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How Much Does Barnes & Noble Pay? (2023 Updated)


Barnes & Noble is a household name, and for good reason. The company has been around for over 150 years, and it is one of the largest book retailers in the world. But what many people do not know is if they are also generous employers? So, How Much Does Barnes & Noble Pay?

Let’s take a closer look and find out how much the company pays its employees compared to other retailers.

The History Of Barnes And Noble

The History Of Barnes And Noble

The first Barnes & Noble store was opened in 1873 by Charles M. Barnes in Wheaton, Illinois. The company has been through a lot of changes over the years, but it remains one of the most famous bookstores in the world. In 2021, the company had over 630 stores in the United States. They are now worth over $3 billion, and they employ over 27,000 people.

Job Titles In Barnes & Noble

There are a variety of positions available at Barnes & Noble, this includes:

  • Booksellers: These are the entry-level positions. Booksellers are responsible for helping customers find the books they are looking for and providing excellent customer service. They are also responsible for ringing up customers’ purchases and handling money.
  • Barista: In this role, you will be responsible for making and serving coffee and other beverages to customers at the store’s café.
  • Managers: Managers are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of a Barnes & Noble store. 

What Qualifications Do You Need To Work There?

What Qualifications Do You Need To Work There?The qualifications you need to work at the store will depend on the position you are applying for. 

  • Booksellers: No formal education is required to work as a bookseller, but it will be beneficial to have at least a high school diploma. However, many booksellers also have a college degree. 
  • Barista: To work as a barista in the cafe, you will need to be at least 18 years old and have good customer service skills and basic coffee-making skills or at least be willing to learn.
  • Managers: To be a manager at Barnes & Noble, you will need at least a bachelor’s degree as well as a lot of experience in customer service and leadership positions.

What is the Career Progression Like?

What is the Career Progression Like?

Career progression at the famous bookstore is possible. The company promotes from within, so if you start as a cashier, you could eventually become a manager. It can take around 5-10 years to move up the ladder at Barnes & Noble. 

What Is the Average Salary?

The average salary at the bookstore is $11.41 per hour. However, this depends on your role and how long you have been with the company. The lowest-paid position in-store is a bookseller, with an average wage of $10 per hour and a barista is $11 per hour. The highest-paid position is manager, with an average yearly salary of $51,339. 

State-by-State Comparison Of wages

State-by-State Comparison Of wages

Let us take a look at the difference in wages between states:

  • Texas: The lone star state has an average wage of $8.73 per hour.
  • California: Workers in the golden state make an impressive average of $21.46 per hour.
  • New York: The average wage in New York is $17.92 per hour.
  • Georgia: Georgians make an average of $16.07 per hour.

So, as you can see, the wages do vary with the state; those that have a lower cost of living, such as Texas, have a lower wage while those in more expensive states such as New York or California make more.

What about under 18s?

The minimum wage for workers under the age of 18 is $4.25 per hour. However, many states have a higher minimum wage, so be sure to check the laws in your state. This is also only for the first three months to encourage companies to hire young workers.

How Much Do They Pay Part-Time Workers?

As employees are paid by the hour at the bookstore, the hourly wage will not change whether you are working part-time or full-time. You will only be paid for the hours that you work.

Employee Benefits 

Barnes & Noble offers a variety of employee benefits, including: 

  • Health insurance.
  • Paid time off.
  • Retirement savings plans.
  • Discounts on books and other merchandise.

What Do Employees Think of Their Wages?

Overall, staff members are unhappy with their wages. The wage is not much above minimum wage, and the job can be quite demanding, with long hours on your feet and dealing with customers. Many people also feel that the company does not invest enough in its employees, and there are few opportunities for career growth. 

How Much Does Barnes & Noble Pay? – The Pros And Cons

How Much Does Barnes & Noble Pay? - The Pros And Cons


  • The company offers a variety of employee benefits.
  • You get to work amongst books which is great for any book lover! 
  • There are stores in most cities, so it is easy to find a location near you. 
  • Bookstores are generally quite peaceful places.


  • The wage is not much more than the minimum wage.
  • The job can be demanding, with long hours on your feet.
  • There is little opportunity for career growth, and if you are promoted, you may have to move stores. 

How Do Wages Compare to Other Similar Companies?

When comparing Barnes & Noble’s wages to other companies, it is important to consider the cost of living in the area where the company is located. 

For example, in New York City, the cost of living is much higher than in other parts of the country. This means that even though the average salary at Barnes & Noble is $17.92 per hour, it may not be enough to live comfortably in the city. In comparison, other companies located in New York City have higher wages, such as Amazon, which has an average salary of $19 per hour.

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How Much Does Barnes & Noble Pay? – Final Thoughts?

So, how much is the pay at Barnes & Noble? The answer is that it depends on your role, location, and experience. The average salary at the bookstore is $11.41 per hour. 

However, this may not be enough to live comfortably in some areas; they do, however, comply with minimum wage; plus, if you are in a state with a higher minimum wage, you can expect higher pay. 

Overall, employees are unhappy with their salaries, feeling that the company does not invest enough in them. There are few opportunities for career growth, and the job can be quite demanding. Overall, it is not the lowest paying company, and if you are a book lover, it could be an excellent job for you!

All the very best working at Barnes & Noble!

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