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How much is Disney Genie Plus per person per day?


How much is Disney Genie Plus per person per day?

Disney Genie Plus is an exciting new offering from Disney that allows park-goers to enhance their experience by gaining access to various features and benefits throughout the day. One of the most commonly asked questions regarding Disney Genie Plus is, “How much does it cost per person per day?” Let’s take a closer look at the pricing structure to get a better understanding.

The cost of Disney Genie Plus per person per day varies depending on the date and location. On non-peak days, the price for Disney Genie Plus is $15 per person, per day, while on peak days, the price increases to $20 per person, per day. It’s important to note that this price is in addition to the regular park admission fee.

By purchasing Disney Genie Plus, guests can enjoy a wide range of benefits, including access to the Lightning Lane, which allows for expedited entry to select attractions, interactive augmented reality experiences, and more. Here’s a breakdown of what Disney Genie Plus offers:

1. Lightning Lane Access

With Disney Genie Plus, guests can enjoy Lightning Lane access to select attractions throughout the day. This means shorter wait times and more time to explore the park and enjoy all the magical experiences it has to offer.

2. Interactive Augmented Reality Experiences

Disney Genie Plus also provides guests with access to interactive augmented reality experiences. These experiences bring the Disney magic to life in a whole new way, allowing guests to immerse themselves in their favorite stories and characters like never before.

3. Restaurant Reservations and Recommendations

If you’re looking for a place to grab a bite to eat, Disney Genie Plus has you covered. It offers restaurant reservations and recommendations, taking the hassle out of finding the perfect dining spot. From quick-service options to fine dining experiences, Disney Genie Plus helps you plan your meals with ease.

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