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How Much Does the Disney Vacation Club Cost?


Are you a Disney fanatic and planning to visit Disney more frequently in the future? If yes, the Disney Vacation Club is an excellent way to experience the Disney magic while taking advantage of several exclusive benefits. However, before deciding to purchase a membership, you must have a clear idea of the Disney Vacation Club cost. In this article, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on the costs and fees associated with the Disney Vacation Club, along with some frequently asked questions.

How Much Does the Disney Vacation Club Cost?

The actual Disney Vacation Club cost may vary significantly, depending on several factors such as the number of vacation points you purchase, resort affiliation, and membership purchase price. A vacation point is a type of currency used by the Disney Vacation Club to determine the cost of your stay. The points required for a vacation vary depending on the resort, size of the room, the time of year, and length of stay. The more vacation points you purchase, the more you will pay.

Typically, the minimum purchase for Disney Vacation Club is 100 points, which costs around $20,000 to $25,000. However, keep in mind that this is just an initial purchase price, and you will need to pay annual dues, which will vary based on the number of points you buy. Annual dues are used to cover expenses such as employee salaries, maintenance fees, taxes, and refurbishment costs. The annual dues can cost anywhere between $6 to $10 per point, depending on the resort and year.

Moreover, to enjoy the benefits of Disney Vacation Club, you will also need to pay for a park ticket, which can cost around $100 per person, per day. The cost of a park ticket may increase during peak seasons, such as holidays and summer break. Keep in mind that this does not include food, travel, and other expenses during your stay at the Disney vacation resort.


1. What is included in the Disney Vacation Club cost?

The Disney Vacation Club cost includes the purchase price of vacation points that you will use to book accommodations at Disney Vacation resorts. Additionally, you will also need to pay for annual dues, which cover expenses such as maintenance fees, taxes, and repairs. A park ticket to access Disney parks is also required to enjoy the perks of Disney Vacation Club membership.

2. Are there any financing options available for Disney Vacation Club?

Yes, Disney Vacation Club offers financing options through their financing partner, Monera Financial. You can discuss the various financing options available while purchasing your membership.

3. Can I sell my Disney Vacation Club membership?

Yes, you can sell your Disney Vacation Club membership at any time. However, keep in mind that you will need to follow certain guidelines and rules set by the Disney Vacation Club to transfer the ownership of the membership. It is recommended to consult a professional before selling your membership.

4. What happens if I do not use all my vacation points each year?

If you do not use all your vacation points in a year, you can bank them to use in future years. However, there is a deadline to use banked points, and they expire after a certain period. You can also use your vacation points to make reservations for your friends and family.

5. Can I choose a specific resort for my membership?

Yes, you can choose a resort that fits your needs. The Disney Vacation Club offers several resorts with varying themes, locations, and amenities. Additionally, you can also choose to exchange your vacation points to stay at non-Disney Vacation Club resorts worldwide.

6. What is the minimum and maximum number of vacation points I can purchase?

The minimum amount of vacation points you can purchase is 100 points, and the maximum is determined by your creditworthiness as determined by the Disney Vacation Club.

7. What is a use year?

A use year is a specific time period, typically one year, during which you can use your vacation points.

8. Can I purchase additional vacation points after my initial purchase?

Yes, you can purchase additional vacation points as long as your creditworthiness meets the Disney Vacation Club’s eligibility criteria.

9. Can I upgrade my membership to a different level?

Yes, you can upgrade your membership to a higher level, such as Gold or Platinum.

10. What are the benefits of being a Disney Vacation Club member?

As a Disney Vacation Club member, you can enjoy several exclusive benefits, including discounts on park tickets, merchandise, dining, and other perks. You also have access to several Disney Vacation Club resorts worldwide, special events, and member-only spaces.

11. Can I rent my vacation points to someone else?

Yes, you can rent your vacation points to someone else, but they must follow the guidelines set by the Disney Vacation Club.

12. Is it possible to extend the expiration date of my vacation points?

Yes, you can extend the expiration date of your vacation points, but it will require paying an additional fee to do so. The extension period varies depending on the resort and year.

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