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How Much Does Publix Pay? (Full Guide)

how much does publix pay

There are a lot of reasons to love Publix, whether you work there or shop there. This supermarket chain is the largest employee-owned grocery chain in America. With over 200,000 people employed at its stores, corporate offices, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers, Publix sells high-end products. Even though it’s a little more expensive, it has better quality goods and excellent customer service. 

The supermarket chain is dedicated to the dignity, value, and employment security of its associates. And the internet is filled with positive reviews from employees who believe that Publix is a great workplace.

If you’re keen on learning more about the company, its employees, working at your local Publix store, or How Much Does Publix Pay? Here’s what you need to know…

Starting Pay at Publix

Starting Pay at Publix

Publix offers vacancies starting from entry-level to managerial positions. The starting hourly wages are between $10 to $12. If you apply for an entry-level job with no experience, you’ll be capped at $10. On the other hand, if you have a year or more of experience, let’s say perhaps, as a cashier at another retailer, you could get $11 or $12. 

Always be sure to mention any previous experience you may have related to the job you’re interviewing for. While this information is shown on your resume, verbally mentioning it might influence your starting salary. Your starting salary is influenced by the position applied for, location, and experience. 

Full-Time Work Hours

While schedules may differ, a full-time employee works at least 32 hours per week. To get these hours or more, you must have great marketing and communication skills. 

There’s a good chance that when customers aren’t sure of which product to buy, they’ll ask a Publix employee. This is where you come in! With your sales skills and personality, you’ll help the store reach its monthly sales target. Management always takes note of their employees’ work ethic and contributions. Get yourself a copy of Cook’s How to Be a Great Salesperson…by Monday! if you want to be part of the sales team. 

To become a full-time employee, be responsible, and let your manager count on you to help customers with whatever they need. Hard work is a given, and don’t forget to be cordial with your colleagues. You can’t go wrong if you practice these few steps. 

Part-Time Work Hours

If you plan on working part-time, expect to work anywhere between 10 to 31 hours every week. It’s no surprise that sometimes, a coworker might have an emergency, or they fall sick. In such instances, a part-time employee will be asked to cover a shift. Therefore, there are times when part-time workers end up working 40 hours a week or more. 

How Much Does Publix Pay for Part-Time Jobs?

As a part-time staff member, you’ll most likely be earning an entry-level salary. This takes us back to the fact that Publix hourly wages start at around $10 if you have no experience. We can assume that if you work 31 hours per week using the $10 hourly wage, times four complete weeks, you’ll earn at least $1,240 per month.

Did you know that you can start working at Publix at 14? You can work after school because Publix offers flexible schedules and a safe work environment. At 14, you can land yourself an entry-level job as a bagger, floral clerk, or cashier. If you work 10 to 20 hours per week, earning $10 an hour, you can make between $100 – $200 a week, minus taxes. 

If you join the team when you’re at least 16, you can start as a bakery clerk, grocery clerk, or produce clerk. Of course, part-time vacancies depend on each store, so here’s what you need to know about the salaries.

Bagger Salary

The starting hourly wage for this position is $10.50. If you work part-time, you can earn between $7,000 to $11,000. 

Working as a part-time bagger is ideal for teenagers and even seniors. Yes, seniors can also work part-time to supplement their retirement funds. If you work full time, expect to earn as much as $21,000 per year. Full-time vacancies are available if you’re 18 and above. 

Floral Clerk Salary

Floral Clerk Salary

A floral clerk earns $10.35 an hour, and if you love plants and flowers, then this job is ideal for you. Your role is to grade and file plants and flowers daily. You also get to help management set up these products for sale in the floral department. 

As a full-time employee, you can expect to make approximately $20,700 per year. You’ll also be responsible for creating visual displays that get customers’ attention. 

If you’re a plant parent, it might be time to bring home a new family member. Have a look at this mini succulent garden made of hallmark flowers placed in a wood trough. This appealing centerpiece is also the perfect gift for a special occasion.

If you’re a regular shopper at Publix, then you’ve noticed the beautiful display of flowers and balloons at your local store. They are usually somewhere near the front of the store, and it’s hard to miss them. A floral clerk is behind that creative visual display. 

Cashier Salary

A Publix cashier earns approximately $11.20 an hour. So, you’ll be looking at an annual income that’s between $23,296 to $25,000. If you have experience as a cashier, then you’re in luck. Your salary could be $12.50 per hour in your third year of employment. 

Deli Clerk Pay

As a deli clerk, you’ll be making around $11.70 an hour and around $24,000 a year. If you can work under pressure and are patient with others, then this job has your name written all over it. You’ll be cutting and packaging meat and cheeses for your customers. You should be able to differentiate these products well when you’re explaining some things to your customers. 

Being a meat-lover and perhaps having a knack for the chef-knife will help you enjoy your job. Therefore, invest in a Henckels Statement Kitchen Knife Set; it comes with sharpening steel kitchen shears and a hardwood block. 

Meat Cutter Pay

The hourly pay range is anywhere between $13.50 to $21. At Publix, the average hourly wage is $17.25, and you could make over $35,800 per year. You should be at least 18 years old to become a meat cutter, and if you don’t have any experience in this field, you could start as an apprentice. 

You should have the ability to deliver friendly, courteous, and prompt customer service. Your duties include cutting, trimming, and preparing meat for sale. 

Produce Clerk Pay

Your hourly wage as a produce clerk will be $11.60, and you could make just over $24,000 a year. If you’re quick with words and you’re a people person, you’ll enjoy being a Publix clerk. 

You must interact with customers as you answer any questions and give product recommendations. For example, if a customer looks for a particular brand that’s out of stock, it’s your responsibility to give alternative recommendations. On the downside, not all your customers will be satisfied with your service. 

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Cake Decorator Pay

Cake Decorator Pay

A cake decorator works together with a baker, and they may share some responsibilities. A cake decorator makes around $14.75 an hour, and this amounts to $30,680 a year.

You also do the icing on baked goods, but that’s not all! You also mold or sculpt cakes to resemble a certain theme. Although not necessary, many cake decorators have a culinary degree or background.

Pharmacy Technician Pay

A pharmacy technician assists pharmacists, fills prescription medication, and completes other tasks. If you have a strong math, chemistry, biology, and physiology background, you’re most likely suited for this position. 

A Publix pharmacy technician makes approximately $14.70 an hour and can earn around $30,500 a year. This retail supermarket chain offers a pharmacy tech program. So, when you complete the course, you can become registered and request an even higher salary. 

Pharmacist Salary

A pharmacist can make around $102,000 a year. The salary ranges between $83,000 to $129,000, depending on experience and qualifications. To become a pharmacist, you’ll need to have a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm. D.) degree.

You can become a floater pharmacist who fills in for open slots at different Publix stores. However, this would be a part-time job that offers anywhere between 25 to 35 hours a week. You’ll make around $60,000 to $65,000 a year.

To find out more about this fascinating position, take a look at our in-depth guide on How to Become a Pharmacist.

Management Positions and Salaries

If you explore a career in management, you’ll enjoy benefits like competitive pay, quarterly bonus, and exciting learning opportunities. Publix usually promotes from within to fill positions such as Store Manager, and most Department Manager positions. 

These are some of the top managerial positions and their approximated salaries. The exact salaries depend on the manager’s experience, qualifications, and work hours.

  • Category Manager – $98,840 to $115,340 per year
  • Delivery Manager – $65,837 to $93,000 per year
  • Department Manager – $70,000 to $75,000 per year
  • Store Manager – $124,000 to $129,000 per year

How Publix Pays its Employees

How Publix Pays its Employees

Publix stores pay their employees weekly on Thursday, and the stores offer a direct deposit option. Employees can also choose to use a Publix credit union that allows them to get paid a day earlier. The credit union offers several services, including checking and savings accounts, loans, and credit cards.

Need to know more about working at Publix?

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How Much Does Publix Pay? – Final Thoughts

Publix is the largest employee-owned grocery chain in the US, with over 1,000 locations in six states. It also has operations in Puerto Rico. 

This chain of supermarkets has entry-level jobs for teenagers that can work part-time after school or during a summer holiday. The store also offers part-time entry-level jobs to senior citizens that want to contribute to their retirement funds. There are also managerial positions that require a diploma or degree. 

How much you earn will depend on a few factors. If you’re interested in working at Publix, you can go to your local store and ask to see the manager. You can also check for current openings online and see if anything catches your eye. The employees are helpful and kind, and maybe you’ll find yourself being part of this great team!

All the best with your new job at Publix.

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