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How Much Do Vampire Fang Implants Cost?

Vampire Fang Types

Well, yes, in the modern world, vampire fang implants are an actual thing. They are chosen primarily for aesthetic reasons and consist of artificial fangs that are fixed onto the natural teeth. These implants can either be permanent or removable and are favored by those who wish to achieve a vampire-like appearance. Think of the fake ones often used during Halloween festivities, and you get the idea.

Despite having the option of buying inexpensive plastic vampire teeth, there are individuals out there who are willing to spend a significant amount for long-lasting fang implants. So, I decided to explore the costs of buying fang implants and look at the different options available if you want this extreme body modification.

Let’s find out… How Much Do Vampire Fang Implants Cost?

Vampire Fang Types

Vampire Fang Types

There are several types of vampire fang implants, with choices ranging from informal to serious. The most common and easily removable variety is slip-on fangs. These off-the-shelf fangs are made from dental acrylics and are customized to fit your teeth by drilling. 

Another variation of the vampire fang implant is more permanent, and you will need a cosmetic dentist to install them. This involves filing down the original tooth to a fine point so that the cap can be placed over it. These fangs cannot be removed unless they are attached to a wire support that fits into your mouth like a bridge, which is both expensive and painful.

Lastly, you can have permanent vampire fangs implanted into your jawbone.

The Cost

Different factors, such as the location of the dental clinic, the shape of the individual’s teeth, and the variety of fangs selected, will affect the cost of vampire fang implants. The expense varies, but cosmetic dental professionals usually charge between $1,000 to $3,000 for a permanent vampire fang implant procedure, while detachable ones cost around $100 per fang


Custom-made fang caps are the most effective way of acquiring implants as they fit perfectly in the mouth and look even better than permanent teeth; however, it is an expensive option, costing between $2,500 to $6,500. Those who want to save money can opt for Halloween costume fangs, typically costing less than $10

The position of the fangs, either at the middle or corner of the mouth, will also affect the total price. The type of bite you have is also a variable that will affect the overall cost of implants.

Size Options

The length of vampire fang implants can vary, and if they are smaller, they will have a lesser impact on speech. The price of the implant can depend on various factors like the type of the implant, the skill level of the professional who will install it, and the location of the procedure. You can discuss different payment plans with a cosmetic dentist. 

Nevertheless, dental insurance policies regard vampire fang implants as a cosmetic procedure, and as a result, they will not cover any expenses. You’ll have to stump up for the Dracula look yourself.

Size Options


Before deciding to get vampire fang implants, it is crucial to consider a few key factors. These implants are purely cosmetic and not intended to be sharp enough to puncture human skin. Remember, you aren’t really a vampire. Vampires are not real. 

Before the surgery, a dental professional will assess your dental health to determine your eligibility based on criteria such as the presence of a strong jawbone and healthy teeth. If you have complex dental problems or decayed teeth, you may struggle to convince a dentist that the addition of vampire fangs is a viable idea.

Side Effects

Unsurprisingly, it’s not all plain sailing when making such an extreme dental modification. Permanent fang implants can cause difficulties with speaking and eating immediately after the surgery. Other common side effects include malocclusion or sores around the implant area. Your mouth simply isn’t designed to house such long, sharp teeth.

The chance of developing an overbite is also a possibility. This can cause jaw pain and lead to severe headaches. You might even have problems simply opening and closing your mouth.

Ways to Save Money

If you opt for real vampire teeth from dental experts or cosmetic dentistry clinics and pay in cash, a discount may be available. Additionally, if you cannot pay the entire amount in advance, it might be worthwhile to discuss payment plans with your dentist.

Ways to Save Money

However, if you really want to save some cash, consider more affordable alternatives like slip-on teeth that resemble real vampire teeth; they cost less, have basically zero medical issues, and can be easily removed if needed. 

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Final Thoughts

As you now know, achieving that Vampire look can vary in cost dramatically depending on the type of procedure you opt for. The sensible option is to choose slip-on vampire teeth. These will only set you back around $100 per tooth, and if they cause you any discomfort, they can be taken out in a flash.

If this isn’t extreme enough for your liking, then the other options will cost anywhere from $1,000 to $6,500. But remember to think long and hard before making such permanent alterations to your dental architecture. Permanent vampire teeth can cause a host of undesirable physical side effects, never mind the negative effect on your chances of future employment.

These downsides won’t be enough to put some people off, so if you are one of those, make sure you visit a reputable dentist who can do the job properly.

Happy dentistry, Lord of the Dark!

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