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How Much Money Does Walmart Make a Second, Minute, Hour, Day, and Month (2023 Guide)

How Much Money Does Walmart Make a Second, Minute, Hour, Day, and Month

Are you interested in knowing the secret behind the revenue of Walmart?

It is widely known that this major retailer is one of the largest companies in the United States. There are more than 4,700 stores in the United States alone, and each store stocks more than 120,000 items.

 So, let’s take a closer look and find out how much money does Walmart make a second, minute, hour, day, and month? 

Walmart Revenue

Walmart Revenue

The company’s annual revenue is published each year and is a matter of public record. In addition to physical stores, the company boasts a large online presence, and eCommerce comprises a large part of the annual revenue. This huge corporation also offers banking, pharmaceuticals, auto repairs, and a range of other valuable services. 

Of course, it tends to vary over time, and the company makes more money at certain times than others. So, let’s take a look at the average revenue during different periods. 

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Per second

The total income for the company is a staggering $17,721 every second. The company’s profit margin is around 25% of the total revenue. This means that the company’s profit is around $4,250 each second. 

Per minute

In 2020, the total income for the company was an impressive $1,139,649 each minute. The Waltons are the company’s founding family and one of the richest families in the United States. It is estimated that the Waltons make $70,000 every minute. 

Per hour

The company’s hourly income naturally varies at different times of the year. However, on average, it is around $69,000,000 per hour. This is generated from the wide range of products and services that the company offers. 

Per day

Each day, the company receives a total revenue of around $1,641,095,890. More than $400 million of this is profit. Records show that more than 37 million people visit the company’s various locations around the world per day. 

Per month

The monthly figure varies according to the number of days in the month. On average, the company’s monthly revenue is around $49 billion. This is a total figure generated by the 11,847 locations around the world. 

Per year

At the end of 2020, Walmart reported a total revenue of $599 billion. The total figure for 2019 was $514 billion. This shows that the company’s revenue is continuing to grow by around 2.5% every year. The company consistently opens new locations each year, which means revenue should continue to rise. 

How Much Money Does Walmart Make a Second, Minute, Hour, Day, and Month – Taxes

Walmart pays an average of $7.5 billion in taxes per year. While this may sound like a lot, it pales in comparison to the $482 billion that the company receives in annual sales. This means that the company only pays around 1.6% of its total revenue in taxes.

Compare this to what the average American pays in taxes, and it is easy to see the disparity. Most Americans pay around 16% of their annual income. Because large corporations generally only pay a tenth of this, it is easy to see how they get rich.  

How Walmart Makes Money

It should come as no surprise that the majority of the company’s revenue comes from in-store purchases. However, Walmart has developed several other ways of making huge amounts of money. Let’s take a closer look at exactly where the company’s revenue comes from.

Online grocery shopping

Online grocery shopping

Around 30% of the company’s total sales come from online grocery shopping. The company has strategically developed its online presence over the years. One of the most successful aspects of this is the Marketplace feature.

This gives third-party sellers a platform to sell products under the Walmart name. Merchants who choose to join pay the company a fee of between 6% and 20%. Not only does this increase the company’s annual revenue, but it also provides customers with more products to choose from. 

Plus membership

Customers can pay $12.95 per month or $98 per year for Plus Membership. This gives customers access to free delivery, free shopping, and up to 85% off pharmacy products. This membership plan provides the company with another lucrative and consistent revenue stream. 


Walmart Connect is a unique channel that allows the company to earn money through advertising. Merchants who sell products through the company’s stores and website can pay to advertise their products. These merchants simply need to create an AdCenter account and choose the type of ad they want. 


The company invests a large percentage of the total annual profits in acquisitions. Walmart regularly either buys or partners with other companies. To date, Walmart has at least thirty acquisitions, including Bare Necessities, Polymorph, Zeekit, Art.com, and JoyRun. Each of these acquisitions earns Walmart revenue in different ways, contributing to the total annual income. 


Like any major corporation, Walmart makes money through smart investments. Once they have invested, they then receive a share of the profits of those companies to boost their annual income. 

Sam’s Club 

Sam’s Club and Walmart Gift Cards

This is a division of the company that was named after company founder Sam Walton. This is a warehouse retailer, and customers have to pay an annual membership fee. Standard membership is available for $45, while Pro Membership costs $100 annually.

The Sam’s Club warehouses sell bulk items at heavily discounted prices. This saves shoppers a considerable amount of money in the long run. However, single items are also available, and prices are still fairly low. 

Financial services

The company now offers a wide range of services to take advantage of. While these provide customers with enhanced convenience, they also dramatically increase revenue. A range of financial services is available through the many MoneyCenter locations that can be found in stores.  

Customers can use a MoneyCenter to cash checks, purchase money orders, etc. There is a small fee for each of these services, as well as a fee for using ATMs in stores. The company also allows taxation companies to rent areas of the store to help customers file their taxes. 

Pharmacy services 

Pharmacy services 

Unlike other retailers that offer in-store pharmacies, Walmart invests in preventative medicine. The in-store pharmacies also offer a wide range of services for customers to take advantage of. These include lab testing, specialist referrals, chronic illness management, immunization, and general health screening. 

So, customers can check in on their health and get the treatment they need. This convenience is ideal for people who do not have the time or means to visit a separate healthcare clinic. Of course, Walmart earns extra revenue for these medications and services.

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How Much Money Does Walmart Make a Second, Minute, Hour, Day, and Month – Final Thoughts

By the end of the year 2020, Walmart had made just under $600 billion. However, it did not become a billion-dollar company overnight. Walmart was founded in 1962, and it finally reached the billion-dollar milestone in 1980.

One of the crucial aspects is that the company boasts a large number of revenue streams. Rather than simply sticking to in-store retail, the CEOs are constantly looking for new opportunities. Elements like eCommerce, investments, Sam’s Club, and acquisitions have helped to boost revenue considerably, and profits continue to rise.

Well, now you know the secret behind Walmart’s success!

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