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How Much Does KFC Pay? (Full Guide)

How Much Does KFC Pay? - The Company Break Policy

Are you searching for a finger-licking job in the fast-food industry?

If you enjoy fried chicken, working at KFC could be the perfect recipe for success. This prominent company boasts thousands of outlets across the United States and other countries around the world. The company has a good reputation for offering a friendly working environment. While there are numerous vacancies in the restaurants, there are also corporate roles for people with specialist skills. 

If you are wondering, ‘how much does KFC pay?’, then it’s time to find out…

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The Work Hours

The Work Hours

Most of the company’s fast-food outlets are open until late at night, and employees are needed to cover all shifts. When applying for a job, you need to make it clear which shift patterns you are available to cover. Hiring preference is usually given to employees who are available to cover a wide range of shift patterns.  

Full-time hours

Employees who sign a full-time contract usually work between 33 and 40 hours a week. The number of scheduled hours depends on the needs of the outlet at the time. If employees call in sick, you may also be required to take on overtime hours. This can sometimes mean that you work more than eight hours on certain days. 

Part-time hours

Part-time employees are usually assigned between 10 and 25 hours a week. The number of hours you work will depend on your availability, and the staffing needs that week. If you are hoping to take on more hours, let your manager know that you are available for overtime. 

The call-out sick policy

For every thirty hours an employee works, they can accumulate one hour of paid sick leave. This means that it takes around seven weeks for full-time employees to earn one full day of sick pay. It is important to use this time wisely and wait until you really need it.

If you need to call in sick, it is important to contact your manager as soon as possible. This will give your manager enough time to find someone to cover your shift. Your manager has the right to ask you to provide a doctor’s note to prove your illness when you return to work. 

How Much Does KFC Pay? – The Company Break Policy

How Much Does KFC Pay? - The Company Break Policy

Employees who work six hours or more in a single shift are entitled to a thirty-minute meal break. While employees do not receive a salary for this meal break, they can enjoy a discount on food purchased on site. It is also possible to leave the restaurant during this break and grab a bite to eat somewhere else.

Employees are also provided with paid breaks of ten to fifteen minutes during their shifts. Your manager will usually schedule these breaks so that all employees get the chance to take a rest. If you are not sure when your break will be, it is best to politely clarify it with your manager.  

The Dress Code 

All restaurant employees are provided with a black or red shirt, a name tag, and a hat. Each of these items is branded with the KFC logo. In some locations, employees may also be provided with a headset. It is important to take care of all these items and make sure that shirts are clean and in good condition.

Employees usually have to wear their own black slacks and non-slip closed-toed shoes during shifts. Individual managers often have their own ideas and rules about how employees should be groomed. It is important to discuss this during the interview before starting work. 

Roles You Can Apply For 

The turnover at the company’s restaurants tends to be quite high, and there are usually roles available. It is worth checking out the vacancies in your area and finding the right fit for your skills. Here are some of the main jobs you can apply for at KFC and an overview of the average salaries. 

Team Member 

This is a good entry-level role for people who are aged sixteen or over. If you are in college, you are sure to find that there are plenty of part-time shifts available. Make sure your manager understands your study commitments and schedules your shifts accordingly.

This role mainly involves taking orders for customers and helping them understand the menu options. Team Members may also be responsible for preparing orders and serving food and beverages. It is important to work quickly and efficiently while providing excellent customer service.

What is the salary?

The average starting salary is around minimum wage. This rises slightly as you gain skills and experience. Team Members who work full-time can expect to earn around $19,000 per year. 


This is an important customer service role and is often offered to Team Members who perform well. The starting salary is around $9 per hour. You are sure to find that the salary increases slightly once you prove that you are a valuable employee.

As the name suggests, one of the main duties is operating the restaurant cash register. It is also important to make sure that the workstation is clean and tidy at all times. Other duties include helping to prepare food and drink orders and helping to stock different stations. 



This involves cooking different menu items to order and preparing certain items in advance. It is important to understand how to prepare all menu items to the company’s specifications. You also need to be able to anticipate demand so that the most popular menu items are ready for customers.

It is necessary to earn a food safety and hygiene certificate before starting this job. The company provides all training and coaching necessary to pass the test. This helps to make sure that you are able to work safely and efficiently when working with kitchen equipment.

What is the salary?

The average salary is around $10 per hour. This is slightly lower than the average for fast-food restaurants. Once you gain a little experience, you can transfer to another company and earn $13 per hour as a cook. 

Shift Supervisor

This low-level managerial role is ideal for people who have gained little work experience. One of the main responsibilities is training new employees and motivating them. It is necessary to have a good understanding of each role and be able to take them over on demand. 

Another key duty involves ensuring customer satisfaction. When a customer has an issue, you need to be able to resolve it as quickly and smoothly as possible. Other duties include managing stock levels and implementing food preparation procedures.

What is the salary?

The average salary is around $12 per hour. While this is a part-time job, you are likely to be encouraged to take on extra hours. On average, Shift Supervisors make around $24,500 per year. 

Assistant Manager

You need to have a good understanding of business operations to do this job. In many cases, the franchise owner will request that applicants have a degree in business. In other locations, it may simply be sufficient to have experience in the restaurant industry and strong leadership skills.

This comes with a large number of administrative tasks, such as inputting orders into the Point of Sale system. This is used to record cash transactions and track inventory. You will be responsible for ordering new inventory when necessary and making sure it is stored correctly.

What is the salary?

This is usually a full-time role, and it is necessary to work at least forty hours a week. It is a good idea to put in extra hours if you have your sights set on becoming a manager. The average salary is $39,000 per year, and people who work hard receive an annual cash bonus of $2,000. 



Unlike most other roles in the restaurant, it can be quite hard to secure this position. You need to prove that you have strong leadership skills and an understanding of business. Most franchise owners expect managers to have a business degree.

The main responsibilities of this role are enforcing policies and maximizing profits. You need to make sure that all employees are working at the optimum level and make hiring and firing decisions. You also need to create work schedules that take the availability of each employee into account. 

The average salary is around $50,000 per year in addition to a benefits package. Managers who perform well usually receive an annual bonus of around $5,000 per year. The salary can also increase slightly if the franchise owner is impressed with your performance. 

When Do Employees Get Paid

Most part-time and full-time employees receive their salary every two weeks. However, you may have to wait slightly longer for your first paycheck if you start in the middle of the payment period. New employees can arrange to receive their salary by pay card, direct deposit, or paper check. 


Employees are usually subjected to a performance review every six months. During this review, the manager will review the performance of the employee during that period. They will also discuss the employee’s career prospects and plans for the future. 

If employees are determined to have excelled in their role, they are likely to be given a pay rise. This is usually either 2% or 3% on top of their hourly rate. If a vacancy becomes available, these employees may also be offered the opportunity to advance. 

How Much Does KFC Pay? – How To Apply 

If you live in a city or large town, you are likely to have at least one fast-food outlet close to home. If you have your sights set on working in a restaurant, it is a good idea to apply in person. Make sure you wear a smart outfit, bring your resume with you, and ask for an application form.

It only takes a few minutes to complete the application form, and you can do it in the restaurant. It is best to visit the restaurant during a quiet period, such as mid-afternoon. If you are lucky, the manager may be free and grant you an interview on the spot. 

Applying online

If you are applying for a more advanced role, you can complete the application process online. You need to head on over to the careers section of the company’s website. Take the time to read the hiring information, including details about the company culture.

You can use the search bar to enter the ZIP Code of the location you want to work in. you can also narrow the search by entering certain keywords. When you are finished, a list of the vacancies that meet your search criteria will be provided.

What is the salary?

You can click on a job title to read the full description, including the work schedule, duties, and requirements. If you feel that you are right for the role, click on the ‘Apply Now’ button. You will then be directed to the online application form.

Make sure you take the time to fill out all sections of the application form in as much detail as possible. Make sure that all the details are correct before clicking on the ‘Submit’ button. If your application interests the hiring manager, they will contact you within a week to arrange an interview. 



New restaurant employees usually need to complete a short orientation program before their first shift. This includes a tour of the restaurant’s facilities and instruction on the food preparation process. New employees are also instructed on the company policy and how to provide excellent customer service.

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How Much Does KFC Pay? – Final Thoughts

Working in a KFC fast-food outlet is a good option for entry-level employees who want to gain work experience. Although the starting salary is not particularly impressive, these jobs come with paid training. There are plenty of shift patterns available for students who want to earn a little cash.

People who work hard also have the chance to work their way through the company. If you have a head for business, it is worth taking the time to complete a business degree. You could then become a franchise owner and make up to $700,000 a year in sales.

All the very best in your new job at KFC!

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