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How To Become a Brand Ambassador?

how to become a brand ambassador

Do you have a natural flair and enthusiasm for sales and marketing?

Or, perhaps you have a strong presence in your local community, and you love networking with others?

If so, then maybe you should consider becoming a Brand Ambassador. This role is all about promoting services and products – which is an essential part of any company’s identity.

Being successful in creating and maintaining a strong brand image is integral. So, companies often rely on others to do this work for them. In this guide, I’ll be highlighting the responsibilities of a Brand Ambassador and what the role entails.

So, let’s find out How To Become a Brand Ambassador!

how to become a brand ambassador

What Is A Brand Ambassador?

A Brand Ambassador is responsible for promoting and raising awareness of a product on the market and is employed to represent a company or business. Ambassadors are directly hired and held responsible for representing products or services.

The key role is to convince individuals and the wider community to buy products. Traditional advertising methods have shifted, and since the dawn of the internet has been expanding- the role of a brand ambassador is evolving too.

Being online is essential…

Social media has become THE tool to enhance brand awareness and boost sales within the e-commerce market. Online technologies are reshaping advertising strategies that have enabled the expansion of this role much further.

What Does A Brand Ambassador Do?

Well, you’ll have several key responsibilities. These include but are not limited to:

  • Attending and networking during events.
  • Promoting products and marketing services.
  • Creatine marketing and business campaigns.
  • Making referrals and promoting others to attend events.
  • Creating social media posts and maintaining a strong online presence.
  • Increasing brand awareness in the local community by word of mouth.
  • Providing feedback, information, and reviews about products.
  • Writing reviews on websites.

Why Become A Brand Ambassador?

The nature of this role is all about people. You’ll be working hands-on in the community or on the online consumer market. You’ll be busy interacting with others and meeting different people every day. Whether it’s online or in-person, you’ll have the opportunity to network with others and talk about a brand that you’re passionate about.

If you enjoy working a flexible schedule, then becoming a Brand Ambassador could be ideal because you can choose your routine and how often you decide to work. You’ll develop valuable experience in marketing and sales, with a possibility of traveling around regionally or nationwide. Better yet, you’ll have the opportunity to move onto a different career field or level up in your current position.

The Different Ways To Be A Brand Ambassador

You can choose to be either an online or in-person brand ambassador, and you’ll be an expert in both the online and offline fields. An in-person Ambassador involves creating and maintaining an influential online presence through social media and websites.

In contrast, an in-person ambassador involves having a physical presence in local communities, speaking with others in person, and promoting services and products. Here’s how to distinguish these two different approaches in more detail…

In-Person Brand Ambassador

You’ll more likely create and attend in-person marketing events, network and communicate with others, and be required to have a physical presence in the community. Being an in-person ambassador is highly effective when you know your market.

Statistically, 92% of consumers trusted referrals from people that they cared about. This statistic emphasizes the importance of building genuine professional relationships to enhance your career in this role.

Good ol’ word of mouth marketing…

As an in-person ambassador, your duties may include distributing products, merchandise, or information leaflets about companies and services. You may wear branded uniforms and accessories to promote the brand image, offer samples in shopping centers, and go out into the local community to promote products and boost sales through word-of-mouth marketing.

Online Brand Ambassador

Since the development of the internet has emerged, so have the marketing techniques and tools when it comes to a brand ambassador role.

You’ll have a powerful social media presence and be responsible for writing posts, writing on message boards, writing reviews, and blog posts of the website content. Commenting on marketing posts, providing feedback, and sharing insight into company products and services.

how to become the brand ambassadors

Use your key social media platforms…

The most effective social media platforms to use are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, which equals 70% of the e-commerce market relying on social media referrals to boost sales. Being online and working in a virtual environment is the central function of your role – whereas an in-person brand is all offline in a physical setting.

Whichever type of ambassador role you choose, upholding a creative and consistent networking presence is crucial.

How To Become A Brand Ambassador?

Let’s now take a look at the ways to become a Brand Ambassador. I’ve outlined five simple steps to help you prepare for this in-person and online role. Whichever type you choose – you’ll be impressed by how easy it can be to get started.

Explore The Right Brand To Represent

First, you’ll need to choose a brand or company to represent. It’s effective to promote products or services that you enjoy or have experienced using yourself. This makes your job easier and more relevant.

You’ll have to have enough knowledge of the brand and product to market and sell it effectively. You’ll essentially be the face of the brand, so you’ll be engaging and interacting with others to accomplish a substantial company identity. So, choose something you are passionate about.

Being the right fit is what it’s about…

Once you discover the brand that’s right for you, then you can start representing them. Companies look for Ambassadors that suit the nature of their product by having similar interests, personality traits, or attributes that can match their brand image.

Do some market research online into the company to see what they’re looking for, and browse their social media account pages to see if they are recruiting.

Create a Strong Online or Offline Presence

Once you’ve chosen a brand or product to represent, you’ll need to engage and promote it with others. If you are pursuing an online brand ambassador role, then start by reaching out to the public.

This can be achieved by using your social media accounts, creating posts, gaining followers, gaining feedback, receiving likes on posts, commenting, leaving reviews, and expanding your popular follower base.

Trust in your local community…

If you are working as an in-person brand ambassador, you’ll need to develop and maintain your local ties in the community. You can do this by regularly attending events, talking with others in person, and attending campaigns.

Therefore these two environments require slightly different approaches but are still in most ways reliant on the same business marketing techniques.

Build a Strong Brand Personality

You’ll become the face of the brand, and therefore adopting characteristics that match the style of your product is effective for marketing and helps promote sales.

Depending on the market niche that you advertise, do some research and see how you could best tailor your professional self to the market. This can easily be accomplished such as wearing the right outfit or changing your communication style to suit the consumer market.

Explore and Engage the Consumer Market

Whether you’re a representative for an in-person or online brand ambassador role, you’ll have to build a strong customer network. Go out into the community and actively promote products. Communicate why exactly this product or service is essential for every consumer to buy.

Get to know the market thoroughly, build followers and subscribers, and approach individuals that you think match the product or service you’re offering. Creating more of the following base for your online presence is also profitable as a brand ambassador, so this aspect is integral for your success.

Contact and Explore Opportunities to Represent Brands

It’s easy to reach out to companies online and directly ask them if you can represent their company or product. Read their job descriptions and see if you meet the requirements. Many in-person brand ambassadors promote at shopping centers and attend local events, so it may be effective to directly ask them if there is any representative work available in your local area too.

Or, choose to reach out to brands online and visit their social media pages to see if they’re recruiting. You can also opt by applying directly on job boards and search engines to find the latest roles and complete online applications.

The Skills You Need

Professional Integrity

Consumers are concerned with brand ambassadors that are trustworthy and credible. If you can speak with others showing a genuine and honest nature, then others will view you as reliable enough to sell them top-quality products and are more likely to purchase your product.

Don’t over-sell or use abrupt business tactics to persuade consumers to buy a product, it should be a natural and friendly exchange that doesn’t pressure individuals to buy.


You’ll be interacting and speaking with others continuously in this role. Being able to adapt your communication methods with a range of consumers is effective when representing and promoting brands. Become an active participant at local events, marketing campaigns and speak with others to grow brand awareness using word-of-mouth techniques and online communication methods too.

how to become brand ambassadors

Enthusiastic and Committed Attitude

You’ll need an outgoing personality when it comes to selling and promoting products. Consumers are attracted to someone with a bubbly nature that is friendly, talkative, and willing to help.

Your in-person role will entail going out into the local community and spreading awareness. So, you must be a comfortable communicator as well as adopt an active and enthusiastic role in the community too.

It takes time to be recognized…

In this industry, it’s common to sometimes struggle with getting attention from the market. You may not initially make the impact you set out to accomplish for your company. So you must be committed to the brand and motivated to grow your consumer market steadily and not be knocked back by possible slow progress.

Marketing Awareness

To be a successful brand representative, having some knowledge about business marketing strategies is valuable. You will need to research how to use internet technologies to promote brand awareness on social media. You will also need to learn how to write content that drives traffic to your company’s website. This is essential to expand your brand image and enhance your company’s reputation.

Strategic Planning

As a Brand Ambassador, you need to know about the market that you’re promoting. You’ll have to identify, assess and evaluate the best methods and techniques to get consumers to buy products. You can research this and develop your skills easily online.

How Much Does A Brand Ambassador Earn?

As a Brand Ambassador expect to earn an average wage of $10 – $20 per hour.

The latest figures show that there may be opportunities to earn higher money and progress into a higher-paying role depending on how much experience you have. Depending on where you work in the States then, your location may also affect your pay.

What Do You Need To Be A Brand Ambassador?

You’ll need a minimum high school diploma or GED to get hired as a Brand Ambassador. Some knowledge in sales, business, and marketing is desirable but not imperative to have. However, some companies will state on the application if they would like you to have any other qualifications such as a degree.

Influencing Through Social Media

Firstly, you might want to check out my Brand Ambassador Job Description to know what it’s all about! Or how about my Social Media Specialist Job Description, which also includes online marketing and recognition.

Next, we’ve done the research, and our top choices of online handbooks are The End of Marketing: Humanizing Your Brand in the Age of Social Media and AI, and The Influencer Code: How to Unlock the Power of Influencer Marketing, along with Brand Ambassadors Unite!: 19 Proven Secrets to Reinvent the Customer Experience, to begin with.

We also highly recommend The Art of Successful Brand Collaborations: Partnerships with Artists, Designers, Museums, Territories, Sports, Celebrities, Science, Good Cause…and More, the Marketing Made Simple: A Step-by-Step StoryBrand Guide for Any Business, and The 1-Page Marketing Plan: Get New Customers, Make More Money, And Stand Out From The Crowd all available online in 2023.

Final Thoughts

Do you feel like you have the passion to create a strong brand identity for your consumers? Are you part of a wider community that you can use to advertise and market products or services? If so, then this role could be for you.

Being a Brand Ambassador can lead to further opportunities such as becoming a brand manager, marketing representative, social media manager, retail sales associate, and many more. You can gain valuable experience and transferable skills in this role which may also kick-start your career in marketing or sales.

Good luck, and enjoy establishing your Brand!

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