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How Much Does a Hedgehog Cost?


How Much Does a Hedgehog Cost?

If you’re thinking about getting a hedgehog as a pet, one of the first questions you might ask is, “how much does a hedgehog cost?” The answer to this question can vary, depending on a few different factors. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the cost of purchasing and caring for a hedgehog.

The cost of purchasing a hedgehog

The price of a hedgehog can vary depending on where you purchase it from and whether it is a common or rare species. On average, you can expect to pay between $100 and $300 for a hedgehog. Certain pet stores may have lower prices, while exotic pet breeders may charge more. Keep in mind that certain species may be more expensive than others, as some hedgehogs are less common in the pet trade.

The cost of caring for a hedgehog

In addition to the initial cost of purchasing a hedgehog, you’ll also need to consider the ongoing cost of caring for one. Here are a few expenses to keep in mind:


You’ll need to purchase a suitable habitat for your hedgehog to live in. This can range from a simple plastic tub to a custom-built enclosure with multiple levels and hiding spots. On average, you can expect to pay around $100 to $200 for a basic hedgehog habitat.


Hedgehogs require a specialized diet that includes high-quality cat food, insects, and occasional fruits and vegetables. You can expect to spend around $20 to $30 per month on food.

Veterinary care

Like any pet, hedgehogs require regular veterinary care to stay healthy. This can include wellness exams, vaccinations, and treatment for any illnesses or injuries. The cost of veterinary care can vary widely depending on your location and the services required. You should plan to budget for at least $50 to $100 per year for basic veterinary care.

Other expenses

Other expenses you may need to consider include bedding, toys, and grooming supplies. These can vary widely depending on your preferences and the needs of your individual hedgehog.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a hedgehog live?

Hedgehogs typically live for 4 to 6 years in captivity. With proper care, some hedgehogs have been known to live up to 10 years.

Are hedgehogs legal pets?

Hedgehogs are legal pets in most states, but there are a few exceptions. It’s important to check your state and local laws before purchasing a hedgehog.

Can hedgehogs be trained?

While hedgehogs are not as trainable as some other pets, they can learn to recognize their owners and become comfortable with handling.

Do hedgehogs make good pets?

Hedgehogs can make wonderful pets for the right owner. They are unique, entertaining, and relatively low-maintenance. However, they do require specialized care and can be more difficult to keep than some other pets.

What kind of habitat do hedgehogs need?

Hedgehogs require a habitat that provides plenty of space to move around, as well as hiding spots and a wheel for exercise. They also need a warm environment, as they are prone to hibernation in cooler temperatures.

What can hedgehogs eat?

Hedgehogs require a diet that includes high-quality cat food, insects, and occasional fruits and vegetables. They should never be fed sugary or starchy foods.

Do hedgehogs need companionship?

Hedgehogs are solitary animals and do not typically need companionship from other hedgehogs or pets. However, they can become comfortable with their owners and enjoy spending time with them.

Do hedgehogs need to be bathed?

Hedgehogs do not need to be bathed frequently, but they can benefit from occasional baths if they become dirty or smelly. A shallow bath with warm water and a mild soap is sufficient.

What kind of veterinary care do hedgehogs need?

Hedgehogs require regular wellness exams, vaccinations, and treatment for any illnesses or injuries. It’s important to find a veterinarian who is experienced with exotics to ensure the best care for your hedgehog.

Can hedgehogs be litter trained?

Hedgehogs can be litter trained to some extent by placing a litter box in their habitat. However, they may still have accidents outside of the box.

What are some common health problems in hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs can be prone to a variety of health problems, including dental disease, skin infections, and respiratory infections. It’s important to monitor your hedgehog’s health closely and seek veterinary care if you notice any signs of illness.

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