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How Much Does Dollar General Pay? (2023 Guide)

how much does dollar general pay

Unfortunately, most jobs at Dollar General pay an average of $10.26. However, there are many positions to choose from, and room to grow and get promoted. 

Please note that these numbers are based on estimated averages and not a guaranteed reflection of what you will be paid should you enter one of these positions. You may get paid more, or less, depending on your experience and qualifications pertaining to the job. 

So, let’s take a look at How Much Does Dollar General Pay and see what it’s like to work there!

1 Jobs At Dollar General That Pay $8 – $11 Per Hour

Jobs At Dollar General That Pay $8 - $11 Per Hour


Cashiers are responsible for ringing up purchases of customers, accepting payments, and issuing receipts. They are also expected to handle returns and exchanges. Many cashiers at Dollar General earn extra commissions by upselling or offering credit cards and other services. 

  • This job usually does not require a lot of experience.

Sales Associate

Sales associates usually earn a lower base salary and earn commissions based on their sales. Their job is to direct customers to the products they are looking for, answer questions, and assist customers in making an informed decision. Knowledgeable sales staff often prevent customers from having to return or exchange goods, as they are more likely to select the correct item on their first trip. 

  • This job usually does not require a lot of experience, but experience in sales will be advantageous.



Shelf merchandisers are responsible for retrieving stock from the storage facility and unpacking it on the correct shelves in-store. They are expected to ensure that all stock is labeled and priced correctly, in accordance with the pricing reflected at the cash register, as well as current promotions. 

Merchandisers are sometimes expected to work beyond opening and closing times to ensure that the store is fully stocked during peak shopping periods such as Black Friday. 

  • This job usually does not require much experience; however, skills in organizing items and attention to detail will be advantageous.

2 Jobs At Dollar General That Pay $12 – $14 Per Hour

Store Management

Store Management

Store managers and assistant managers are expected to oversee staff and operations within the store. They usually open and close, work out staff schedules, do inspections of the store to ensure that all is well, and handle any issues that customers cannot resolve with the general staff. 

They are also typically responsible for cash-ups and ensuring that health and safety protocols are adhered to. If anything goes wrong, the manager will be the first in line to answer for it. 

  • Management positions usually require three to five years of relevant experience.

Project Manager

Project Manager

Project managers oversee processes within the company on a case-by-case basis. A project can entail the construction of a new branch, the renovation of a store, or the implementation of a new system. The project manager has to keep everything on track and advise the executive team of what is happening and when. 

  • This position usually requires a relevant bachelor’s degree and a few years of relevant working experience with increasing responsibility.

Loss Control/Prevention Associate / Security Supervisor

Loss prevention associates at Dollar General are typically in charge of security at the stores. They monitor security cameras and alarms to prevent shoplifting by customers and theft by employees. They are also in charge of strategizing and implementing security protocols to minimize store losses. 

For this role, it is important to take meticulous notes on any incidents and ensure that reports are sufficient if police involvement is needed. In some cases, a loss prevention associate/security supervisor may be called upon as a witness in court.

  • This position will require prior experience and possible training in private or public security.

3 Jobs At Dollar General That Pay $15 – $19 Per Hour

Warehouse Worker

Warehouse Worker

Warehouse workers typically receive delivered goods and stack them by operating a forklift. They are often the go-to staff to assist merchandisers in getting the items needed to stock the shelves in-store. As driving a forklift is a specialty skill, this position typically pays a bit more. It is also considered hard labor. In addition, they usually pack and ship any orders that may come in via online orders.

  • This position may require a current forklift license.

4 Jobs At Dollar General That Pay $20 Or More Per Hour

Executive roles

Executive roles

Executive roles at Dollar General include but are not limited to; Human resource administrator, Sales manager, district manager, operations executive, payroll specialist, etc. These positions entail the executive functions of the overall business.   

  • These are all upper management roles that require a relevant degree or diploma with five to ten years of experience in the field. 


Ambassadors are representatives of the company. This is usually a celebrity or influencer of some sort that will actively promote the business to their followers and fans.

  • The more acclaim you have, the better you will be paid; however, you will have to adhere to the company’s “image.”

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How Much Does Dollar General Pay – Final Thoughts

Dollar General is a chain store, and every state, region, and district may offer more or less than the estimated average. There are also many more types of jobs that I have not mentioned in this article that you also could pursue at the company.

All the very best working at Dollar General!

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