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How Old Do You Have To Be To Work at AEO?

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work at AEO

Got a passion for fashion?

Looking to earn a bit of extra cash? Then look no further; a job at American Eagle Outfitters is for you!

After all, it’s an awesome place for picking up some of the most recent trends. And you could help influence what customers buy and wear. Plus, they offer a pretty sweet employee discount, at 40% off.

But, it’s not for everyone. Like all major brands, this company only hires workers over a certain age. So, let’s take an in-depth look at how old do you have to be to work at AEO?

how old do you have to be to work at aeo

What’s The Minimum Age for Working at American Eagle?

The minimum age for an American Eagle employee is usually 18. However, some stores will take on staff if they are 16 years old.


There are a couple of different reasons for this. The first is that they prefer their employees to have a high school diploma or equivalent. It’s unlikely you’ll have one of these if you’re under 18.

The second is they generally go for staff who have retail experience. It’s more likely that an older staff member will have that previous experience. Therefore, American Eagle is not usually a great place if you’re looking for your first job.

However, if you have experience in retail, then it’s worth asking your local store. Many managers will take on staff who are 16 years old. Just show them that you’re responsible and you have a real enthusiasm for the brand.

Labor of love…

The most important reason is due to labor laws. You probably already know that they differ from state to state. This makes it difficult for nationwide companies to navigate them.

So many businesses set a company rule that covers every store in the US., and American Eagle is no different. This blanket ruling on employees under a certain means both the brand and the employee are prevented from breaking any laws.

Not sure about labor laws in your state?

Then check out the handy Department of Labor website. Simply input your location, and it’ll let you know which jobs you can do and how old you need to be.

how old do you have to be to work at the aeo

What Jobs Can You Do?

So, you’re over 18 and got your high school diploma in hand. That’s awesome! But what kind of roles are available at American Eagle?

Brand Ambassador

“What is a brand ambassador?” I hear you cry! Don’t worry; it’s not as complicated as it sounds. A brand ambassador is just American Eagle’s term for a sales associate.

This is a customer-facing role. You’ll be expected to spend your shift assisting guests to help them select the right item and find the right size. You also need to ask the right questions to ensure the customer picks the perfect product.

Are you a people person?

Brand ambassadors must be friendly, outgoing, and love talking to people. A polite and cheery disposition is a must, as American Eagle has a ‘Friends first’ mindset when it comes to selling. You should also be able to keep a level head and deal with problems when they arise.

This job would be ideal for a college student who doesn’t have much time free during the day. You need to be available at times when the store is busiest, which is usually evenings and weekends. If you’re looking for some daytime hours, then this might not be the best role for you.

And it’s imperative that you love American Eagle. This company expects employees to speak passionately about the brand. Brand ambassadors are responsible for promoting growth, so you should get to know a bit about it before you start.

Stockroom Associate

Perhaps you’d prefer a position that isn’t so customer-focused. Maybe you’ve got a tidy mind and love keeping things organized. If so, a job in the stock department at American Eagle could be perfect for you.

Maximizing sales is the main responsibility here. You need to get that stock out onto the sales floor smoothly and consistently. And it has to look good too, to increase selling potential.

Other duties…

American Eagle has strict policies that you need to follow when it comes to stock. Sticking to correct procedure, you’ll keep that stock room ship-shape and well-organized. You’ll also be expected to record what comes in and when it goes out into the store.

The ability to follow rules and work methodically is the most important quality of a stockroom employee. And having a good eye for detail helps, too. Plus, you might be able to express your artistic side with your beautiful displays of clothes.

Overnight Associate

One for the night owls now! This is a job for employees who prefer to work when the store is free from customers. If you’re a bit of an introvert, then this role might suit you.

Overnight associates go into the store when it’s closed to work on merchandising. They look for opportunities to present the clothes in eye-catching, appealing ways. This could be creating windows displays or maybe dressing mannequins on the floor.

What skills do you need?

A great sense of style is probably the most important tool you can have on your belt. You should closely follow fashion to make sure the displays keep up with the latest trends. From choosing items that work perfectly together to ensuring the lighting is just right, it’s up to you to get those clothes looking their very best.

And you have to be good at following procedures. This brand likes its shops to all look a certain way. You’ll follow their rules and regulations to get that classic American Eagle look that we all know and love.

how old do you have to be to works at aeo

Ready to Apply?

Then head straight on over to the American Eagle Outfitters recruitment page. There you’ll find a list of jobs in stores all across America, Canada, and even Mexico. Just search by location or job title to find the best role for you.

And before you start, you might want to do a little research. Brands love it when you can show that you already have a decent knowledge of their business. So, take a good look at the AOE website to get a comprehensive background of American Eagle Outfitters and really impress that hiring manager!

How Much Do American Eagle Outfitters Pay?

Wages will vary depending on the position you have. But they can also change depending on which state you’re in. Some states set their own minimum wage, whereas others stick to the federal minimum.

Good news!

American Eagle rarely hire staff with no experience. So, assuming you have some, you’ll be able to use it as a bargaining chip. You may be able to negotiate a higher rate since you already know what you’re doing.

Generally speaking, most part-time roles earn something around $9 or $10 per hour. This could go up to about $13 with time served. So, stick around for a year or two, and you should see that wage going up.

Does American Eagle Outfitters Provide Any Employee Benefits?

They sure do! And they’re pretty decent. Not as much as some companies, but a fair amount.

The insurance options are fantastic, covering health, dental, vision, and life. Then there’s a 401K and an employee purchasing plan. You also get paid vacations, sick days, and holidays, as well as a paid bonus scheme.

But there’s a catch…

These benefits are only available to full-time employees. If you’re a part-timer, then sorry, no insurance for you. You should get paid time off, but how much will be at your manager’s discretion.

Oh well. At least you still get that 40% discount!

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Final Thoughts

A position at American Eagle Outfitters can be a great step up for someone who already has a bit of experience. And it’s ideal for someone seeking a career in the world of fashion. You’ll learn about visual merchandising, gain organizational skills, and develop your abilities to follow procedures.

Sure, it’s a pity that benefits don’t apply to part-time employees, but that’s normal for most companies. However, for full-time staff, they’re pretty great. And part-timers can still gain a lot from a job with this store.

So, happy job hunting at AEO, folks!

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