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How Old Do You Have to be to Work at Walgreens?

How Old Do You Have to be to Work at Walgreens

Are you searching for a part-time job while you’re at high school or college?

If you have a Walgreens store close to you, there’s a good chance they have a vacancy or two. The pharmacy store chain offers a large number of jobs for entry-level applicants to choose from. Most of these jobs come with paid training and the chance to gain work experience. Taking on one of these roles will teach you skills that can prove to be very useful in the future. 

So, let’s find out, how old do you have to be to work at Walgreens?

The Age of Employment

To work at a Walgreens store, you need to be at least sixteen years old. This is because the company sells pharmaceuticals, alcoholic beverages, and cigarettes. The federal child labor laws set the minimum age requirement for these environments at sixteen.

Most of the entry-level jobs throughout stores are open to people aged sixteen and over. However, you need to be at least eighteen to apply for a job in one of the company’s pharmacies. The minimum hiring age for management roles is usually 21, and applicants need to have some work experience.  

Jobs You Can Apply For 

Each Walgreens store needs a large team of employees to keep it running efficiently. Most entry-level jobs are available on a part-time basis and are open to people with no qualifications. Let’s take a look at some of the main jobs you can apply for at Walgreens and the associated duties. 

Sales Associate 

You need to have a high school diploma or GED to apply for this job. However, the role of Sales Associate is open to people who have little or no work experience. There is a wide range of part-time shifts for college students to choose from, including night shifts.

The main responsibility is greeting customers and helping them with their purchases. Sales Associates must have strong customer service skills and a good knowledge of various products. The starting salary is around $10.50 per hour, which can rise to $13.50 per hour after you gain some experience. 

Sales Associate 


This job is available to sixteen-year-olds who show that they are trustworthy. The Cashier job is usually offered to Sales Associates who have shown that they can work hard and independently. Cashiers need to have good math and customer service skills.

The main duties involve scanning and bagging groceries and other items. Cashiers must be able to process different types of payment methods, including gift cards and discount coupons. The usual starting salary is $12 per hour, which can increase slightly over time. 

Beauty Consultant 

This job is open to people aged sixteen and over who have strong customer service skills. The main duty is working on the cosmetics counter and recommending products to customers. You need to have a good knowledge of cosmetics and be able to explain the benefits of different products.

Working as a Beauty consultant is a great way to gain sales experience. Although the starting salary for entry-level candidates is minimum wage, it quickly rises over time. Once you have proven your skills, you could earn as much as $14 per hour. 

Shift Leader

You must be at least eighteen years old and possess strong leadership skills to secure this role. A significant part of the job involves training new employees and overseeing their work. Shift Leaders must be able to demonstrate the different duties and motivate employees when necessary.

They also closely monitor the inventory of products in the department they are assigned to. Shift Leaders complete administrative tasks like arranging employee schedules and liaising with managers. They also help enforce company policies such as health and safety guidelines.

You can move up the ladder…

Most Shift Leaders start out at around $14 per hour, and both full-time and part-time hours are available. One of the great things about this job is that it comes with advancement opportunities. If you excel in this role, you could be promoted to Assistant Manager when there is a vacancy. 

Customer Service Associate

This is a great job for sixteen-year-olds who have strong customer service skills. The main focus is taking care of the needs of customers in stores. They always need to be willing to go the extra mile to satisfy any queries.

It is also necessary to have a flexible approach to work and be willing to take on various tasks. This includes fetching products from the stockroom and operating cash registers. The starting salary is around $12.50, and both full-time and part-time hours are usually available. 

Pharmacy Technician

This job is suitable for college graduates who have strong customer service skills. It is usually necessary to hold an associate’s degree in a related field. Working as a Pharmacy Technician allows university students to gain work experience and meet their course requirements.

The main duty is interacting with customers and recommending over-the-counter medications. When customers need a prescription filled, Pharmacy Technicians work closely with the main Pharmacist. They help make sure it is done accurately and provide clear dosage instructions.

Pharmacy Technician

Efficiency is essential…

Other duties include making sure the pharmacy department is clean and running efficiently at all times. This includes stocking shelves and operating a cash register. The typical starting salary is $13.50 per hour, which can rise to more than $16 per hour. 

Photo Specialist 

You’ll need to be at least sixteen years old and have an excellent eye for detail to do this job. The main duty is operating photo processing equipment in the photography department and interacting with customers. You need to be able to explain the different services and make sure their needs are met.

New employees are trained to use the company’s PictureCare Plus system and order specialty products like mugs and calendars. While the starting salary is usually a little over minimum wage, it usually rises after training is complete. After the first year, Photo Specialists generally make around $15 per hour. 

Assistant Store Manager

If you are ready for a job that comes with a lot of responsibility, this job could be for you. You usually need to be at least 21 years old to apply for the role of Assistant Store Manager. The company prefers to promote current or previous Walgreens employees to this role if possible.

New employees are provided with paid training to make sure they fully understand the duties. This involves working closely with the Store Manager and being able to take over their duties. Although the starting salary is around $15.50 per hour, a pay rise is given at every performance review. 

Store Manager

You need to have prior work experience and preferably prior management experience to secure this job. Store Managers are responsible for making sure a store runs efficiently while also maximizing profits. It is essential to have strong leadership skills and a good understanding of how the company works.

They often work around twelve hours a day and need to be skilled at conflict resolution. This includes disciplining employees when necessary and making hiring and firing decisions. You can usually apply for the job of Store Manager if you are 21 or over. 

Store Manager

Distribution Jobs

If you prefer a job where you don’t have to interact with customers, you can apply to work in a distribution center. You usually need to be at least eighteen years old and hold a high school diploma or GED. Be physically fit and have excellent attention to detail.

Most distribution center jobs involve fulfilling orders and helping prepare deliveries to stores. New employees usually start off working part-time shifts until they prove they have the right skills. Those who work hard also have the chance to apply for more advanced roles to advance their careers. 

The Employee Dress Code 

Walgreens employees are expected to be neatly dressed and well-presented during their shifts. If you work in a store, you will be given a polo shirt featuring the Walgreens logo before your first shift. This usually has to be worn with a pair of khaki or black pants. 

Some store managers also allow employees to wear jeans during their shifts. All employees have to wear closed-toed shoes, which should ideally be black. Managers are given a vest featuring the company’s logo, which is worn over a button-down shirt.

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Final Thoughts 

Walgreens has a great reputation for providing a nurturing and positive work environment. New employees are given paid training and the chance to learn new skills. This is the perfect way to gain valuable work experience as well as the chance to advance through the company.

While you need to be at least sixteen to work at Walgreens, there is a good selection of jobs to choose from. Most part-time jobs come with flexible shift patterns so that students can meet their study commitments. The work experience you gain can help you secure a more advanced role after graduating from college.

All the very best in your new job at Walgreens!

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