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How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Walmart?

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Walmart

Are you still in school and wondering How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Walmart?

In the US, Walmart is one of the most recognizable outlets with thousands of stores, coast to coast. They were first founded in Arkansas in 1962, and they have grown to become the world’s largest company based on revenue.

They have expanded their operations at a great pace. Though it has only been since the 90s that they achieved a national presence when they opened up on the West Coast. And then spreading even further to include centers outside of the US in Mexico and Canada.

Some failures along the way…

It hasn’t always been a success story, though. Attempts to break into the German and Indonesian markets failed. But they have continued their policy of international expansion.

They have now acquired interests in China, India, and Africa to increase their worldwide market share. They have also expanded to include various other activities, as well as continuing to have a significant retail presence.

how old do you have to be to work at walmart

Largest Employer In The World

Even if they are criticized in some areas, it cannot be overlooked that they are the largest employer in the world. They currently employ over 2.2 million employees. And constantly have a large intake of new staff. But how old do you have to be to work at Walmart? Let’s find out…

The Product Range

You would need a book to list all the products that can be found on sale in their retail outlets. Over the last twenty years, their purchasing policy has gone through many changes.

These days a good percentage of their products are imported from overseas, especially from China, and from India for non-prescription drugs. It is fair to say that just about whatever you need, you will find it at Walmart.

How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Walmart?

You will usually have to be at least 16 years old to get a job at Walmart. However, this can vary a little according to minimum age requirements in certain States. Let’s just clarify that…

Can You Get A Job At Walmart When You Are 15?

The minimum age set by the company is 16 years. 15-year-olds then will have to wait until just before their 16th birthday before applying.

Can You Get A Job At Walmart When You Are 16?

The answer is yes, providing the State minimum age requirements apply; Walmart are happy to recruit anyone of that age. They like to train them in-house and prepare them for the busy working life they will have. And according to the company, there are more than four hundred promotions every day, with 40% of those promotions are going to new staff in their first year.

The in-house product training scheme also helps you to increase your paycheck as you progress and acquire new skills.

Let’s now take a look at some of the full-time and part-time jobs that are available for young people.

Full-Time Work

Cashier- Hourly Paid

Minimum Age Requirement- 16

You may think that cashier might mean sitting behind a cash register all day and just taking the money. In some companies, you might see cashiers just scanning and processing payments. However, there is a bit more to being a Cashier at Walmart.

Walmart is very conscious of the opinion of customers during their visit and looks for ways to maximize their store experience, and the cash till is one of them.

The Only Face of the Company

You could be the only member of staff that the customer has any interaction with at all. The cashier will therefore have an important role in what might be called ‘the customer experience.’ The company will expect you to be courteous, helpful, and thank every customer at all times, even when sometimes confronted by a customer who may be less than happy.

Busy Busy Busy

That is how some of your days are going to be. Especially at peak hours at the weekend, evenings, and public holidays. Being the cashier will mean you are helping customers with their purchases, scanning their items, or possibly explaining a pricing structure.

Items will have to be bagged up, and if they have paid in cash, change given. And you have to make sure your personal space is kept clean and free from litter. What you will be trying to achieve, other than processing the payment, is to ensure the customer leaves happy, ensuring that they will come again.

how old do you have to be to works at the walmart

Cart Attendant- Hourly Paid

Minimum Age Requirement – 16

This role is normally related to the shopping trolleys and carts. But there is a bit more to it than that. As I mentioned when discussing the cashier’s role, every employee participates in the ‘customer experience.’ And every role is important.

You will be outside in all weathers, and depending on your location, that could be a challenge in itself. The customers will be counting on you to make sure there are enough trolleys and carts for their use. They will also expect to see clean and presentable restrooms, which is another responsibility you have. The Duties can be itemized as:

  • Ensure customers have a good experience.
  • Make sure there are plenty of carts and trolleys.
  • Use the equipment to take carts from the car park back to the store.
  • Make sure the car park is free from obstacles.
  • Clean restrooms and assist in keeping the sales floor clean and tidy.
  • Be positive with customers even in bad weather.

Stocker – Hourly Paid

Minimum Age Requirement – 16

The Stocker is a job title that also covers a range of activities. The important thing about this position, though, is that you are fit and healthy. There may be some heavy lifting involved. You may spend some of your time on the shop floor, helping customers locate items. An important role in a shop that can be very, very big.

On some shifts, you will be involved in moving products from the warehouse area to the shop floor. And then stacking the shelves if necessary. You may also be needed to help customers while shelves are being re-supplied.

When The Truck Comes In

There will be times when a delivery truck arrives from the manufacturer. You will be expected to help out there as well. Get the truck unloaded and get the driver on his way as quickly as possible. They will appreciate that.

There will be times when you might be working on a hot day unloading a truck or dealing with items that go in the freezers. It can demand a lot of you physically. The job is more than just filling shelves and can be itemized as:

  • Stocking products on the shelves.
  • Preparing products for placing on shelves.
  • Unloading trucks.
  • Making sure all the aisles are tidy, and there are no obstacles in the way of customers.
  • Show a positive attitude to customers, drivers, and other people you come into contact with.

Full-time hours at Walmart are considered to be 40 hours per week.

Benefits of Working Full-Time At Walmart

All full-time staff gets the following benefits as part of their package:

  • Paid Holidays.
  • Paid Sick days.
  • Discounts on all merchandise sold at the store.
  • Annual Bonus.
  • Retirement Plan.
  • Stock Purchase Options.
  • Health Insurance that also covers Visual and Dental needs.
  • Assistance with Education.

As well as full-time work at Walmart, there are also part-time opportunities as well. The same age regulations apply, and part-time staff get approximately the same hourly rate as full-time staff. However, most company benefits do not apply to part-time staff.

Part-Time Work At Walmart

The same job opportunities are available for both full-time and part-time staff. Walmart, therefore, employs the following part-time staff to support the full-time staff:

  • Cashier
  • Cart Attendant
  • Stocker

The company will expect you to perform your duties to the standards as set for the full-time staff. Part-Time work is considered to be 28 hours per week.

how old do you have to be to works at walmart

Hourly Rates

Both Full-time and Part-Time staff earn about the same. The difference is that full-time staff will get the chance of promotions that part-time staff might not qualify for. If you are joining the staff with no experience, though, you will probably still receive the same.

This will be minimum wage as per your state laws or a little above that. Because of state laws, it is not possible to be exact with a figure, but this is a general idea of what you might expect to earn. All rates are paid hourly.


Between minimum wage to $15 per hour, those with no experience will be closer to minimum wage. The average wage across the company is $11 per hour.

Cart Attendant

The rates will be between minimum wage and about $12 per hour. It will again depend on your experience. The average rate for a cart attendant is $11 per hour.


Stockers at Walmart can expect to be paid between minimum wage and up to $18 per hour. This is a little higher and allows for a certain amount of heavy work which may be involved. Of course, it will be based on any previous experience you may have.

Entry-level applicants can expect to be paid at minimum wage or slightly higher. The average hourly rate for a Stocker is $11 per hour.

Do You Need Experience To Work At Walmart?

No, Walmart is what is known as an ‘entry-level’ company. That means they take a high percentage of people for their first job. No experience is necessary as everything you may need to know will be taught in-house.

But, if you have any level of retail experience, especially in a large outlet, that will certainly be in your favor. It may even mean a higher rate of pay when you start working for Walmart.

The Interview

Even though Walmart are an ‘entry-level friendly’ company, it doesn’t mean you walk through the door and automatically get a job. Their business is built on customer care and, of course, repeat business.

They will want you to see if you fit in with their staff profile. Even if you have no experience, there are things you will need to show them during the interview. They will expect you to:

  • Be smart and presentable; you will be dealing with their customers.
  • Have a friendly and approachable manner.
  • Be able to demonstrate that customer service is something you respect.

Most interviews are won and lost in the first few minutes. Be smart when you walk in the door. Clean shoes, casual shirt, and trousers. A suit won’t be required. But please, no jeans or trainers.

If this is going to be your first interview, My first interview.: Keys to getting that first job is well worth a read. And a nice shirt will create a good impression; I recommend the Dockers Men’s Long Sleeve Signature Comfort Flex Shirt.

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You Also Need To Bring That Self Confidence

Firstly, if you’ve decided to apply to Walmart, then you’ll want to take a look at our Walmart Application and Walmart Interview Questions, along with guides such as our Walmart Stocker Job Description, Walmart Cashier Interview Questions.

And of course, if you have a criminal record, check out Does Walmart Hire Felons before applying.

Customer Service is what Walmart is all about, and for good reason because it keeps them coming back! So, check out the Surviving Customer Service: Avoid Burnout, Develop Valuable Career Skills, Customer Service & Its Significance: Learn And Grow, along with the Customer Service Skills for Success, or the Powerful Phrases for Effective Customer Service and finally the Customer Service Training 101 available online in 2023.

Lastly, you’ve got to have the confidence to be considered for promotion; we recommend reading up on You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life to start with, and the Unstoppable Self Confidence, or what about the Self-Confidence Strategies for Women for the business ladies, or The Confidence Gap: A Guide to Overcoming Fear and Self-Doubt, The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance, and of course The Self Confidence Workbook to help you advance in your career!

Final Thoughts

Walmart is a household name with a great reputation for customer service reputation that they want to protect. And customer service is the name of the game.

Working for the company could well be a great first step on the ladder, and who knows where it might lead. They do, after all, like to promote from within. So, go for it, as they say, you really have nothing to lose.

All the very best Working at Walmart!

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