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How Much Does Old Navy Pay? (Job Positions, Benefits And More…)

how much does old navy pay

Are you looking for a job where you can turn your passion for fashion into a lucrative career? 

Working at Old Navy could be the perfect place to start. This discount retail chain is a subsidiary of Gap, Inc. and was established in 1993. Today, the brand boasts more than a thousand stores and has become a popular brand in its own right. The company offers a wide range of entry-level retail roles as well as jobs in the corporate office. 

If you are wondering, ‘how much does Old Navy pay?’, then it’s time to find out…

The Shift Hours

The Shift Hours

Most stores are open from 09:00 until 19:00 or 22:00. Employees are required to work a range of different shift patterns to provide customers with assistance. Hiring preference is usually given to candidates who are available to work evenings and on weekends when stores are busiest. 

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Part-time hours

Part-time employees usually work four and a half-hour shifts at a time. The number of weekly hours that these employees receive depends on the staffing needs of the store. In some cases, part-time employees may only work ten to fifteen hours a week. 

However, these weekly hours are sure to increase if the store is busy and there are staffing issues. During busy periods, it may be necessary to work up to 25 hours per week. Being ready and willing to take on additional hours is a good way to advance through the company. 

Full-time hours

It is necessary to work at least thirty hours a week to be considered a full-time employee. Most full-time retail workers still receive an hourly rate, which can increase slightly over time. There is often the possibility of taking on overtime hours, especially when employees call in sick. 

The Call-Out Sick Policy

The Call-Out Sick Policy

If you are a part-time employee, you will not receive your pay if you miss your shifts. If you need to miss a shift due to illness, it is best to give your manager 24 hours’ notice if possible. Simply missing a shift without calling in is likely to result in both verbal and written warnings. 

After employees have worked full-time for a year, they are entitled to receive paid sick time. This amounts to a total of six days per year. However, it is important to make sure you follow the call-out sick policy to use your sick days.

The Company Break Policy

Part-time employees who work a standard four and a half-hour shift are entitled to receive a paid fifteen-minute break. The store manager will schedule breaks for different employees to make sure that the store remains fully staffed. If you need to take a break at a particular time, make sure you get permission first.

Employees who work an eight-hour shift are entitled to take a thirty-minute meal break. The time for this break is not counted as work hours, and employees do not get paid. Again, it is important to make sure you follow the store policy for taking this meal break. 

Typical Salaries For Store Positions

Each store employs many staff to cover different shift patterns. It is a good idea to check out the requirements of different roles and choose the best fit for your skills. Here are the main roles you can apply for, along with the typical salaries.

Brand Associate

Brand Associate

This entry-level role at Old Navy is perfect for people who are looking for a way to gain work experience. Brand Associates are given full training on customer service skills and sales techniques. You will also learn how to meet customer needs and work as part of a team.

The main duty of this job is assisting customers with their purchases. You will be charged with making product recommendations and finding additional products in the stockroom. The starting salary is a little under $11 per hour, which can rise slightly over time. 

Merchandising Specialist 

This advanced role involves identifying retail trends and driving sales growth. Merchandising Specialists have a strong understanding of the company’s brand identity and how it is perceived by the public. They identify ways to boost the company’s image through marketing on a range of different platforms. 

You need to hold a bachelor’s degree in business, marketing, or a related field to secure this job. Other requirements include basic computer skills, retail experience, and experience working with operations management software systems. 

The starting salary is around $14 per hour, which will rise once you pass the probationary period. 

Loss Prevention 

These security specialists are charged with preventing the theft of merchandise and property damage in stores. You need to have a keen eye and covertly observe people to do this job well. Also, you need to be able to speak with authority and maintain a safe environment within the store. 

This can be a fairly stressful job, and you need to be able to remain calm and react quickly. The role is open to people who hold a high school diploma or a GED. It is often necessary to work long hours, including weekends and evenings. 

Start part-time and work your way up…

Most employees start with part-time hours, and the starting salary is $12 per hour, which rises to $15 hourly. People who prove themselves to be right for the role are quickly offered full-time hours. The average annual salary is around $55,000. 

Assistant Manager 

One of the main duties of an assistant manager at Old Navy is maximizing profit in all areas of the store. It is necessary to be a strong leader to motivate a team to achieve their sales goals. Assistant Managers work closely with the General Manager to identify and work on areas for improvement. 

While it is possible to get promoted to this role, new applicants should hold a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration. Hiring preference is also given to candidates who have at least three years of retail experience. 

Passing the probationary period…

The average starting salary is $23 per hour. After passing a probationary period, assistant managers are usually given an annual salary of around $50,000. People who work hard can easily increase this salary to $70,000 annually after a few years. 

General Manager

This puts you in charge of a single store, and it is necessary to be passionate and enthusiastic. General Managers are responsible for making all staffing decisions, including interviewing and hiring new employees. Other tasks include managing inventory, interacting with the head office, and enforcing company policies and procedures.  

You need to hold a bachelor’s degree and have retail experience to do this job. It is important to have a good understanding of the retail industry and understand how to maximize profits. You also need to be able to resolve customer and staff issues quickly and smoothly. 

The starting salary for a General Manager is around $73,000 per year, which is slightly higher than the industry average. Once you have proven yourself, this salary can increase to a little under $100,000 per year. It also comes with lucrative performance bonuses and a benefits package. 

Employee Benefits

Part-time employees can enjoy a discount of up to $50% on selected company merchandise. This includes discounts on products from connected brands such as Gap and Banana Republic. Employees simply need to sign up to receive this benefit whenever they go shopping in one of the company’s stores. 

Full-time employees are also treated to a standard benefits package that includes health coverage. The company offers a savings and retirement plan that employees can pay into each month. This entitles them to receive a match of up to 4% on their base salary. 

Tuition reimbursement

The company believes in investing in education and supports employees who are working on their degrees. Eligible employees receive reimbursement on a portion of the cost of their education. There is also a community College program for employees to take advantage of. 

Employee Dress Code

While there is no official dress code at Old Navy, employees who work in a store are expected to be smart and trendy. Revealing clothes such as tank tops are not permitted, while people who want to wear jeans should choose store-brand jeans. Employees who use their discounts to purchase and wear store clothing will score points with the manager. 

When Employees Get Paid

All part-time and full-time employees receive their paychecks every two weeks. The usual payday is on a Wednesday, and employees should receive their salaries by noon. New employees who start in the middle of a pay period have to wait up to three weeks for their first paycheck.  


Employees receive a performance review every year to assess their progress. Employees who have been working hard will receive a raise of $.25 to $.35 on top of their hourly rate. If you are interested in applying for an advanced role, this is also the perfect time to discuss it with the manager. 

How To Apply?

How Much Does Old Navy Pay? - How To Apply

The company boasts a dedicated careers section at the bottom of the home page. It is a good idea to take the time to explore the careers section and read the presented information. This is the perfect place to find out about the company culture, employee benefits, and advancement opportunities. 

If you are looking for a job in retail, click on the red ‘browse openings in stores’ button. Other options include merchandising, production, and marketing. These options are designed for people who have advanced skills and hold a degree.

Narrow your search to location…

Once you have selected the field you want to work in, a list of all the job vacancies will appear. You can narrow the search by selecting the state and city you want to work in and the type of employment. You can click on different job titles to read the full description, including the requirements for those roles.

Once you have found the perfect fit for your skills and experience, click on the red ‘Apply’ button. You can also save the job posting and come back to it at a later date if you prefer. You will be asked to supply your email address and a password and log back in before completing the online application form.

Always check for errors…

It is important to complete the application form in as much detail as possible and check your work for errors. If you are applying for an advanced role, you will also be asked to upload your resume and cover letter. Take the time to tailor these documents to the job description before uploading them and clicking on ‘Submit.’ 

If your application appeals to the hiring manager, you will be contacted within two weeks. The hiring manager will give you a short screening interview and invite you to attend an in-person interview. If you are applying for a job in retail, you will be interviewed by the store manager. 


If you make the grade, you will need to complete orientation before starting your first shift. This consists of a short presentation and a training video. You will be provided with information about the company as well as the general rules and guidelines. You will then be given a tour of the store and can then start work.

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Final Thoughts

If you are searching for an good entry-level job in retailOld Navy is a good place to work. 

The company offers a large number of jobs to students and anyone else who wants to gain work experience. In addition to a fair starting salary, employees are given the chance to advance through the company.

Holding a bachelor’s degree allows you to apply for a more advanced role straight away. You could use your strong leadership skills and business knowledge to become a manager. Alternatively, there are plenty of opportunities for career professionals in the company’s corporate offices.

All the very best with your new job at Old Navy!

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