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How Much Does a US Passport Cost?

how much does a us passport cost

Are you planning a vacation to your dream destination?

Making all the plans and realizing your passport is out of date is sure to get you down. And you’ll need to make sure you get a new travel document arranged as soon as possible.

Then there are fees for passport applications…

So before you get all the necessary documents together, you need to also make sure you have the necessary fee. And this varies depending on the type of travel document and service you need. 

So, let’s find out…

How Much Does a US Passport Cost?

Let’s start with…

The Different Types of Travel Documents 

Depending on where you want to go, there are different types of travel documents available to you. And each of these types of documents comes with a different fee. Plus, there are extra fees for particular services to consider.

Let’s take a look at the different options and how much you can expect to pay.

Execution fees

This fee covers the time and effort of the agent or other delegated person. It is basically the fee that needs to be paid to cover the agent’s salary. This fee can vary slightly, depending on how and where you apply for your travel documents. 

Execution fees

New passport fee

You need to be sixteen or older to apply for this type of travel document. The standard fee for a new US passport is $130, as well as an execution fee of $35. This means that the total fee for getting your new passport will be $165.

Who is this for?

You need to apply for a new travel document if you have never applied for one before. You’ll also need to restart the process if your current travel document expired several years ago. And be aware that you will also pay an additional fee if you need your travel document in a hurry. 

New passport card fee 

You can also apply for this type of travel document if you are at least sixteen years old. Additionally, you can apply for this travel document if you have never applied for a passport before.

The card can be used to visit destinations within the USA and serves as proof of identification. The application fee for the card is $30, while the execution fee is an additional $35.

So, it costs $65 in total to obtain a passport card.

The renewal fee for adults

You can save a little money by getting your travel document renewed instead of applying for a new one. But in order to qualify for renewal, your current document must still be valid. This is a good option if your passport is full of stamps or will expire within the next six months. 

Where to apply?

You can apply for a renewal through the post, and the total fee is $130. In this case, you will not be charged the execution fee. However, you can pay a little extra to expedite through the mail if you wish. 

Children’s passport fee

If you are planning to travel with a minor, they can usually be added to your travel documents. However, you may want to apply for separate travel documents for teenagers. This gives them the freedom to travel without you and can make travel far more flexible.

Children’s passport fee

The standard passport application fee for minors is $100. This is the fee for creating a new travel document for the first time. There is also an additional execution fee of $35, which brings the total fee to $135. 

Children’s passport card fee

This type of document is suitable for children under the age of sixteen. So, if you are traveling with a baby, you can save money by simply applying for the card. The application fee for the card is $15, while the execution fee is $35, making the total fee for an under-16 passport card $50.

Expedited Fees

It usually takes between eight and eleven weeks to receive your new travel documents. This can be a bit of an issue if you are planning to travel to another country soon. Plus, when you take mailing times into account, the entire process can take more than three months.

Fortunately, there is a way to speed up the process a little if you are in a hurry. All you need to do is request the expedited service at the time of application. Your travel documents will then be given priority, and you will be charged an additional fee.

And you can rest assured…

When you choose the expedited service, the National Passport Processing Center will give your documents full priority. In this case, your travel documents will be ready in between five and seven weeks. You can also pay extra to have the documents mailed to you using a faster service. This reduces the delivery time to between one and two days. 

The expedited service is now available if you are just applying for a card. However, it covers getting a new passport or renewing your exciting travel document, too. You can also pay a little extra to expedite a card at the same time. 

The breakdown of the fees is as follows:

  • Expedited processing times – $60
  • One to two-day delivery – An extra $18.32

Accepted Payment Methods for Passports

The payment methods that are available vary, depending on how and where you apply for your new travel documents. If you apply in person, you need to submit your application form to a designated Passport Acceptance Facility. Then, you need to calculate the exact fee in advance to make sure you don’t over or underpay.

When paying for the application fee, you need to provide either a money order or a check. These payment methods need to be made payable to the US Department of State. However, a range of payment methods is accepted for the execution fee. 

Accepted Payment Methods for Passports

The accepted payment methods for the execution fee on passports are:

  • Money order
  • Check
  • Cash if you have the exact fee ready
  • Credit card if you are paying at a post office branch

There are also additional options if you are visiting a dedicated passport agency. In this case, you need to make an appointment in advance and have the exact fee ready. 

The accepted payment methods are:

  • Money order
  • Check
  • All major credit cards
  • Visa and MasterCard debit cards
  • Cash in the exact amount
  • Prepaid Visa and MasterCard credit cards 

And when applying by mail?

Unfortunately, if you are applying by mail, your options are slightly more limited.

You can only pay by money order or check, and you need to make sure you make the calculation properly. Because if the value of the check or money order is incorrect, the payment method will be returned to you. This means that you will have to issue a new payment for the correct amount, which will hold up the whole process. 

But the most important thing to know?

All fees for your new or renewed travel documents are non-refundable. However, you will be refunded the expedited fee if the service fails for some reason. When sending your travel documents through the post, it is, therefore, important to use registered mail. This allows you to track your documents and minimizes the risk of them being misplaced. 

International Passport Fees

If you or your partner are not from the United States, you can still apply for a new passport. You simply need to visit your nearest embassy with your current documents and proof of identification. You will be given an application form, which you need to complete to get the process started.

International Passport Fees

The fee for this service varies, depending on the country you come from. For some nationalities, the entire process can be completed in the United States. However, in most cases, part of the process will have to be completed in your country of origin.

But the good news is…

After submitting your application form and other documents, the whole process will be handled for you. A fee and the estimated time to complete the process will be quoted at the time of application. And again, it may also be possible to pay a little extra to expedite the process. 

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Ok, back to today’s passport purchasing guide

Final Thoughts

I’ll end by mentioning that the fee for getting a new passport or having it renewed changes from time to time. The fee also varies according to the type of document you are applying for. Therefore, it is important to double-check the latest rates before starting your application process.

You can also pay a little extra to get your documents back more quickly. This is a good option if you are planning a trip in the near future. However, planning ahead and getting the process started early will save you the most money in the long run.

Happy passport applications!

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