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How Much Does Sonic Pay? (2023 Updated)

How Much Does Sonic Pay

Are you getting ready to apply for a job at Sonic?

The company currently boasts 3,500 locations throughout the United States. Sonic employs around five thousand people in different roles, and job vacancies are regularly advertised. There are plenty of entry-level roles available for people who want to gain some work experience. However, you might be better off applying for an advanced role if you have already gained some experience and skills.

 If you are wondering, how much does Sonic pay?’, then it’s time to find out…

Starting Salary

Starting Salary

It is necessary to be comfortable on roller skates to score an entry-level role at Sonic. The starting salary for most entry roles is slightly below the industry standard. This is mainly because most people who master the art of skating can score a lot of money in tips.

Most entry-level employees start out at minimum wage. However, they can usually expect a slight increase in pay once they have completed their training. There are also special bonuses and incentives for employees who work hard. 

Shift Hours

The shift patterns tend to vary slightly at different locations. However, the earliest full shift typically starts at 07:00 and ends at 16:00. The last full shift usually starts at 18:00 and ends at 03:00. People who have other commitments are often offered the opportunity to work half shifts or leave earlier if they need to. 

Full-time hours

Most full-time employees at Sonic work between 35 and 40 hours per week. However, there are usually plenty of opportunities to take on overtime and earn more money. People who are in managerial positions often work much more than this, depending on demand. It is not unusual for assistant managers to work 55 hours per week during very busy periods. 

Part-time hours

Part-time employees are usually assigned between fifteen and thirty hours per week. However, part-time employees often need to fill in for other employees when they are sick. Therefore, it is not unusual for part-time employees to work up to forty hours a week during certain periods.

If you are a student or have other commitments, it is important to let the shift manager know. Trying to turn down extra shifts that have been assigned to you can be quite tricky. Therefore, it is better to make your availability restrictions clear right from the start to help prevent this from happening. 

Different Roles At The Company

Different Roles At The Company

Before you apply for a job at the company, it is important to make sure you consider all the options. Some roles come with a much higher starting salary and maybe a better fit for you if you have experience. Let’s take a look at an overview of some of the main roles you can apply for, along with the average salaries. 

Crew Member

This involves cooking, packaging, and delivering food to order. It is necessary to be able to work very quickly and efficiently to do this job. Crew Members also need to be polite and friendly at all times when interacting with customers. 

This role is available on both a full-time and part-time basis. The average salary is a little under $10 per hour. Employees who work full-time in this role can earn around $395 per week or $20,500 per year. 

Carhop Salary

This mainly involves delivering food and beverages to customers in the restaurant parking lot. It is important to have a good understanding of the restaurant menu and be able to make suggestions. You also need to make sure that customers are fully satisfied and that their orders are correct.

The average salary is $14 per hour, which can easily rise to $20 per hour with tips. While carhops are permitted to deliver food and beverages on foot, skaters usually earn much more in tips. Performing special tricks for customers can also help you to earn big bucks. 


This mainly involves working in the kitchen, preparing and cooking different dishes. Cooks need to be able to master a wide range of company recipes and recreate them accurately. This also involves basic food prep and keeping the kitchen environment clean and tidy. 

The average starting salary is around $10 per hour. However, cooks who have previous experience can earn much more than this. If you can demonstrate that you have valuable chef skills, you could earn up to $15 per hour. 

Assistant Manager

This is usually open as a promotion to employees who have performed well in other roles. In some cases, it is necessary to have a degree to secure this position. People who have strong leadership skills are sure to be given hiring preference.

This is usually a full-time role, although part-time hours are sometimes available. The average salary is around $16.50 per hour, which translates to around $31,500 per year. 

General Manager

This places you in charge of a single company restaurant. In some cases, you could take on this role if you purchase your own franchise. In both cases, your main priorities will be boosting profits and making sure the restaurant runs smoothly.

The starting salary is typically around $43,000 per year. This can rise to a maximum of $68,000 as you gain experience. However, you can award yourself any salary you choose if you own the franchise. 

Multi-Unit Manager

Multi-Unit Manager

A Multi-Unit manager at Sonic visits different restaurants within a designated area and reports back to the CEO. It is usually necessary to have a degree in business to secure this role. You will schedule regular meetings with restaurant managers and enforce company policy. 

The starting salary is usually around $50,000 per year. However, you will also receive a range of special benefits, including a travel allowance. With hard work and dedication, your salary could easily rise to $95,000 per year after a few years. 

How Much Does Sonic Pay? – Additional Employee Benefits

How Much Does Sonic Pay? - Additional Employee Benefits

All new employees are provided with a shirt and a hat or a visor to wear during their shifts. Employees are treated to free meals during their shifts as well as discounts on food and company products. 

Full-time employees are provided with a range of other benefits after they pass a probationary period. These include a range of dental, medical, and vision benefits. Full-time employees also receive life insurance and are enrolled in the company pension plan. 

The Company Career Path

Employees who work hard have a good chance of progressing through the company. Hiring managers actively seek new employees who are ambitious and ready to learn new skills. Paid training is provided every step of the way to provide the necessary knowledge and skills. 

Crew members who excel at cooking and serving food are offered the opportunity to become crew leaders. This role teaches employees basic leadership skills and the importance of working quickly and accurately. It is then possible to advance to the role of shift manager, which involves training new employees.

The next step on the fast-food franchise career path is Assistant General Manager. When a vacancy arises, employees who perform well may be offered the opportunity to become a General Manager. After this, you may decide to become a Multi-Unit Leader or become the owner of your very own franchise. 

When Employees Get Paid

When Employees Get Paid

Employees either get paid weekly or every two weeks. The exact time you can expect to receive your paycheck depends on the franchise manager. It is best to confirm the payment schedule with the hiring manager before you start work. 


Most franchise owners subject employees to a performance review every six months. Employees who have performed well during that period are likely to receive a slight raise in their hourly rate. If you have worked particularly hard, you may also be offered the chance to train for a more advanced role. 

The break policy

The specific break policy depends on the state you work in and the franchise owner. Most employees are given two ten or minute paid breaks during an eight-hour shift. Employees who work for eight hours are also entitled to a thirty-minute unpaid meal break. 

The Company Dress Code

New employees are given a branded shirt along with a visor or hat to wear during their shifts. The color and style of shirt you are issued will depend on your role in the company. These should be teamed with a pair of black slip-resistant shoes and khaki or black pants. Cooks are also allowed to wear black or khaki shorts due to the heat of the kitchen. 

Employees are also issued with a branded name tag that they have to attach to their shirts. It is important to make sure that the name tag is clean and visible at all times. Company-issued shirts have to always be clean and tucked into pants and shorts.

How Much Does Sonic Pay? – How To Apply 

How Much Does Sonic Pay? - How To Apply 

If you live close to one of the Sonic branches, you may see a vacancy advertised on the site. In this case, it is a good idea to visit the restaurant and ask for an application form. This gives you the chance to make a positive first impression and get the process started more quickly. 

If you choose this option, it is best to fill in the application form while you are in the restaurant. Wear a suitable interview outfit and bring your resume and ID card with you. If you are lucky, you could be granted an interview with the store manager on the spot.

Applying Online 

Alternatively, you can apply for a job through the careers section of the company’s website. This is a good option if you are applying for a senior role or are planning to relocate to another location. It is a good idea to check out the different types of careers and the benefits of each option.

You can use the search bar on the careers page to enter the location where you want to work in. If you are looking for a particular role, such as manager, you can also enter the job title here. The titles of all the job vacancies that meet your search criteria will then appear on the screen. 

Time to Apply…

You can click on one of the job titles to read the full description. Make sure you pay close attention to the specified duties as well as the requirements for the role. If you think you would be the right fit, you can click on the red ‘Apply Now’ button to get started.

You will then be directed to the application form for the role you want to land. The first step is providing your contact information. Make sure you complete all the fields, and the details are correct before clicking on the ‘continue’ button. 

Applying for a senior position?

The next few pages are dedicated to your work history and availability. If you are applying for a senior position, you will also be asked to upload a copy of your resume. It is best to take the time to edit your resume to reflect the required skills specified in the job description.

If your application appeals to the hiring manager, they will usually contact you between three days and two weeks. You will be called and asked to attend an interview in the restaurant you want to work at. In some cases, it may be necessary to complete two interviews before receiving a job offer.

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How Much Does Sonic Pay? – Final Thoughts

If you are searching for an entry-level role in the fast-food industry, Sonic is a great place to start. It should be noted that the starting salaries that the company offers tend to be quite low. However, these part-time jobs are ideal for students and people who want to earn some extra income.

If you have your sights set on becoming a manager at Sonic, there are also plenty of opportunities to advance. While people in leadership roles receive a relatively low salary, employees receive training to take their skills to the next level. You can use the business knowledge you will gain to open your own franchise one day if you wish.

All the very best working at Sonic Drive!

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