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How Much Does Foot Locker Pay? (2023 Guide)

how much does foot locker pay

Are you planning to apply for a job at Foot Locker?

This popular footwear retailer was established nearly fifty years ago. Branches of the company can be found all over the United States and in several other countries. The company also has a solid reputation as being a great place to work. There is a wide range of roles available for entry-level candidates as well as those with specialist skills. 

And, if you are wondering, ‘how much does Foot Locker pay?’, then it’s time to find out…

How Much Foot Locker Pays 

How Much Foot Locker Pays 

The salary you can expect to receive is affected by a large number of factors. These include the type of role you take on, your skills and experience, and your location. Let’s take a look at some of the typical salaries Foot Locker offers as well as the ways they vary. 

The starting salary

Foot Locker offers entry-level roles for people who have little or no experience. These jobs are ideal for college students and people who want to make some extra cash in their spare time. Most entry-level roles come with part-time hours, although full-time entry-level roles are also available. 

The starting salary for these jobs are just above minimum wage at between $8 and $9 per hour. The exact starting salary will depend on the part of the country you live in. This salary will also go up slightly as you gain skills and experience. 

Full-time hours

Most full-time employees for the company are contracted to work forty hours per week. It is also necessary to work overtime to fill in for absent employees from time to time. Most employees are also required to work overtime during busy periods such as around major holidays. 

Part-time salary

It is possible to start working for the country from the age of sixteen. A range of part-time shifts are available on weekends and in the evenings. The typical salary for part-time employees is $8 or $9 per hour. 

Part-time hours

Most part-time employees work either twenty or thirty hours a week. During major holidays, this commitment often rises to forty hours as well as overtime. Students and people with other commitments are often given special consideration when shifts are assigned. 

Additional Benefits

Additional Benefits

In addition to the base salary, full-time employees are provided with a wide range of benefits. This includes health insurance such as medical, dental, life, and vision insurance. Eligible associates are also entitled to receive performance-based bonuses and ten vacation days as well as five personal days. 

Other typical benefits include:

  • Staff discounts.
  • Temporary disability insurance.
  • Long-term disability insurance.
  • Accidental death and dismemberment insurance.
  • Tuition reimbursement.

How Much Does Foot Locker Pay? – The Best Roles To Apply For

This major footwear chain offers a wide range of roles for people of different skills and experiences. Before applying for a job, it is important to check out all the different options. This will help you to select a role that will maximize your earning potential. 

Sales Associate 

Sales Associate 

These work on the shop floor and are responsible for assisting customers with their purchases. It is necessary to have excellent customer service skills and a good knowledge of the company’s products. Other tasks include stocking and organizing shelves and answering questions about different products and services.

The starting salary for sales associates is typically $6 per hour, which can rise to $11 per hour over time. Sales associates also receive a 1% commission on all the sales they make. This can raise the hourly figure considerably, especially during busy periods.

You can work full time…

Many sales associates also choose to work full-time, and the average salary is $450 per week. This translates to around $23,400 per year. Successful sales associates who earn a lot of commission can easily make $30,000 per year. 


This is an entry-level role that is ideal for students and people who want to gain work experience. The main tasks are keeping the storage areas and shelves clean and tidy. Other tasks include making sure that merchandise is properly displayed and helping unload shipments. 

The average salary for this role is a little over $9 per hour, which is around $19,000 per year. However, stockers can also act as salespeople during busy periods. This adds a commission to the base hourly rate and can increase it considerably. 

Sales Lead

Sales Lead

This is an advanced sales position for employees who have gained little experience and skill. The key to this role is providing excellent customer service and being enthusiastic about different products. This role also comes with low-level managerial responsibilities such as resolving issues with customers and motivating employees.

The typical salary for this role is around $9 in addition to commission on sales. Most employees work full-time, and the average weekly salary is $472. This translates to around $25,000 in addition to benefits such as paid time off. 


As the name suggests, the primary responsibility of this role is operating the store cash register. As a result, it is important to be able to handle a range of payment methods and provide the correct change. However, this role also has a sales aspect to it.

Cashiers are also responsible for providing excellent customer service and selling extra merchandise. As a result, these employees also receive commission and can fill in for sales associates when necessary. The typical salary for this role is $8 per hour in addition to commission and performance bonuses. 

Assistant Manager

If you have strong leadership skills, this could be the perfect role for you. The role comes with a lot of responsibility, and it is necessary to be very focused and reliable. Assistant managers help to train new staff, resolve customer issues, create schedules, and perform a wide range of other tasks. 

The average salary for this role is $14 per hour, which translates to $550 weekly or $28,600 per year. Compared to the same role in similar sporting goods chains, the salary for this role is fairly low. Employees can advance to this role to gain a little experience before transferring to another company. 

Store Manager

The essence of this role is making sure that a single store runs smoothly and maximizing profits. Store managers are responsible for making hiring decisions, providing basic training, and coordinating employees. It is essential to have strong leadership skills and be able to complete different types of paperwork. 

The average salary for this role is $51,000 per year. Store Managers who perform particularly well also have the chance to receive special bonuses. The salary is roughly typical for retail companies, although some pay considerably more for this role. 


This full-time role is ideal for people who have a passion for fashion and understand market trends. It is usually necessary to have a degree in marketing or a similar field to do this job. The main responsibility is deciding which products are going to be sold in different company stores. 

Merchandisers are usually assigned a few stores in a particular area to work with. It is often necessary to visit the different stores and meet with the store managers. This is a full-time role that pays around $50,000 per year. 

How Much Does Foot Locker Pay? – When Employees Get Paid

How Much Does Foot Locker Pay? - When Employees Get Paid

Employees of all levels get paid every two weeks. The company requires new employees to set up a direct deposit. Pay is received on Friday mornings for the period ending the previous Thursday. 


All employees are evaluated by the store managers once a year. Employees who have been performing particularly well will usually receive a raise at this point. The average value of this raise is between $0.10 and $0.50 per hour. However, employees are not guaranteed a pay raise, and it is essential to work hard to get one. 

The break policy

Most employees either work four-hour or eight-hour shifts. All employees are entitled to receive two fifteen-minute paid breaks during an eight-hour shift. Employees who work eight-hour shifts also receive a one-hour lunch break. However, it should be noted that lunch breaks at Foot Locker are not paid

During busy periods, employees may find it difficult to take their lunch break. It is important to consult with the store manager about the best time to do this. Lunch breaks are often scheduled so that there are enough employees in the store to serve customers. 

The company dress code

All new employees are issued a branded polo shirt as well as a name tag. These items are provided free of charge and must be kept in good condition. All employees are required to wear sneakers during their shifts. 

Most store managers have their own opinions about how employees should dress. Most store managers do not allow employees to wear booty shorts or jeans. Generally speaking, employees are expected to wear a smart pair of black pants with their polo shirt.  

How To Land A Job At Foot Locker 

How To Land A Job At Foot Locker 

As you can see, the company offers a wide range of different roles for people of different skills. Job openings are advertised regularly both in stores and on the company’s website. Let’s take a look at the steps you need to take to secure the perfect role. 

Select the perfect vacancy 

The first thing you need to do is decide which type of role would be the best fit for your skills. You will find a wide range of vacancies in the careers section on the company’s website. You can narrow the search by typing the location you want and job title to work in the search bars. 

Click on a job title to read the full description. Take the time to make sure you meet the job requirements. When you are ready, you can click on the ‘apply’ button to be taken through to the online application form. 

Complete an application form

It is important to take the time to complete the application form in as much detail as possible. You will need to complete all of your contact information as well as your work history. Make sure all the information you have supplied is correct before clicking on ‘submit.’ 

Wait for confirmation

You will receive an email confirmation to show that your application has been received. Generally speaking, it is likely to take a couple of weeks to be contacted by the hiring manager. However, this period could be considerably shorter if there is a staff shortage at a particular store. 

Do your research

While you are waiting to be contacted, use the time to your advantage. It is best to find out as much about the company and vacancy as possible. You can use this information to prepare a few questions for the interviewer if you are selected. 

Attend an interview

If you meet the necessary requirements, you are likely to be called into the store for an interview. For part-time and entry-level roles, the interview process is usually fairly short and informal. You will usually meet with the store manager, who will assess whether or not you are right for the role.

You may need to attend two or even three interviews if you are applying for a managerial role. It is important to remain focused throughout the interview process and remain open and confident. Be prepared to prove to the interviewer that you are the perfect person for the job and can handle responsibility. 

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How Much Does Foot Locker Pay? – Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a way to hone your sales skills, working at Foot Locker is a good place to start. New employees are provided with paid training so that they can learn the necessary skills. The company also actively seeks candidates with specialist skills for advanced leadership roles.

Although the company doesn’t offer the highest salaries in the industry, many employees also receive performance bonuses. And people who are willing to work hard and gain the necessary skills have the opportunity to advance through the company.

 However, competition for vacancies tends to be high, so you will need to work on your application and interview skills.

All the very best with your career at Foot Locker!

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