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How Much Does PetSmart Pay? (Full Guide)

how much does petsmart pay

Are you planning to apply for a job at PetSmart?

Working for this popular retail chain is ideal for anyone who has a love for animals. The company offers a wide range of entry-level jobs as well as roles for people with specialist skills and experience. But before you go ahead and apply for a job, you need to make sure you choose the best role for your skillset. Some jobs come with a higher salary than others, and choosing wisely can boost your earning potential.

 So, let’s find out ‘how much does PetSmart pay?’, as well as some of the best jobs to choose from.

The Part-Time Salary

The Part-Time Salary

The starting salary for entry-level roles is around $9 per hour. This salary tends to go up slightly as employees gain skills and experience. Part-time employees who have worked for the company for a couple of years can earn up to $13.50 per hour.

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Part-Time Hours

Most part-time employees work three or four days a week, and their shifts cover between 15 and 25 hours. There are several different shift patterns to choose from, and shifts run for between five and seven hours. Part-time employees often have to be prepared to take on a range of shift patterns according to their specific needs.

The earliest shift block is from 07:00 to 14:00, while the latest is from 17:00 to 22:00. From time to time, employees will call in sick. If you have your sights set on becoming a full-time employee, be ready to take on extra shifts when necessary. 

Full-Time Hours

Most employees start on part-time hours until they complete their training and gain experience. After working for a full twelve-month period, employees have the option to work full-time. The hours for full-time employees are at least thirty per week. 

How Much Does PetSmart Pay? – The Salary For Different Roles

The company offers a wide range of different roles that people of all skill levels can apply for. If there are several vacancies at a store close to your home, it is best to consider your options carefully. Here is an overview of the main roles at the company along with the average salaries.  

Groomer Trainee

Groomer Trainee

If you have your sights set on owning a pet grooming salon in the future, this is a good place to start. Groomer trainees receive free training on the ways to preen and pamper different pooches. This includes washing fur, trimming nails, learning how to keep dogs calm, and cutting fur into different styles. 

The starting salary for this role is $9 per hour, which goes up fairly quickly over time. Once you have completed your training, it is possible to earn up to $12 per hour. This roughly translates to $25,000 per year as well as other benefits. 

Dog Trainer

If you enjoy interacting with dogs, this could be the perfect job for you. The role involves working closely with both dogs and their owners and teaching important behaviors. Once you have gained experience, you could use your skill to launch your own business.

The average salary for this role is around $12 per hour, which is roughly $24,000 per year. However, dog trainers also receive a 20% commission from each pet that they train. This can boost your base salary considerably if you work hard. 

Pet Care Associate

This entry-level position involves caring for all the animals in a single store. This includes regularly cleaning out enclosures and making sure there is plenty of food and water. You will also be responsible for interacting with the animals and caring for their welfare. The average salary for this role is $11 per hour, and both part-time and full-time hours are available. 


If you have a good head for numbers and strong customer service skills, this role could be perfect for you. The main duty is operating a cash register in a single store and processing different types of payments. You need to be able to provide the correct change and be polite and friendly at all times. This entry-level role typically pays $11 per hour. 

Pet Care Specialist

Pet Care Specialist

These entry-level employees work closely with pet care associates to make sure animals are well cared for. This includes checking that animals have enough food, water, and exercise. While the starting salary for this role is $11 per hour, there are often performance-based salary increases. 

Petsmart PetsHotel Associate

Most major stores feature special hotels where customers’ pets are kept for a few days at a time. Associates in these hotels are responsible for caring for the animals and making sure they are healthy and happy. This includes exercising and playing with larger pets such as cats and dogs. This is an entry-level role that typically pays around $11 per hour. 

Dog Bather

You need to be willing to get wet and dirty to do this entry-level job. Dog Bathers work closely with groomers and make sure each dog is thoroughly bathed. Other duties include cleaning the grooming area and keeping dogs calm and happy. The average salary for this role is $11 per hour. 


This is a general role that is available to employees who already have some experience and skills. Associates are expected to step into several roles in the store depending on the need at the time. It is essential to enjoy interacting with both animals and customers to do this job. The average salary for a Store Associate is $12 per hour. 

Associate Manager

After working as an associate for some time, it is possible to advance to this role. In addition to performing a wide range of duties, associate managers are responsible for coordinating other employees. It is essential to be conformable with assigning tasks and motivating other employees. The salary for this role is usually around $29 per hour. 

Dog Groomer

After working as a dog bather, hardworking employees may be promoted to this role. This involves interpreting the needs of customers and helping to train new dog bathers. This role typically pays around $14 per hour. 

Pet Stylist

These employees work closely with dog bathers and groomers to style the fur of dogs. It is important to listen carefully to the preferences of customers and follow their instructions as closely as possible. It is necessary to be able to work quickly and efficiently and keep styling areas clean and sanitized. The average salary for this role is $14 per hour. 

Customer Engagement Manager

This role involves working closely with customers to make sure they have a positive experience in the store. When issues arise, it falls to the Customer Engagement Manager to resolve them quickly and smoothly. This role also involves making sure that each employee is performing at the optimum level. This low-level managerial role typically pays $19 per hour. 

Presentation Manager

This is another low-level managerial role for people who have an eye for interior design and presentation. Presentation managers travel to different stores within a certain area and make sure they are well laid out. This includes helping to create special displays for different products and working closely with store managers. The typical salary for this role is $19 per hour. 

Assistant Store Leader

These employees are the second in command in a store and are generally responsible for administrative tasks. This includes helping set shift schedules for employees and ordering new products when necessary. Employees who take on this role can expect to earn around $29 per hour. 

Store Manager

Store Manager

This position involves being in charge of a single store and making sure it runs smoothly. This includes hiring new employees and making sure they are fully trained. Other duties include maximizing profits within the store and enforcing company policy. 

The average salary for a store manager is $80,000 per year in addition to benefits. This is slightly above average compared to store manager roles at other companies. If you excel in this role, you will have the opportunity to train to become a regional manager. 

How Much Does PetSmart Pay? – Additional Employee Benefits 

Full-time employees are entitled to receive a wide range of benefits on top of their salaries. New full-time employees gain access to these benefits after they have completed a ninety-day probation period. Employees who have been with the company for a few years are offered a profit-sharing option. This is designed to help boost loyalty among skilled and talented employees. 

PetSmart offers a range of different pension and welfare benefits such as health, dental, and vision benefits. The company also offers group life insurance, short-term disability insurance for accidents or illnesses, long-term disability insurance, and death benefits. The available employer-sponsored pension plans help to ensure that employees receive a reliable cash source later in life.

When Employees Get Paid

All employees receive their salary every two weeks. The salary for each employee is calculated based on shifts covered from Monday morning until Sunday evening. Employees then receive their salary the following Friday via a paycheck or direct deposit.


Employees who prove that they are reliable and willing to work hard are rewarded for their efforts. Employees are typically evaluated every six months. If it is determined that the employee has worked hard, they are likely to receive a slight raise. This is typically $0.25 per hour on top of their regular hourly rate. 

The Call Out Sick Policy 

The Call Out Sick Policy 

Employees are provided with an additional paid ‘sick day’ once a month. To qualify, employees need to work at least 115 hours within that month. This is an average of around thirty hours a week for four weeks a month.

As a result, the call out sick policy only typically applies to full-time employees. While this day can be taken at any time, it is best to give the store manager plenty of notice. Arranging your days off at the end and the start of the month makes it possible to enjoy a longer paid break. 

The Break Policy

All employees with work shifts of at least five consecutive hours are entitled to a one-hour meal break. This break can be taken after working at least three hours in a row and no more than six. However, it is important to note that employees do not receive a salary for the time they take for this break. Employees need to remember to clock in and out at the start and end of their meal breaks. 

Employees are also entitled to a paid fifteen-minute break after working between four and six hours. Within a five to eight-hour shift, employees can take two of these paid fifteen-minute breaks. Employees need to coordinate with their shift managers to determine the best times to take these breaks. 

Employee Dress Code

The general dress code for Petsmart varies between stores and is determined by the store manager. All store employees are provided with a branded polo shirt, which has to be worn during shifts. Employees are responsible for keeping their polo shirts clean and in good condition.

This polo shirt can be paired with jeans, black pants, or khaki pants. Employees are permitted to wear either shoes or sneakers during their shifts. Because stores tend to get quite cold, employees are often permitted to wear a light jacket or sweater.

No hats allowed…

Employees are not permitted to wear hats while they are in the store. Women who have long hair are required to secure it in a ponytail or pin it up. Women are not allowed to wear leggings, while open-toed shoes are banned for health and safety reasons

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How Much Does PetSmart Pay? – Final Thoughts

There are more than 1,600 PetSmart stores located in the United States, and job vacancies are regularly advertised. The company offers a wide range of different types of roles for people of all skill and experience levels. While the starting salary is not particularly impressive, these jobs are a good way to gain work experience.

The company has a solid reputation for treating employees fairly and providing regular bonuses. People who have strong customer service skills and are ready to work hard are more likely to secure a role. Hiring managers also appreciate candidates who are ambitious and interested in advancing through the company.

All the very best working at Petsmart!

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