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How Old Do You Have to be to Work at AMC?

How Old Do You Have to be to Work at AMC

Well, you may be surprised to learn that the answer to that question is that AMC will hire you from the age of 14 years old and up.

While this isn’t possible in all locations due to differences in state laws, the theatre chain still hires a lot of teens. Working at one of their theatres isn’t generally a high-pressure or stressful job. Instead, it’s something their crew generally enjoys.

If you’re thinking about applying at AMC Theatres, the first thing to do is check your state laws. That way, you can find out ‘How Old Do You have to be to work at AMC?’ before moving forward. You also may need a special work permit if you’re under the age of 18.

But if everything works out, you could get started in a job at AMC right away!

how old do you have to be to work at amc

All About AMC Theatres

AMC Theatres is a national movie theatre company that has branches in every state. They offer regular theatre shows as well as IMAX and Real 3D viewing. Like most theatres, they have concession stands selling your usual popcorn, drinks, and movie snacks. However, they also sell more substantial treats like fries and nachos.

If you really want a meal, there are over 50 AMC Dine-In theatres that offer full menus so you can have dinner and a movie all in one. These theatres have wait staff, bussers, and cooks all collaborating to produce the dine-in experience.

Jobs For Teens At AMC Theatres

AMC is a massive company with theatres in cities all across the nation. They have corporate positions like marketing and accounting for professional careers. But if you’re a teen just starting out in the workforce, there are still several jobs open to you. Here’s a description of the main ones you can apply for when you’re a teenager.


The Crew is the main labor pool of the AMC team. Crew members can be hired at 14 years old, though be aware that this depends on the laws of the state you live in. In some places, you may need to be 16 or even 18 to work at AMC, at least during what are called “school hours.”

If you’re under 18, you may also need a work permit which will restrict the times and number of hours that you can be employed.

The AMC Crew is Split into Four Specific Positions


Probably the most complicated job, concession staff are responsible for taking orders and working the cash register, keeping all ingredients ready, pouring drinks, and preparing food. You do have to learn all of the food items and how to prepare them, which can be complicated and takes time.

how old do you have to be to works at the amc


At AMC, the usher crew is responsible for closing and opening theatre doors at the beginning and end of movies. They normally thank customers for coming and “usher” them out of the theatre. After that, they need to clean the theatre’s seating area and make sure it’s ready for the next movie.

This involves sweeping and mopping the floors and spraying down seats. Ushers need to work to a strict schedule because movies are all different lengths, and they have to know when each starts and ends.


The podium position is the simplest, though also the most monotonous. Your job here is to check people’s tickets and to direct them to the correct theatres. It’s really straightforward but can get very repetitive.

Box Office

At the box office, crew members assist customers in buying tickets. They need to be able to work the ticketing system and the cash register, checking for discounts and coupons, and also providing rewards to AMC members. This job requires a lot of patience and great people skills.

Crew jobs at AMC pay anywhere between the minimum wage and $12 per hour. On average, crew members make $9 per hour.

how old do you have to be work at the amc

Crew Leader

A Crew Leader is something like a junior manager. In this position, you help to check staff attendance and uniforms. You direct people to the different tasks that the crew performs, but you also perform crew duties yourself. You normally have to help out wherever the theatre needs it most.

Because you need to have experience and take on more responsibility, you need to be 16 years old to be a Crew Leader at AMC. But you’ll also get paid more. Crew Leaders make between $9 and $15 per hour, with an average of $11.50 per hour.


At the 50+ AMC Dine-In locations around the country, they need staff to help clean up after diners. The job of a busser is the same as in a restaurant. You may assist wait staff, but your main jobs are clearing dishes, cleaning tables, and resetting everything, so it’s ready for the next movie. You also help to re-stock the bar and wait stations to make sure everything is running smoothly.

You need to be 14 years old to work as a Busser at AMC Theatres. Bussers make between minimum wage and $11 per hour at some theatres. At others, they’re paid a server’s wage of just $5 per hour but then share their tips. In both cases, bussers usually make $8-10 per hour.

how old do you have to be to works at amc


The Dine-In theatre locations also require dishwashers in their kitchens. This can be a busy and somewhat hectic job, but you don’t need to be a people person for this one. Dishwashers wash dishes, of course, and also help to clean up the kitchen. You need to be only 14 to work as an AMC Dishwasher.

As a Dishwasher, you’ll make between minimum wage and $12 per hour. The average is about $9 per hour.

How To Apply?

If you want to look for a job at AMC, you can visit the AMC website and search for jobs in your city or region. You can apply online or go in to the location to fill out an application. These entry-level jobs for teens have high turnover, so they are almost always looking for new people.

If you get asked to an interview, you’ll want to show that you’re a cool-headed person who’s responsible and good at working with people.

Training session and videos…

Once you get a position at AMC, you’ll go in for an orientation and training shift, paid, at the location you’ll be working in. You have to watch some corporate training videos and then you’ll be shown around the theatre to learn all the tasks you’ll be responsible for and also learn what other staff members do.

After that, you’ll start working and learn more as you go.

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Final Thoughts

AMC will hire you as a Crew Member, Busser, or Dishwasher as young as 14 as long as this is allowed in your state. For other jobs, like Crew Leader, you’ll need to be at least 16.

While these are generally entry-level jobs, they pay a bit higher than average and are mostly low-stress positions. And there are some perks, too. If you work at AMC for over a year, they will start helping you with college tuition.

But from the start, AMC staff get to watch movies for free. You can bring in two friends with you as well. So if you’re a real movie person and love the magic of the theatre, AMC might just be the place for you.

All the very best Working At AMC Theatre!

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