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How Old Do You Have to be to Work at Domino’s?

How Old Do You Have to be to Work at Domino’s

Are you interested in working at a Domino’s pizza restaurant but are unsure about the age requirements to gain employment?

Well then, you have come to the right place! In this article, I am going to layout in simple terms the age requirements for all the various roles at Dominos.

Perhaps you are interested in working the pizza line, running the customer service side of the business, or becoming a delivery driver? Working up to being an assistant manager or general manager role? Or even looking towards the future with a role at corporate, or even owning your own franchise. Whatever the position is, I have the answers for you!

So, let’s take a look at “How old do you have to be to work at Domino’s” and find out what your options are!

how old do you have to be works at dominos

Age Requirements For Domino’s

There are two base entry-level roles at Domino’s – Team Member and Driver.

Team Member

The team member role covers two main roles (pizza cook and customer service representative), and as a team member, you will be expected to be able to do all of the following:

You will be required to make and cook the full range of pizzas offered. And be the first person to welcome customers into the restaurant. As such, you must be enthusiastic, have an upbeat personality, and be punctual.

Daily, weekly, monthly duties…

That’s not all, though! Just like all other Domino’s store employees, you will also be expected to help conduct daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning duties.

You are expected to help with:

  • Customer service roles
  • Stocktaking
  • Receiving and performing telephone orders
  • Using the POS system
  • Basic arithmetic
  • Carrying stacks of boxes
  • Lifting trays full of pizza dough
  • Transporting heavy cans of pizza sauce
  • You may be asked to lift cases of stock that weigh up to 50 pounds, although concessions are made for people unable to do this

how old do you have to be works at the dominos

You are required to:

  • Take a leadership role and direct other staff
  • Work by yourself, or with a group
  • Meet or exceed quality control standards
  • Handle interactions with coworkers and customers
  • Make speedy decisions
  • Collect and analyze data sets

You will be exposed to varying work conditions or with workplace dangers such as:

  • Inclement weather conditions
  • A range of instore temperatures (36F in cool rooms, 90F or higher in the kitchen)
  • Strong food smells
  • Cornmeal dust exposure
  • Tight or narrow work areas
  • Dangerous and hot equipment such as ovens
  • Sharp knives

Anyone over the age of 16 can apply to become a Domino’s Team Member, although some locations may require an older minimum age depending on local laws and regulations.


Drivers are another extremely important role at Domino’s restaurants.

So, how old do you have to be to become a driver for Domino’s?

The minimum age requirement to become a driver for Domino’s is 18 years old. You will also be required to hold a valid driver’s license and have a good driving record. Some stores will have their own vehicles which drivers can use; others will require that you use your vehicle.

On top of delivering pizzas, Domino’s drivers are required to:

  • Deliver flyers and door hangers
  • Help in ordering equipment and stock
  • Store ingredients in relevant areas
  • Receive and perform telephone orders
  • Complete inventory and stocktake
  • Help with any cleaning tasks
  • You may also be asked to train up as a full team member

Serious perks for drivers…

The main one is tips! On top of your hourly wage, you will hopefully be earning tips from every delivery you make. This can make a big impact on your end-of-week pay packet, with many drivers making a considerable amount from tips alone!

Management Role Options

Assistant Manager

Once you have worked as a team member for six months, you may be asked if you would like to transfer over to a management role. If you have shown to be an enthusiastic and capable member of staff that works well with the entire team. The first step towards upper-level management is an Assistant Manager role.

If you are selected to become an Assistant Manager, you will be fully trained by Domino’s to ensure you are ready and able to undertake all the tasks expected.

The responsibilities of an Assistant Manager at Domino’s are:

  • Team leading. You will be responsible for all aspects of the shift you are overseeing and how the shift “flows.” This includes all cash flow control, cost control, inventory and stock flow, and customer relations
  • Mentoring staff
  • Timetabling staff shifts
  • Ensuring the cleanliness of the kitchen, restaurant, and seating areas
  • Your own and staff’s adherence to all standards expected
  • Ensuring the franchise’s profitability

The minimum age for an Assistant Manager at Domino’s is 18 years old.

how olds do you have to be works at dominos

General Manager

Although Domino’s does sometimes recruit general managers from outside of the company, for the most part, they will have started in the Team Member role and then worked their way up the chain.

In terms of responsibilities, the list covers everything required of an Assistant Manager plus some extra responsibilities.

Responsible for making a profit…

As the General Manager, the franchisee will be looking to you for the full day-to-day running of the restaurant. The responsibility of the profitability and success of the store is heavily weighted towards the General Manager of any business, and Domino’s is no exception to this rule.

You will need to be at least 18 years of age to apply for a General Manager position at a Domino’s pizza restaurant.

Can people younger than 16 work at Domino’s?

In general, Domino’s does not allow workers younger than 16 years of age. Some locations may hire 15-year-olds, but they will be required to obtain a work permit.

Payment Rates For Casual Domino’s Employee’s

Depending on which state you live in will determine the rate of pay your local Domino’s is offering to its casual workers. Below I have tried to give a general estimate of those pay rates.

Team Member

Team Members will usually make anywhere between the state minimum wage and $14.50 an hour. If you are just entering the job market for the first time, or are under the age of 18, then you should expect to earn the minimum wage of your state.

The national average for a Domino’s Team Member is about $9 an hour, although you could make a little more or less depending on where you live.


The pay rate for Domino’s pizza delivery drivers is most commonly minimum wage plus any tips received. The rate drivers are paid will be determined by their locality, as minimum wage varies from state to state. One of the huge benefits of being a Domino’s pizza delivery driver is the opportunity to make tips.

Say you deliver 12 pizzas a shift, and each customer tips on average 10%. Let’s do the maths – assuming the median order price is $20:

12 x $20 = $240 and $240/10 = $24

So, assuming the tip is only 10%, you are looking at a nice little extra chunk of cash at the end of each shift.

Assistant Manager

The hourly pay rate for Assistant Managers at Domino’s will again vary based on location, but it will usually be higher than what Team Members or Drivers get paid. You will need to negotiate the rate with the franchisee, but Assistant Managers are commonly paid anywhere between $11 and $17 an hour.

General Manager

The General Manager of a Domino’s pizza restaurant is paid a yearly wage, not by the hour. Once again, this number will be different between stores, but the national average yearly wage for a Domino’s General Manager is around $48,000 a year. You will then be entitled to the benefits afforded to full-time employees, such as health care, paid leave, sick leave, etc.

How To Apply?

Domino’s stores are often looking for people to fill entry-level positions and are usually more than happy to take on younger age workers looking for their first job. People with some hospitality experience may be preferred and may be able to ask for slightly higher pay rates.

Interviewing with Domino’s

What to wear

Just like any standard job interview in a developed western country, you should wear smart or business casual attire. A pair of chinos or jeans with a button-up shirt is the way to go. Make sure you have a decent pair of shoes on, and that your entire outfit is free from stains or grime.

Questions To Expect During An Interview With Domino’s

What makes you want to work here?

This is one of the most common interview questions, no matter the company or role. You should get used to answering this question.

As with any interview question, it is good to be as honest as possible while still shining a good light on yourself. Do you love Domino’s pizza? Then tell the interviewer that and that you have a keen interest in learning how your favorite pizza is made.

how olds do you have to be work at the dominos

Friends on the inside…

Maybe you know some of the people already working in the store and want the opportunity to work with your friends. Whatever reason you come up with, always try to answer as honestly as you can.

Why should we hire you over other candidates?

Another classic interview question. This is the interviewers’ way of seeing if you can sell yourself. If you can’t sell yourself, how can you be expected to sell a product?

Don’t overthink this one too much, especially if this is your first job. Just be honest, and promote your strengths. If you think you are suited to a Team Member role, explain exactly why you think this. Maybe you have fantastic communication skills, an easy to get along with personality, or you just love to make pizza and give great customer service.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

This is an interviewer’s way of assessing your skillset and demeanor. If you are just starting in the job market, the interviewer is not going to expect a long list of reasons why you are going to be the best worker they have ever employed.

It’s best to list a few strengths and a couple of weaknesses. That’s not to say you should list all of your downsides, but interviewers want to see that you understand yourself and are willing to work on weaknesses to become a better worker.

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Final Thoughts

Most current and ex-employees of Domino’s report a good work environment, flexible work hours, and decent pay. If you are looking to find your first job, then Domino’s could provide the perfect opportunity!

There are multiple roles to fill and room for movement up the corporate chain in the long term. Hopefully, this article has shed some light on the roles Domino’s has to offer and the process of securing one of these positions.

All the very best Working at Domino’s!

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