well. This is for the same reason as the different subscription fees. It’s all about the content.

how much does a newspaper cost without a subscription

Fluff piece…

Newspapers that mostly contain celebrity gossip are sometimes cheaper than those that cover so-called serious news, but not always. And papers that sell a lot of advertising are also usually less expensive, as they make their money from those adverts. Special editions, such as Sunday or holiday editions, are often pricier as well.

Papers such as the New York Times or the Washington Post will cost you around $2 a copyUSA Today is about $1. And the tabloid newspaper National Enquirer is surprisingly expensive, retailing at around $4.99 a copy.

And another thing…

One more factor to consider when looking at the cost of a newspaper is the place where the newspaper is being sold. Locations with a high volume of tourist traffic, like airports, generally sell newspapers at a premium price. On the flip side of things, though, places with a lot of competing newsstands or convenience stores might sell their papers at a lower price to encourage customers to buy them.

Online information

Finally, it’s worth remembering that many newspapers offer their content online completely free of charge. This is particularly true of smaller, local papers, which have moved their services 100% online to save money on printing. They make their money by selling advertising rather than from customers buying physical papers.

With papers that have both an online and physical edition, many of them have the exact same article on their website as they do in print. But some newspapers have articles behind a paywall. This is particularly true for those offering exclusive or premium content.

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Final Thoughts

There’s no one answer to this question; there are too many variables. The type of newspaper, the location, physical or digital copies: these things all need to be considered.

The best thing to do is check in your local store. And if you’re looking for a bargain, have a look around a few different places. You might be able to find a cheap newspaper if you shop around.

Happy reading!

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