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How Much Does TJ Maxx Pay? (Full Guide)

how much does tj maxx pay

Are you getting ready to apply for a job at TJ Maxx? This popular retail chain boasts a huge number of stores in companies all around the world. In addition to the United States, branches can be found in the UK, Canada, Ireland, and Germany. 

The company offers a range of entry-level jobs for people who have an interest in retail and fashion. There are also advanced roles in different areas of the company for people who have gained specialist skills and experience.

 If you are wondering, ‘how much does TJ Maxx pay?’, then it’s time to find out…

The Starting Salary 

The Starting Salary 

The starting salary for most entry-level positions is between $10.15 and $11.25 per hour. However, Loss Prevention Associates receive a higher starting salary of around $14 per hour. The starting salary increases once new employees have completed their training and gained a little experience. 

Full-Time Hours

Full-time employees are expected to work at least thirty hours per week. However, many full-time employees work closer to forty hours per week. Some stores also offer full-time employees the opportunity to work overtime if they wish. All overtime has to be approved by a supervisor and is only assigned to employees who perform well. 

Part-Time Hours

The maximum number of hours a part-time employee can work is 29 per week. However, most part-time employees work between 10 and 25 hours each week. The number of weekly hours part-time employees are assigned can vary depending on the needs of the store. 

Different Jobs At The Company

If you have a store located close to your home, vacancies are likely to be advertised from time to time. When more than one position is available, you need to make sure you choose the right one to apply for. Let’s take a look at the different types of roles you can apply for and the typical salaries. 

Merchandise Associate

Merchandise Associate

This involves assisting customers with their purchases. It is necessary to have a good understanding of the products that are sold in the store to make recommendations. If you take on this role, you would need to have excellent customer service skills and be polite and friendly.

The average salary is around $11 per hour. Employees also receive time and a half for working holidays and taking on overtime. Full-time Merchandise Associates typically make around $450 per week. 

Customer Experience Coordinator 

This involves making sure that customers have the best shopping experience possible. If customers have issues or concerns, it falls on this employee to resolve them. Therefore, it is necessary to have excellent customer service skills and be skilled at solving problems. 

While this job can be quite stressful, employees who perform well have the opportunity to receive a promotion. The typical starting salary is around $11.60 per hour. People who perform particularly well are likely to receive a pay increase after a few months. 

Loss Prevention Associate

This involves helping to prevent the loss of merchandise due to shoplifters. It is necessary to watch over customers in the store without being obtrusive. If customers are suspected of shoplifting, it is necessary to follow strict protocol when taking further action. 

This is usually a part-time job that comes with a starting salary of around $13 per hour. The salary can rise to $14.70 after working for two years. This translates to $588 per week of $30,500 per year. 

Loss Prevention Supervisor 

This low-level managerial position is usually only available on a full-time basis. People who want to take on the role usually need to have a bachelor’s degree and previous experience. It involves traveling between stores in a certain area and training employees.

When stores are experiencing a dramatic loss of merchandise, it is necessary to interrogate the store’s employees. When court cases arise, it falls on the Loss Prevention Supervisor to testify. The typical salary is around $51,000 per year in addition to benefits. 

Assistant Manager 

This is often offered to current employees who are looking for a way to advance their careers. This is typically a full-time role that comes with a range of responsibilities. This includes making sure that every employee are fully trained and performing at the optimum level.

The starting salary for an Assistant Manager is usually around $49,000 per year. This salary can rise significantly over time. People who excel could make up to $70,000 annually after a few years. 

Store Manager

Store Manager

If you have what it takes to lead a store and the associated employees, this job could be for you. The main focus is on making sure that the company runs smoothly while also maximizing profits. Associated tasks include managing store budgets, creating staff schedules, and ordering new merchandise when necessary. 

With hard work and dedication, it is possible to rise to the role of store manager after around five years. From the time you secure an entry-level job at a store, you need to be focused on learning as much as possible. Your hard work and dedication would be rewarded with a salary of around $80,000 per year. 

Warehouse Worker

While working in the warehouse is a physically demanding job, it comes with a fairly comparable salary. Entry-level employees generally receive around $13.60 per hour. This is slightly above average for work of this type.

People who work in the warehouse need to be reasonably physically fit and be able to lift heavy boxes. One of the main tasks is locating and packing merchandise to send to stores and individual customers. Specialist jobs are also available such as operating forklift trucks and other types of heavy machinery. 

How Much Does TJ Maxx Pay? – Additional Benefits

Employees who have been working full-time for the company for a year are entitled to receive a range of benefits. This includes a comprehensive dental and medical plan and a company pension plan. Full-time employees are also entitled to receive paid time off, such as annual vacation days and sick days. 

Full-time employees also receive a 10% discount on all company merchandise as standard. This rises to $20 every three months as an employee appreciation. 

When Employees Get Paid

Most company employees receive their salary every seventeen days on average, and payment is made directly. The paydays usually fall around the eighth and twenty-third days of the month. However, the exact paydays can vary slightly for different locations and franchises. 


All employees receive an annual performance evaluation, and those who perform well receive a raise. However, some new employees who work hard may receive a raise after just six months. When you receive a raise, it will usually boost your regular salary by 2% or 3%.

While this may not seem like a lot, it can mount up if you put in the hours. This is also a good way to be considered for a promotion. Store managers actively seek employees who are ambitious and want to advance through the company. 

The Company Break Policy

Employees who work a six-hour shift are entitled to two fifteen-minute breaks within their shift. Both of these breaks are paid, so the store manager is likely to monitor them closely. You need to arrange when to take your breaks, so there are still enough employees working at the time.

Employees who work a full shift of six hours or more are also entitled to take a meal break. The amount of time allowed for this break is between 30 and 45 minutes. It is important to note that you will not receive a salary for the time you spend on this break. 

Breaks are necessary!

It is important to be assertive when it comes to taking your breaks. Many employees end up working a full shift without taking a break because they are embarrassed to speak up. It is best to clarify the situation as early as possible during your shift to make sure you are not overlooked. 

The Dress Code

All store employees are permitted to wear their own clothes to work, and the dress code is fairly casual. However, it is important to remember that you are representing the store at all times. Make sure that the clothing you choose to wear is clean and free from holes or stains.

Most employees choose to wear a smart t-shirt or polo shirt, or perhaps a light sweater in the cooler months. It is a good idea to wear a pair of smart jeans or slacks that are not too tight or revealing. Because you are sure to be standing for several hours at a time, wear sneakers or other comfortable shoes.

The manager usually decides…

Each store manager has the power to set the dress code for employees in a particular store. It is best to clarify what you are allowed to wear before your first shift starts. If you are told to avoid wearing certain clothing, it is important to pay attention. 

How Much Does TJ Maxx Pay? – How To Apply For A Job 

How Much Does TJ Maxx Pay? - How To Apply For A Job 

The easiest way to apply for a job is by visiting the careers section of the company’s website. The first thing you will need to do is select the area of the company that you want to work in. You can make a selection by clicking on the Stores, Distributions and Logistics, or Corporate button.

You will then be directed to enter your location in the search bar and click on Search Jobs. All of the job vacancies in your area and field will then be presented. You can click on different job titles to read the full description. It is important to read the full list of requirements and duties to make sure you are the right fit. 

Put in as many details as possible…

When you have found the perfect vacancy, you can click on the Apply Now button. You will be taken through to the company’s online application form. Make sure you complete the application form in as much detail and check it for errors before clicking on Submit.

If you are applying for a corporate job, you can also upload your resume and cover letter. Make sure these documents are tailored to the job you are applying for. Take the time to highlight details that will make your application stand out from the crowd.

You get called for an interview…

If your application appeals to the hiring manager, you should be contacted within a week to arrange an interview. If you are applying for a job in a store, the interview is usually fairly informal. It will usually be conducted by the hiring manager in the office of the store you have applied to work in. 

If the interview goes well, you will usually be informed within a day or two. The time and date of your orientation will then be scheduled. The orientation for most jobs usually lasts for a single shift, and you will then be ready to start work. 

The Minimum Hiring Age

You need to be at least sixteen years old to apply for a position at TJ Maxx. This means that college students can take on a part-time role to earn a little extra cash. However, there are strict laws in different states that govern the number of hours that sixteen-year-olds can work.

Before applying for a job at the company, it is important to be aware of these laws. Make sure that the store manager is also aware of the working hour restrictions. Above all else, you need to make sure that your part-time job does not interfere with your education. 

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Final Thoughts 

If you have an interest in retail, working at TJ Maxx is a good place to start. There is a range of different entry-level jobs for college students to choose from. However, most employees are required to work on weekends and evenings when the stores tend to be busiest.

If you are polite and friendly, you should find it fairly easy to secure an entry-level job in a store. While the salary is not the highest in the industry, there are opportunities to receive performance-related bonuses. With hard work and dedication, you could even rise to the role of store manager after a few years.

All the very best in your new job at TJ Maxx!

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