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How Old Do You Have To Be To Work at Aldi?

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work at Aldi

So, you’ve graduated high school and are looking for a bit of extra cash?

Then it’s time to enter the world of work! But where do you look for a job?

Why not try a position in retail? It’s perfect for an entry-level employee. And Aldi is a great place to start. But like all stores, Aldi does have some restrictions on who can work there.

Unfortunately, not everyone is eligible. So read on and discover how old do you have to be to work at Aldi?

how old do you have to be to work at aldi

What’s The Minimum Age for Working at Aldi?

Let’s get straight to the point. The youngest age that an employee at Aldi can be is 18 years old.

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Well, there are a couple of reasons. As you might already know, the laws about the minimum age for work vary from state to state. This makes it difficult for companies to navigate, so they choose to make a blanket rule for all stores across the country.

If you’re unsure about labor laws in your state, then there’s an easy way to get more information. Simply go to The Department of Labour website and search the state where you live. You’ll find everything you need to work legally in your area.

But it’s also because of some of the tasks that employees need to perform. Working at Aldi can be physically demanding and involves a lot of heavy lifting. Aldi wants to ensure the safety of their staff and avoid the risk of anyone underage getting hurt while on the job.

Study hard

There’s one more reason, too. It’s generally expected that employees will have a high school diploma or GED. If you’re under the age of 18, then it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll have either of these!

Positions Available at Aldi

If you are old enough, then congratulations! You’ve taken the first step to joining Aldi. But what can you do there?


The most obvious choice would be a cashier. This involves sitting at the till and scanning the customer’s goods. And do it fast! Aldi like their cashiers to be quick about it!

Cashiers also need to deal with customer queries. And from time to time, you’ll have to handle complaints as well. Plus, you’ll be expected to take care of stock and inventory too.

Got the skills to pay the bills…

This role would suit a friendly, confident person who enjoys talking to people. You also need to be a good team player as you’ll often be working with others. And decent math skills are needed for counting money.

And employees should be reasonably fit. This job can sometimes involve lifting heavy products. If you can’t, then you risk injuring yourself or others.

how old do you have to be to works at the aldi

Shelf stocker

While this position involves some dealing with the general public, it’s far less than a cashier. If you’re a little more introverted or prefer to be alone, this might be the role for you.

A shelf stocker unloads new stock and places it on the shelves. It’s a physically demanding job and involves a lot of heavy lifting. It can be back-breaking work, so you’d better enjoy a workout!

The devil is in the details…

But it’s not all brute force. Shelf stockers need to be detail-oriented. New inventory has to be carefully checked and then sent to the right place in the store.

And if you’re looking to learn something new, then this might be the place to do it! Shelf stackers need to operate machinery, such as forklift trucks. Aldi will teach you to do this, leaving you with a valuable skill to add to the resume.

Store associate

Fancy a little bit of everything? Then becoming a store associate is the way to go. A store associate is a Jack of all trades, handling things all over the store.

Helping customers is just one part of the job. You’ll also be assisting management with any tasks they need. Plus, you’re expected to maintain high standards of appearance, so this involves cleaning and tidying as well.

how old do you have to be work at aldi

Quick thinker…

This job would suit someone who can think on their toes and transition smoothly between different tasks. If you’re a good listener, that would be a bonus too. And it’s important that you work well both independently and as part of a team.


The Aldi website is the place to go. It’s easy to navigate and allows prospective employees to search by both job title and location. Make sure you check out their FAQs, too, for extra information.

How Much Can You Earn Working at Aldi?

Good news! Aldi is pretty generous when it comes to paying staff. Even entry-level employees earn above federal minimum wage.

Aldi pays above many state minimum wages, too. This is a brand that understands the key to getting good employees is to compensate them accordingly. And there are plenty of opportunities for wage increases as well.

Money money money…

A new cashier with no experience should expect to earn around $12.35 per hour. That’s a decent amount when you compare it to many other supermarkets. That will automatically go up after one year and then every subsequent year afterward.

Shelf stockers and store associates start on a slightly higher wage. You can expect to get around $13.50 – $14 per hour for these roles. And just like cashiers, that will rise every year you work for them.

Is Aldi a Good Place To Work?

In a word: yes! It might not be glamorous, but Aldi is a fantastic workplace. And it’s a very good idea to get your foot on their corporate ladder.

Aldi is a company that likes to hire internally. They encourage their employees to go for promotions and reach for new positions. If you enjoy the job, then it’s a good step towards another role in the future.

how old do you have to be works at aldi

College student?

If you’re planning to work part-time at Aldi while attending college, you might want to check out their graduate scheme. If you’re already employed at Aldi, then you’ve got a higher chance of gaining one of these coveted places.

This program sets up college graduates as Aldi district managers. If you’re accepted, you’ll get 51 weeks of training plus a peer advisor to help you on your journey. And the best part is that it comes with a company car and a minimum $80,000 starting salary!

Does Aldi provide employee benefits?

It sure does! This is another area in which Aldi beat their competitors. Their employee benefits are awesome!

It starts with full medical, dental, and visual insurance. There’s disability and life insurance, too, as well as an employee assistance program. You even get an extremely generous paid vacation allowance and paid holidays.

And of course, there’s the employee discount. Aldi is already pretty inexpensive, but with the discount, you get to pay even less! And did we mention that these benefits are for all employees, even part-time ones?

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Final Thoughts

A position at Aldi is almost perfect for an inexperienced 18-year-old. It’s a great way to get a foot in the door and could be the start of a rewarding and fulfilling career. But it’s pretty fantastic for those who just want to make some extra dough part-time, too.

Let’s face it, those benefits alone make it worth your while! Not to mention the extremely competitive rate of pay. After all, a happy employee is a well-paid employee!

So, the very best of luck with getting a job at Aldi.

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