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How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Winn Dixie?


Winn Dixie is a huge company, with plenty of opportunities for a wide range of ages. But, you may be wondering, How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Winn Dixie?

Well, the good thing for those of you looking to get into work early is that Winn Dixie has multiple jobs for staff as young as 16.

This grocery store is the perfect opportunity for those looking for either full or part time positions. Not to mention the generous benefits packages available to all staff. But more on that later…

how old do you have to be to work at winn dixie

What Are The Benefits of Getting a Job at 16?

Working as a 16 year old is a constant battle between the benefits and detractors. At that age, there is much to consider and not a lot of time to consider it. But there are huge advantages to those who choose to join the workforce as a teenager, even if you are still completing your schooling.

It is a balance between work, play, and growth. If handled correctly, it could make the difference between starting your career on the back foot or starting your career with confidence and experience.

Unfortunately underappreciated…

Youth workers, classified as anyone working between the ages of 16-19, have been a constantly underappreciated part of the American Economy. However, there is a phenomenal number of our young people currently employed in our workforce.

In the middle of 2019, The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported 21.2 million young people in employment. And this was despite the Covid-19 pandemic that was just beginning to sweep across the world.

Not only do youth make up a critical part of our labor force, but their roles are focused on those jobs that we would likely consider ‘essential.’ They are working in restaurants and schools, hospitals, and grocery stores. They are cooking and cleaning, stocking shelves, and bagging toiletries. If they were all to simultaneously quit, many of the services we can no longer survive without would end up being forced to close.

A key and obvious example is grocery stores, one of the main employers of youth across the globe and certainly here in America. But…

Why Should Teenagers Work in Grocery Stores?

One of the key benefits of grocery store employment is that you are able to build up a range of skills that can be easily transferred across to other roles and positions. Grocery stores frequently rotate their staff as needed. Therefore, as an employee, the teenager would be able to expand their understanding of a wide range of professional practices.

Whether it is customer service skills learned as cashier or bagger, strength and attention to detail skills learned as a stocker, or even the basics of professional food hygiene learned on the deli counter, each position presents the employee with an opportunity to expand on their proven set of skills. But do you have the necessary skills?

Do I Need Any Previous Experience to Work in a Grocery Store?

Absolutely not.

You would be hard pressed to find a Grocery Store that didn’t have a few entry-level positions open to its youth members. They also have famously high turnover rates, which means they are frequently hiring new staff.

As a newcomer, attitude and flexibility with your hours are key to finding a good role. If you want to succeed within that role, however, there are four main traits that could really make the difference. Want to know what they are?

Important Skills that You Need to Work at a Grocery Store

1 Motivation

Grocery stores are ALL team environments. Employees who show up with a negative attitude, struggle to do the bare minimum, or are rude to other members of staff will quickly feel the tide turn against them. Grocery store employees work long shifts, and they are on their feet all day. They are unlikely to suffer anyone who doesn’t pull their weight.

This means making sure you’re seen to go that little bit further to help out. If a colleague is struggling to unload a delivery, offer to assist. Show interest in promotions and how the store works. Even bring in a box of cookies for the staff room. Most importantly, if you see something in the store that needs to be done (and of course, you know how to do it), then get it done.

Having a team that appreciates and supports you is vital to making the job work. Not only that, but if you do it properly, those colleagues may even turn into work friends who can help the time pass quicker.

2 Communication Skills

If these are not one of your strengths when you arrive, they will be very quickly developed. As well as the aforementioned teamwork, for every second the store is open, grocery workers are in constant interaction with the public. Customer service makes up a key portion of anyone in the retail industry, and there’s no difference here.

The brunt of this role will fall on the cashiers and baggers who interact directly with the customers. Most people will be kind and helpful, but as every retail employee knows, there will always be a few people who choose to make the staff’s life difficult.

There is a skill and dexterity to dealing with difficult customers; it comes mostly from experience. A retailer interviewed for this piece said, “I always have to remind myself that despite what the customer says, the situation is most likely not my fault. The best course of action is to let them run out of speed, a bit like a toddler on a sugar rush.”

Dealing with very difficult customers is unlikely to be a part of your role if you are joining as a teenager. So just make sure you know who to call on should anything become too aggressive, and learn what you can from every experience.

how old do you have to be to works at the winn dixie

3 Dependability

This was left to last on purpose, as it is likely the most important trait to remember. Being late to work, feeling hungover and calling in sick, forgetting your schedule, and missing a shift; all habits that are to be avoided at all costs, or you will lose your job.

As I have mentioned before, these are team environments. Unless you are on time and ready to work, you will always be letting someone down. Perhaps it is a staff member who will now need to do two jobs instead of one. Or perhaps it is a manager who was expecting you on shift and will now have to send panicked text messages out to other members of staff. Or perhaps it is one of those employees looking forward to a day off and forced to come in to cover your role.

Working as a team and considering the impact of your actions on your colleagues are very important skills to learn in business. Nowhere is this more evident than in a Grocery Store.

Why Should I Work at Winn Dixie?

Winn Dixie has over 500 branches in Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia, and Mississippi. They are a massive chain of stores that can trace their routes back to the ‘Davis Mercantile General Store’ opened by its founder in 1914. It has been trading on the stock market since 1952.

This gives the company and employees a sense of stability and dependability. They are a firm believer in youth employment and, in most states, have extended their benefits to cover even their part time employees. This has obvious benefits for those wishing to stay in Education for the time being.

Fantastic Benefits

Their benefits package is also extensive, including health and vision insurance, parental leave, dependency care, and family medical leave. Select branches have even extended their benefits to include things like gym memberships, tuition assistance, and professional development.

All of this has meant that Winn Dixie has a comparatively high retention rate, with employees staying on average 4.5 years. This is high for any retail position but particularly good for a grocery store.

Clearly, whatever Winn Dixie is doing to try and keep hold of its staff is working.

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Final Thoughts

If you’re ready to apply, then Winn Dixie does their hiring through its Winn Dixie Careers website. This will take you to an up-to-date list with all of their current job availability. Applications are completed on the site itself and sent directly to the branch in question.

However, if you live near a Dixie’s, you can always print out a copy of your CV and apply in person. If they’re hiring at the time, your personal touch may be able to tip the scales in your favor.

All the very best with your Winn Dixie Application.

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