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How Much Does Marshalls Pay? (Average Wage And Benefit)

how much does marshalls pay

When it comes to finding a job, pay is always a consideration. How much a company pays its staff members is often a reflection of how much it values its workforce. Therefore, if you are considering a job at Marshalls, you are probably wondering about the salary and benefits package.

 So, how much does Marshalls pay? Well, we are going to dive into that and more! So, let’s find out…

What Is Marshalls?

What Is Marshalls?

Marshalls is a retail chain that specializes in selling discounted clothing and home goods. It is part of the TJX Companies, which also owns other retailers such as T.J. Maxx, HomeGoods, and Sierra Trading Post. Marshalls has over 1,000 stores across the United States and employs around 35,000 people. Nowadays, it is worth around 17.5 billion dollars. 

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Job Positions Available At Marshalls

There are many different positions available at the retailer, both in-store and in the corporate office. Some of the most popular instore positions include:

  • Sales Associate: This is the most entry-level position at Marshalls. As a sales associate, you will help customers find what they are looking for, ring up purchases, and keep the store tidy. 
  • Merchandise Coordinator: In charge of making sure that the store is stocked with the right products and that they are displayed appealingly. 
  • Store Manager: Responsible for the overall running of the store, including hiring and firing employees, setting budgets, and meeting sales targets. 
  • Loss Prevention Officer: charged with reducing theft and fraud in the store. 

What Qualifications Do You Need To Work There? 

Qualifications vary depending on the position you are applying for. But in general, the store is looking for friendly and outgoing people who have a passion for customer service. If you are applying for a management position, you will likely need experience in the retail industry, but for a sales associate or merchandise coordinator position, no prior experience is necessary. 

What is the Career Progression Like?

There are many opportunities for career growth at the chain store. If you start as a sales associate, you could eventually be promoted to a management position. Or, if you are interested in the merchandising side of things, you could eventually become a merchandise coordinator or even store manager. The possibilities are endless!

What Is The Average Salary?

The entry-level pay for Marshalls is only $9 per hour. However, when you look at the average wage across the board, it is approximately $15.43. This works out at around $30,079 per year on average. Nevertheless, this yearly salary varies on average from $26,081 per year for entry-level up to $69,825 per year for the more experienced workers.

State-By-State Comparison Of Wages

We all know that the living costs and minimum wage varies between states, but how does that impact the pay at Marshalls? Let us take a look at the average hourly wage of all workers in some of the most populous states:

  • California: $25.36
  • Texas: $21.03
  • Michigan $18
  • New York: $25.50
  • Florida: $19.11

What about under 18s?

The minimum age to work at Marshalls is 18, but there are some positions available for 16 and 17-year-olds. But these come with a few restrictions. For example, 16 and 17-year-olds can only work a maximum of three hours per day, and 18-year-olds can only work a maximum of eight hours per day on school days. 

How Much Do They Pay Part-Time Workers?

The store offers a pay-per-hour wage; therefore, the amount a part-time worker is paid will be determined by the number of hours they work. On average, a part-time worker will work around 20-30 hours per week. Full-time employees may find they get higher raises than part-time workers, so will eventually be on a better wage.

What do employees think of their wages?

As with any job, there are always going to be some staff members who are unhappy with their wages. However, overall, employees seem to be content with what they are paid. One thing that is often mentioned is the employee discount, which can be up to 30% off, which helps to offset the lower wages. 

How Much Does Marshalls Pay? – Employee Benefits 

How Much Does Marshalls Pay? - Employee Benefits 

It is not just a salary that you will get when you work at the store; there are also a number of benefits available. These depend on several factors, including working full-time or part-time, and job positions.

 Some of the benefits that are available to staff members include: 

  • Health insurance.
  • Dental insurance.
  • 401k.
  • Paid time off.
  • Employee discount.

How Do Wages at Marshalls Compare To Other Similar Companies?

When it comes to retail, there are a lot of companies that pay similar wages to Marshalls. This includes other clothes retailers such as Old Navy and Forever 21. 

However, some companies do pay a bit more, such as H&M and Abercrombie & Fitch. Larger retailers such as Target and Walmart pay their workers even more! For example, CVS recently raised all their entry-level positions pay to $15 per hour.

Pros And Cons Of Working At Marshalls

There are always going to be some pros and cons when it comes to any job, and working at Marshalls is no different. 


  • Employee discount: as mentioned above, this can be up to 30% off, which is a great reward. 
  • Opportunities for career growth: there are many opportunities to move up the ladder, both in management and merchandising. 
  • Flexible hours: which is perfect for students or those with other commitments. 


  • Low wages: this is often cited as the biggest con of working at Marshalls. 
  • Not the most exciting work: let us face it, working in retail can be pretty boring at times. 
  • Customers: you will deal with some difficult customers from time to time. 

Dress Code

Dress Code

You will be provided a logo t-shirt to wear but feel free to wear jeans or slacks as long as they do not have any rips or tears. Overall, the dress code is casual, but you should make sure you are presentable. 

Break Policy

You are entitled to a 15-minute break for every four hours that you work. If you work a shift that is longer than seven hours, you are entitled to a 30-minute break. However, this all varies depending on state laws. 

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How Much Does Marshalls Pay? – Final Thoughts?

Overall, a career at Marshalls can be an enjoyable experience. The employee discount is a great perk, and there are opportunities for career growth. However much Marshalls pays its employees could be better, and there is also the potential to deal with difficult customers. But if you are looking for a flexible job with decent hours, the retailer could be a great option. 

Good Luck, and enjoy your new job at Marshalls!

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