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How Much Does Walgreens Pay? (2023 Guide)

Are you searching for a job in retail that offers advancement opportunities?

If you are entering the workforce for the first time, it is worth applying to a Walgreens store. This pharmacy store chain offers a wide range of jobs for entry-level applicants. Most jobs in the store come with paid training and the chance to advance through the company. There are also various roles in the company’s corporate offices and distribution centers.

 If you are wondering, ‘how much does Walgreens pay?’, then it’s time to find out…

Shift Hours

Shift Hours

Most stores are open around the clock, and employees are needed to cover all shift patterns. The shift patterns you are assigned may vary slightly from week to week according to the specific staffing needs. Being available to work a range of different shift patterns will help you get hiring preference. 

All full-time employees who work in a store are assigned eight-hour shifts. It may also be necessary to take on overtime hours from time to time to cover for absent employees. This is a good way to earn extra money while showing the manager that you are a team player. 

Part-time hours

You are a part-time employee if you usually work less than thirty hours per week. However, you may occasionally be scheduled to work more than thirty hours in a single week. Being available to cover other people’s shifts will help you impress the manager and gain a promotion. 

Full-time hours

You need to work more than thirty hours a week for three consecutive months to become a full-time employee. After this period, you will gain access to a range of company benefits. More full-time employees work between 34 and 40 hours a week and should be available for occasional overtime. 

The break policy 

Employees who work an eight-hour shift are entitled to a thirty-minute unpaid meal break and two fifteen-minute paid breaks. While you can be sure that you will receive your meal break, the time that it is scheduled can vary. Your shift manager will schedule breaks for all team members to make sure the store is fully staffed.

If the store is particularly busy, taking your paid breaks can be tricky. It is important to follow the instructions of your shift manager. Make sure the shift manager knows that it is your turn to take a break. 

How Much Does Walgreens Pay? – The Leave Of Absence Policy

How Much Does Walgreens Pay? - The Leave Of Absence Policy

You have to work for the company full-time for at least six months to qualify for a leave of absence. If you decide to take this leave, you will not be paid for the period you are absent from work. It is necessary to secure approval from your manager and the human resources team before taking a leave of absence. 

Call out sick policy

Employees who need to miss a shift due to illness should contact their shift supervisor or manager as early as possible. After you have completed your first ninety days of work, you will start accruing sick leave. This typically amounts to between seven and ten full sick days per year. 

The Store Jobs You Can Apply For 

Each store tends to hire a large number of employees to keep it running smoothly. While there is a good number of entry-level roles, there are also leadership positions and jobs for people with specialist skills. Here are some of the main jobs you can apply for in Walgreens stores, along with the average salaries.  

Sales Associate 

This involves greeting customers and providing them with excellent customer service. It is necessary to have a good understanding of different company products and be able to make recommendations. Other duties include helping to keep the store clean and tidy and making sure products are properly displayed.

This role is open to applicants with a GED or high school diploma, and it comes with paid training. College students can choose from a wide range of part-time shifts to earn some extra cash. Hiring preference is often given to entry-level applicants who can work nights.

The starting salary is around $10.50 per hour. This roughly translates to around $22,000 per year. However, your salary can rise to $13.50 per hour once you have gained some experience. 


The main duties are scanning and bagging items at a cash register. It is essential to have a good head for numbers and be able to provide the correct change. You will also be charged with processing a range of different payment methods and handling vouchers.

Cashiers interact with customers throughout the day, and strong customer service skills are essential. You need to be able to answer questions about different products and help find substitutions. It is also necessary to balance the cash register at the end of each shift and make sure no money is missing. 

You need to prove that you are trustworthy to be assigned this role. It is usually offered to Sales Associates who have proven that they are willing to work hard. The typical starting salary is $12 per hour, which increases slightly over time. 

Beauty Consultant 

If you have a good knowledge of beauty products, this role could be perfect for you. Beauty Consultants work on the cosmetics counter and provide customers with assistance and advice. It is important to be able to explain the merits of different products and be focused on selling them. It is also necessary to make sure the cosmetics counter is fully stocked and clean and tidy at all times. 

The starting salary is around $13 per hour, while employees who excel will quickly earn a raise. People who have previous sales experience may also be able to start at a higher rate. Beauty Consultants also need to be well-groomed and have excellent customer service skills. 

Shift Leader

You need to be at least eighteen years old and have strong leadership skills to do this job. A large part of this role involves training new employees and ensuring they are working efficiently. It is necessary to have a good understanding of all entry-level duties and be able to demonstrate them.

It is also necessary to monitor the inventory of products and supplies in each department. Shift Leaders are responsible for helping to arrange employee schedules and making any necessary adjustments. They also help to make sure the company’s health and safety guidelines and other policies are adhered to.

The starting salary is usually around $14 per hour. This low-level managerial role can quickly lead to a more advanced position in the store. If you work full-time, you will also gain access to a wide range of employee benefits. 

Customer Service Associate

The company thrives on its excellent reputation, and this role is also about providing good service. These employees need to be ready to step into any role in the store as necessary. This can include operating the cash register and finding products in the stockroom for customers.

Customer Service Associates usually start out at $12.50, and the salary can quickly increase. Employees are provided with paid training and the chance to learn new skills. People who excel in this role are likely to be considered for a more advanced position quite quickly. 

Pharmacy Technician

This involves working closely with the Pharmacist in the pharmacy department of the store. The main duty is interacting with customers and making recommendations for over-the-counter medications. You also need to be able to receive and accurately interpret customer prescriptions.

It is essential to have strong customer service skills and be polite and friendly at all times. You need to provide clear instructions about medications and answer questions from customers. Other duties include operating the cash register, stocking shelves, and verifying insurance coverage for customers’ prescriptions. 

You need to hold an associate degree to secure this role. Taking on this job is a good way to complete the training and work experience requirements for the course. The starting salary is $13.50 per hour, which can quickly rise to over $16 per hour. 



These professionals provide customers with consultations and explain how medication needs to be taken. However, the main duty is preparing capsules and filling prescriptions to order. As a result, it is essential to have detailed knowledge of different medications and be able to work accurately. 

It is necessary to have a degree and a state license to do this job. The average salary for a Pharmacist at the company is $107,000 per year. While the salary is slightly below the industry average, this is a good way to gain work experience. 

Assistant Store Manager

This second-in-command position comes with special responsibilities such as opening and closing stores. It is essential to have strong leadership skills and be able to handle any issues that may arise. The role involves working closely with the Store Manager and providing them with support.

This role comes with paid training to make sure that employees have the skills they need to thrive. The starting salary is usually $15.50 per hour, which quickly rises to $22 per hour. After a few years, Assistant Store Managers can expect to earn around $50,000 per year. 

Store Manager

This role basically puts you in charge of all the operations in a single store. You need to make sure that each department is running as smoothly as possible and making a profit. This includes creating product promotions and resolving customer issues as quickly as possible.

This role includes a lot of administration tasks, such as creating budgets for different departments. You will also be charged with making staffing decisions and interviewing new employees when necessary.

The average salary is $61,000 per year, which is slightly below the industry standard. However, it can easily rise to $80,000 if you are willing to work hard and produce impressive results. To do this, you are likely to find yourself working ten to twelve hours per day. 

Distribution Jobs

The company boasts seventeen distribution centers throughout the United States. Each of these distribution centers offers a wide range of roles for people of different experience levels. Most employees start off working part-time hours and are offered a full-time contract if they excel.

You need to be physically fit and have strong attention to detail to work in a distribution center. Like the company’s stores, employees who excel are given the opportunity to take on advanced positions. Some of the most popular roles include Asset Protection Officer, General Warehouse, Computer Room Operator, Maintenance Technician, and Group Supervisor. 

When Employees Get Paid

When Employees Get Paid

Employees usually receive their salaries every two weeks. Payment is calculated from a Friday to the following Thursday, and payment is made the following Thursday. The company offers employees a range of different payment methods to choose from. 


Walgreens’s employees receive a performance review after they have completed a full year of work. If you have been working hard, you will then receive a raise. This usually ranges from $.30 to $.70 on top of your hourly rate. 

How Much Does Walgreens Pay? – The Employee Dress Code 

All store employees are provided with a polo shirt bearing the Walgreens logo when they start work. This usually has to be worn with a pair of black or khaki pants, although some managers allow jeans to be worn. All employees have to wear closed-toed shoes and be neatly presented. Managers usually wear a button-down shirt, khaki or black pants, and a vest bearing the company logo.

Available Retail Job Opportunities

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How Much Does Walgreens Pay? – Final Thoughts 

Walgreens has a reputation for providing a relaxed and nurturing working environment. Employees of all levels are provided with paid training and the opportunity to advance through the company. And those who work hard and learn new skills quickly could become store managers within a few years.

Full-time employees are treated to a wide range of benefits in addition to their paychecks. This includes impressive discounts on medications and other company products. If you have a degree, you could apply for a role in the corporate office, where specialist skills are valued and rewarded well.

All the very best with your new job at Walgreens!

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