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How Much Does Aldi Pay? (2023 Guide)

how much does aldi pay

Are you planning to apply for a job at Aldi?

This multi-national retail chain has a reputation for being a great place to work. The company offers a range of jobs for entry-level candidates and people with specialist skills. The salary that employees receive is affected by several different factors. This includes the role that you apply for, your previous experience, skills, and the part of the country you live in. 

So, if you’ve been wondering ‘how much does Aldi pay?’, then it’s time to find out…

The Average Salary

The Average Salary

The starting salary for entry-level employees at Aldi varies depending on the part of the country they live in. However, the average starting salary is between $12.50 and $15.20 per hour. This starting salary is far above the average for retail supermarket chains. 

However, new employees are given a lot of responsibilities and need to be ready to work hard. Some people appreciate the higher salary and the opportunity to make more money with overtime. However, some former employees report that the hard physical demands of the job are not worth the salary. 

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Depends on your number of hours…

The average salary for both part-time and full-time employees is roughly the same as the entry-level salary. The main difference is that full-time employees work a set number of hours rather than receiving an hourly rate. Part-time employees who work a large number of hours at $15.20 per hour can make significantly more than full-time employees. 

Full-Time Hours

If you take on a full-time role, you will be expected to work at least 25 hours each week. However, most full-time employees work much more than this and often work 38 or 40 hours a week. There are also plenty of overtime hours available for employees who want to make some extra cash.

Most stores only schedule between eight and ten employees to work each shift. A single full-time shift usually consists of eight hours, and the first full-time shift is from 05:00 to 13:00. The last full-time shift that is scheduled each day is from 15:00 to 00:00. Employees need to be responsible and keep their number of missed shifts to a minimum.

Longer hours for management!

Employees in senior roles are expected to work more hours per week to ensure that work is completed. They usually have extra responsibilities such as training new employees and managing stock control to meet their responsibilities; store managers often work fifty or sixty hours per week. 

Aldi Part-Time Hours

Aldi Part time Hours

If you take on a part-time role, you will generally work between 15 and 24 hours each week. Part-time shifts usually run for four hours, and the first part-time shift each day is from 06:00 to 10:00. The last part-time shift in the day is usually from 19:00 to 23:00.  

It falls to individual store managers to create shift schedules for part-time employees. The schedules are based on the needs of the store in any particular week. As a result, some employees may end up working slightly more or less on certain weeks.

Move over to full-time!

From time to time, part-time employees may be required to work eight or even ten hours a day. This is particularly common during busy periods such as major holidays. Part-time employees who have their sights on working full-time are advised to fill open slots caused by employee illness. 

How Much Does Aldi Pay? – Average Salaries By Location

How Much Does Aldi Pay? – Average Salaries By Location

The employee salaries are adjusted in different locations to meet the cost of living in that area. Employees who live in New York earn an average salary of $38,500 because the cost of living is particularly high. However, the cost of living is much lower in Arizona, and the average annual salary is $32,000. 

Average Salaries By Department

The average salary that employees can expect to earn also depends on the department they work in. People who work in departments where special skills and experience are required generally earn higher average salaries. However, entry-level employees who work in departments where training is provided receive lower average salaries.

Employees who work in the administrative department earn way above average, with a typical annual salary of $37,000. This is closely followed by sales department employees with an average of $33,000 per year. However, the average annual salary for people who work in the warehouse department is $31,000 per year. 

How Much Does Aldi Pay? – Different Roles And Typical Salary

Before you jump right in and apply for a role, it is a good idea to check out the different salaries. If there are several jobs available at the store, taking the time to choose wisely could make you more money. Here are some of the most common jobs at the retail store and the typical salaries. 

Stocker salary

This entry-level role mainly involves restocking the shelves in the store. Stockers are also responsible for rotating stock and interacting with customers. Stockers are required to work a range of different shift patterns to meet the needs of individual stores. 

This role is usually only available on a part-time basis, and the starting salary is between $12.50 and $15.20 per hour. Taking the median salary of $13.25 per hour, this translates to around $265 or $13,700 annually based on an average part-time contract of twenty hours per week. However, many stockers work between 25 and 30 hours a week. As a result, the weekly and annual salary for this role can rise considerably. 

Cashier salary

Cashier salary

It is necessary to work very quickly and efficiently to do this job well. Cashiers are expected to be able to scan at least a thousand products each hour during their shifts. It is also necessary to be able to process a range of different payment methods and provide the correct change. 

Cashiers are only offered part-time shifts, which can vary dramatically from week to week. New employees typically start with only a handful of weekly shifts, which can rise to 24 weekly over time. The hourly salary for this role is $13.50 per hour, depending on location. This translates to an average of $324 per week or $16,848 per year.

Store Associate salary

This is a full-time role that comes with a range of comprehensive health benefits. Store associates at Aldi are also treated to performance bonuses, and pay raises over time. People who work hard and are enthusiastic can find themselves on the fast track to becoming department managers. 

It is necessary to perform a wide range of tasks as assigned by store management. The role involves standing for long periods and can be quite physically demanding. The average salary for this role is $13.50 per hour, which translates to $540 per week or $28,000 per year. 

Shift Manager salary

This is another full-time role that can be quite demanding. Shift managers are charged with training new employees and making sure they are working efficiently. It is necessary to have strong leadership and motivational skills to do this job well.

The average starting salary for this role is $16 per hour, which can rise dramatically over time. New Shift Managers make an average of $640 per week. This translates to a little over $33,000 per year. 

Assistant Manager salary

Assistant Manager salary

In most companies, this full-time role comes with a fixed salary. However, Assistant Managers who work at Aldi receive an hourly salary. Fortunately, people who take on overtime are sure to find that this works to their advantage.

The average salary for an Assistant Manager is a little under $20 per hour. This means that the weekly salary is typically $790, which translates to $41,000 per year. However, this role also comes with performance bonuses and a wide range of benefits. People who are willing to take on a lot of overtime hours could easily make at least $45,000 per year. 

Store Manager Trainee salary

If you have your sights set on senior management, this job is a good place to start. A large part of this role involves shadowing store managers and acting as their second in command. The training takes place at a range of different locations within a region of the country.

The starting salary for this role is $24 per hour, which can rise over time. Most Store Manager Trainees work an average of 45 hours per week. This makes the average salary for this role $1,080 per week or around $56,000 per year.  

Store Manager salary

These employees are responsible for maximizing store profits and making the big bucks as a result. If you take on this role, you can expect to work up to sixty hours a week. It may also be necessary to travel to different locations to attend regional meetings and conferences.

Only people who have strong leadership skills and knowledge of business are considered for this role. The company tends to prefer to promote employees who have already proven themselves. This helps to instill a feeling of company loyalty and the belief that anyone can rise to be the boss. 

Performing well means bonuses!

The average salary for this role is $79,000, in addition to a wide range of benefits. There is also an annual performance bonus to take into account. Store Managers who consistently perform well can earn up to $110,500 per year. 

Warehouse Associate salary

Warehouse Associate salary

This is a common distribution center job that is ideal for entry-level employees. The role is available on both a part-time and full-time basis. However, all Warehouse Associates are required to work a wide range of shift patterns.

The average starting salary for a Warehouse Associate is $17.50 per hour. The hourly salary tends to rise as employees gain skills and experience. People who are willing to work hard and have desirable skills can make up to $19.40 per hour. Warehouse Associates work an average of 32 hours per week. Taking the average salary of $17.50 per hour, the average weekly salary is $560. This translates to a little over $29,000 per year. 

When Do Employees Get Paid?

All employees get paid twice a month, and payday usually falls on a Friday. The easiest way for employees to receive their biweekly salaries is by setting up a direct deposit. 

Employees can also receive a couple of paper checks if they wish when they first start work. However, it is not unusual for these checks to get lost in the shuffle. It is a good idea for new employees to talk with their direct manager about the best way to receive their paychecks. 

Pay raises

Certain part-time employees who work hard are treated to an annual increase in hourly salary of between 2% and 3%. This means that employees who earn $13.50 per hour receive a raise of $.40 if they perform well. This increases the hourly salary to $13.90 after the first year. After just three years of hard work, it would be possible to earn a cool $14.70 per hour. 

The company break policy

For each scheduled shift of seven hours or more, employees receive a thirty-minute meal break. In addition, there are two 15-minute breaks of fifteen minutes during this time. All breaks are enforced by law, and employees are paid for them. 

If you are a new employee, it is important to clarify the break expectations with your management. Some employees may find it difficult to insist on taking their breaks when they have just started work. The easiest way to avoid issues is to work hard and perform well during your shifts. 

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How Much Does Aldi Pay? – Final Thoughts

Employees at Aldi enjoy a higher than average salary right across the board. There are plenty of special benefits for full-time employees to take advantage of. The company also treats employees who work hard with regular pay raises and special bonuses.

The entry-level roles that the company offers are perfect for people who want to gain work experience. There are opportunities for students to take on part-time shifts on weekends and evenings to make some extra cash. To get started with the application process, simply visit the careers section of the company’s website and check out the options.

All the very best working at Aldi!

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