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How to Become a Plumber?

how to become a plumber

Are you considering training to become a plumber?

Plumbing is a good profession for people who have strong problem-solving skills. The world will always need plumbers, and it is relatively easy to find work once you are qualified. However, it takes time and patience to gain the skills you need to work as a plumber. In addition to completing training, you will also need to get certified.

So. let’s take an in-depth look and find out exactly how to become a plumber.

how to become the plumber

What Does A Plumber Do?

Before you decide to train to become a plumber, you need to make sure it’s the right fit for you. You need to be reasonably physically fit to do this job and spend time maintaining and repairing systems. Let’s take a closer look at some of the main tasks that go along with this job.

Identifying and locating leaks

You need to work out where water is leaking from before you can make repairs. This can involve following the building codes and reading blueprints. You need to have a good understanding of plumbing systems and strong analytical skills.

Repairing and replacing parts

After diagnosing the problem, you will work out whether the faulty part can be repaired or has to be replaced. You may simply have to replace rubber gaskets and washers in faucets or replace the whole fixture. This may involve tearing into concrete or cutting into walls to gain access to the faulty pipes.

Performing maintenance on plumbing systems

You will be charged with checking systems regularly to make sure they are working properly. This can involve checking sinks, toilets, and washing machines to make sure the system is in good condition. When necessary, you will unclog drains, adjust water pressure, and replace worn O-rings and gaskets.

Troubleshoot plumbing problems

You will use a range of different techniques to detect leaks and work out problems with systems. Work out which parts need to be replaced and the best way to do it. You may need to present your clients with different options for them to choose from.

Preparing cost estimates

Once you have determined to issue, you have to work out the cost of repairing it. You need to take a number of factors into account to do this. Some clients may want to go with the cheapest option, while others will insist on the best fix.

Other tasks associated with this job include:

  • Following blueprints and building plans.
  • Responding to and diagnosing emergencies.
  • Keeping accurate records of time spent working.
  • Collaborating with carpenters and electricians.

Reasons To Become A Plumber

It is no secret that plumbers have to work hard. If you own your own business, you need to be on call and respond to emergencies at odd hours. Here are some of the main reasons many people choose to become a plumber.

On the job training

You won’t have to spend several years studying before you can start making money. On-the-job training provides you with a salary while you learn essential skills. This saves you from high tuition fees and having to take out a student loan to make ends meet.

The salary

Plumbers have access to a high salary, which is typically around $56,000 per year. In some parts of the United States, plumbers are in high demand and can command a much higher salary. Running a plumbing business in a city like LA or New York could earn you $250,000 per year.

how to become the plumbers

Lots of work

There is a lot of demand for plumbers in the United States. Once you have completed your training, you should find it relatively easy to find work. With more and more skilled plumbers retiring every year, the demand for plumbers is increasing rapidly.

Opportunity for career advancement

If you have drive and ambition, you can boost your earning potential by gaining specialist skills. If you have strong leadership skills, you can be in charge of managing a team of professionals. The potential for advancing on this career path is high and requires little financial investment.

How To Become A Plumber?

There are several different ways of becoming a plumber. The path you choose will depend on your ambition and the time you want to invest in honing your skills. Here are some of the ways you can become a plumber and take your career to the next level.

Get Your High School Diploma or GED

While at high school, you should gain strong grades in algebra, geometry, metric units of measure, and thermodynamics. Completing a special training program at community college will help you stand out from the crowd. Enrolling in a plumbing program will show employers that you are committed to this career path.

Join a Plumbing Apprenticeship Program

You need to complete a plumbing apprenticeship program before you can start working as a plumber. These programs provide on-the-job training and cover topics such as state codes, blueprint reading, OSHA safety, and drafting. You will complete tasks and training while being supervised by a master plumber. It typically takes between two and five years to complete an apprenticeship program.

how to become plumbers

Become a Journeyman Plumber

After your apprenticeship is complete, you can take a licensing exam that allows you to become a journeyman plumber. This will allow you to work independently on different types of projects. The typical salary for a journeyman plumber is $26 per hour or $55,000 per year.

Become a Master Plumber

Once you have honed your skills and gained several years of experience, you can become a master plumber. You will need to sit and pass an exam, while some states require extra training. You may also need to submit a background check before you receive your license.

Once you have this special plumbing license, you can offer a range of advanced plumbing services. This includes overseeing apprenticeship training, managing crews, and offering specialty experience. Master plumbers with a strong reputation have the opportunity to earn at least $97,000 per year.

Plumbing Specialties

There are several different types of plumbing you can specialize in. This helps you to hone your skills and command a higher salary for your services. Here are the main plumbing specialties you can choose from.

General Plumber

These plumbers are responsible for repairing the water, drainage, waste disposal, and gas systems in homes, commercial premises, and industrial buildings. They conduct installations and maintenance services for plumbing fixtures such as bathtubs, showers, toilets, and sinks. They are also hired to install appliances like waste disposal units, dishwashers, and water heaters.


This role involves maintaining and assembling mechanical piping systems that are designed to withstand high pressure. This can include installing furnaces, boilers, water tanks, and other types of pressurized equipment. Pipefitters also monitor the controls for the systems and usually work in the industrial sector.


The main focus of this specialization is installing pipes that carry high-pressure gases and liquids. This work requires a lot of attention to detail and expert knowledge. As a result, steamfitters can command a significantly higher salary.

Sprinkler fitter

If you choose to be a sprinkle fitter, you will modify, inspect, and install different types of sprinkler systems. You need to have detailed knowledge of building code regulations related to the spacing between sprinklers and pipe size. You would also need to know exactly how much water pressure each type of pipe can handle.


This role involves performing the initial groundwork before pipes are laid for water lines, sewer lines, and oil pipelines. You would need to know how to work with a range of materials like cast iron, clay, plastic, and concrete pipes. You would prepare and grade the trenches before the pipes are laid.

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Of course, for your plumbing license, we recommend the Plumbing Licensing Study Guide, and the Plumber’s Licensing Study Guide, along with the Plumber’s Exam Preparation Guide, as well as the Audel Questions and Answers for Plumbers’ Examinations, also available online today.

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Final Thoughts

If you have the skill and drive, working as a plumber can be a very fulfilling career. One of the great things about this job is that there is plenty of work out there. You also have the chance to earn money while you complete your training.

It takes between two and five years to become licensed to work independently as a plumber. Gaining advanced qualifications will help you take on a leadership role to boost your earning potential. If you have business skills, you can even start your own plumbing company and set your work schedule.

All the very best in your career as a Plumber!

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