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How Much Does UPS Pay? (The Ultimate Guide 2023)

how much does ups pay

If you are looking for a secure future and bucket loads of opportunities, look no further than a job at UPS. With its excellent hourly pay rate, it’s the ideal place to become a part of a team environment, provided you are willing to work hard.

In addition, UPS managers are always willing to give part-time employees who prove their worth the opportunity to become full-time staff. Apart from a competitive pay rate, UPS also offers attractive incentives and benefits to their staff. 

The Teamsters Union…

The Teamsters Union...

Work policies such as dress code, sick leave, and wage schedule are reasonable, and because a large proportion of employees are members of the Teamsters Union, wage increases and fair working conditions are part of the package.  

So, if you’re wondering, How Much Does UPS Pay? Read on to find out more, including:

  • Entry-level pay
  • Delivery driver pay
  • Driver’s assistant pay
  • Hourly rates
  • Seasonal employment
  • Payment schedule
  • Wage increases
  • Hours
  • Sick leave
  • Offenses
  • Dress code

The Entry-Level Pay At UPS

The Entry-Level Pay At UPS

Temporary package handlers and full-time warehouse associates at UPS earn $14 an hour, which is the entry-level employee pay rate. The exception to this is Washington, D.C., where you can expect to earn a minimum starting wage of $15.20 per hour. 

In UPS stores, you can expect to earn a starting average of $11 an hour for the retail associate job, but remember that certain states have lower minimum state pay tiers. In this case, you are looking at around $9 to $10.75 an hour when you start. 

The more skills, the better!

Certain factors will have an impact on potential earnings in the case of paid positions such as specialist or corporate jobs. These include the candidate’s experience, position, and education. When it comes to these positions, salaries are almost always open to discussion and negotiation. 

Seasonal UPS Positions

Every year, UPS starts actively hiring seasonal workers before the start of the holiday season. Many candidates submit applications in the hope that once the holidays are over, they will be offered an opportunity to start working for UPS permanently

If this is the sort of thing you are looking for, you will certainly want to take advantage of this great opportunity! It is worth taking note of the fact that once the holiday season has ended, UPS frequently takes on between 25 and 35 percent of these seasonal workers as full-time staff. 

Earn extra cash in your holiday…

Driver’s assistants, private vehicle delivery drivers, and package handlers are the positions most frequently available for seasonal employment. You never know what temporary type of work might come up in your area, which is why it’s important to keep checking the UPS careers portal (https://upscareers.jobs/) for any seasonal positions that come up. 

Does UPS Make Weekly Payments?

Does UPS Make Weekly Payments?

Most people will be happy to hear that the answer is yes – UPS staff are paid on a weekly basis

Many hourly workers prefer the benefits of receiving weekly payments because it means a continuous cash flow. The payment period begins on a Sunday, and the cut-off is on the following Saturday. In the case of a direct deposit, you will either be paid on the following Thursday or Friday.  

When do you receive your first paycheck?

The first paycheck you receive will be for the hours you worked during the preceding pay phase. For example, if you begin working for UPS on a Wednesday, you will receive credit for Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. 

You will be paid for the days that you worked on the following Friday. The good news is that UPS is not one of those companies that withhold your paycheck.   

How frequently do UPS staff members get an increase?

The Teamsters Union is well-represented by many UPS employees. This means that if you work at UPS, you will receive frequent pay hikes, and there are ongoing improvements to your working conditions. 

What Are The UPS hours?


The standard work week at UPS is 40 hours. Remember to take into account the possibility that plenty of overtime hours may be available for certain employees, which can considerably increase your take-home pay. 


One of the most commonplace part-time positions at UPS is that of a package handler, who is guaranteed at least 17½ hours each week. However, the majority of workers in this position put in between 20 and 30 hours a week. 

What are the UPS Shift Times?

Shift hours vary according to the UPS position you are interested in. Once again, using package handlers as an example, the following hours would apply:

  • 4 am to 8 am.
  • 1 pm to 5 pm.
  • 6 pm to 10 pm.
  • 11 pm to 3 am.

Package delivery drivers, on the other hand, start their working day at 9 am and, depending on how long they take to finish their routes, can take up to eight hours or more. The length of a night shift for UPS employees varies by area. For instance, package handlers at one location might work a part-time shift from 12 am to 8 am, while another may be from 11 pm until 3 am. 

Pay Rates For Positions At UPS

Pay Rates For Positions At UPS

From store associates right up to managerial positions, let’s find out what pay scale you can expect from UPS.

Store Associate 

Once you have gained a few years of experience as a sales associate at UPS, you can expect to be paid around $11.27 per hour. This means you will earn approximately $450.80 for working a 40-hour week, or around $23,441 per year. 

Package Handler 

The UPS package handler position is not a full-time position. You can expect to work around 17 to 20 hours per week at approximately $15.83 per hour. Therefore, if you work an average of 20 hours each week, you will earn around $16,463 per year. 

Keep in mind that this position is physically demanding as it entails you constantly sliding parcels onto a conveyer belt, as well as continually loading and unloading them. Therefore, you might need to evaluate your fitness levels before becoming a package handler. 

Wages are on the increase!

Note: According to a recent UPS announcement, certain overnight package handlers starting salaries would increase to $18.50 an hour!

Driver’s Assistant 

Driver’s helper positions are nearly always seasonal but can become permanent provided you make a good impression on your managers. 

If you are offered a long-term position after the holiday rush has passed (this will be early on in the year, in January or February), you will most likely be presented with an offer for a part-time package handler or warehouse associate position. Payment for this job starts at $15.95 per hour. 

Warehouse Worker 

The UPS warehouse worker position entails either working in one or two specialized areas; or assisting your warehouse manager in whichever way is needed. It all depends on what your management team assigns you for that day. 

Based on the typical hourly pay rate for this position, which is $17.85, you should earn about $714 per week when working full-time. This equates to roughly $37,128 per year.  

Personal Delivery Driver 

A personal delivery driver has the option of being recruited full or part-time. This is because it is a seasonal job, just like the driver’s assistant position. The number of hours you work each week will depend on the task the employer has assigned you.

The pay rate for this job is $21.75, which means that if you work an average of 20 hours on this job, you can make around $435 per week for ten weeks, or an amount of $4,350 overall. Working 40 hours per week over ten weeks will come to around $8,700.  

Administrative Assistant 

There is a wide range of important duties that are the responsibility of an administrative assistant at the UPS warehouse, making them an essential member of staff. The success of their specific UPS depends on their ability to fulfill their responsibilities. 

The hourly wage for someone in this position is roughly $26.45, which means approximately $1058 a week, or a yearly wage of around $56,565. 

Tractor-Trailer Driver 

UPS tractor-trailers drivers earn an hourly wage of roughly $29.70, which equates to weekly earnings of approximately $1,188. Worked out over a year, this comes to approximately $67,000, which also takes into account the odd bit of overtime pay.     

UPS Delivery Driver 

UPS drivers often work overtime, which adds to their income considerably. They can earn up to $32.88 per hour, depending on the circumstances.

Managerial pay rates:

  • Build Manager – roughly $61,345 per year.
  • UPS Manager (also known as an operations supervisor) – roughly $84,250 per year. 
  • Freight Manager – roughly $86,320 per year.
  • Sort Manager – roughly $86,450 per year.
  • Hub Manager – roughly $73,200 per year. 
  • Training Manager – $130,000 per year.

UPS Fleet and Operational Positions

There are three positions at UPS that you can apply for if you are looking for a position that deals with transport, repairs, or the upkeep of equipment. They are:

  • Automotive Mechanic (roughly $66,712 per year).
  • Aviation Technician (roughly $68,410 per year).
  • Plant Engineer (roughly $71,050 per year).

What About Sick Leave?

What About Sick Leave?

If you are a seasonal employee at UPS and decide to call in sick, keep in mind that your absence will have a negative reflection on your work. You need to call your direct superior or the radio control room at least two hours in advance if you become really unwell or are unable to work for some other reason. 

Keep in mind that it is in your best interest to give 24 hours’ notice; this allows the company enough time to find someone else who can fill in for you.

The Company Break Policy

UPS complies with state legislation regarding compulsory breaks. For instance, according to California Law, hourly workers who work eight hours are permitted to take two paid 10-minute breaks. 

However, there are no rules requiring this in other states. This is why it is crucial to speak to your manager before taking a time-out. UPS allows you to take either a half hour or an hour for lunch, but this depends on the location of the UPS. Note that lunch breaks are unpaid. 

How Much Does UPS Pay? – The UPS Dress Code

Drivers who transport packages for UPS don a brown uniform and hard-toed boots in either black or brown. The dress code for other UPS employees, such as those who work in the warehouse, is relatively lenient. Some workplaces permit employees to dress in a t-shirt and shorts, provided they are wearing safety boots.  

You may be required to wear khaki slacks and work-issue shirts for certain positions. Managers have to dress appropriately by donning a dress shirt and smart pants. UPS is a tattoo and piercing-friendly company, but it is a good idea to check with your manager that the ones you have are suitable.   

Must I shave my beard?

UPS has relaxed its hair standards and now permits package delivery drivers to sport facial hair (within reason). If in any doubt, it is best to speak to your management team. In this way, you know you will be completely prepared for your first day at work. 

Working Info About UPS and USPS!

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How Much Does UPS Pay? – Final Thoughts

Starting from a minimum wage of between $14 and $15.20 per hour for an entry-level position, UPS offers a market-related pay scale in all departments. This ranges from package handlers and drivers right up to positions in marketing, management, and the legal sector.  

Apart from a quality salary, there are also a number of benefits that individual employees can look forward to. These include various types of healthcare, union representation, tuition assistance, disability insurance, and access to a pension fund. 

All the very best working at UPS!

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