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How To Become a Social Media Manager?

how to become a social media manager

Do you love being online and have a flair for marketing?

Social media managers work with copywriters, graphic designers, and marketing executives. They keep the company or an individual’s (like a celebrity) social media pages active and grow their following. As a social media page needs to reflect the company’s corporate image, there are many aspects that need to be managed to perfection.

So, before I dive into how to become a social media manager, let’s outline exactly what the job entails.

how to become a social media manager

The Importance Of Scheduling

Social media is all about scheduling. You need to ensure that you have posts going up regularly to keep the page active and relevant. Social media analytics often offers insights as to what time of day and which days of the week you will reach the most people.

Some companies rely on social media to communicate sales or releases on products to their customers. Others simply promote content for educational or entertainment purposes. There are also instances where companies promote both so that customers don’t feel like it’s all about the sales, and so that fans can get their hands on their favorite creator’s merch.

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Being organized two months in advance…

In this regard, social media managers often plan out their schedules a month or two in advance. This ensures that customers will know of sales ahead of time and throughout its availability. Other content and specific calendar celebrations such as valentine’s day, summer vacation, and religious or cultural holiday periods are usually spread out as themes for the month.

As a social media manager, you will be expected to be prepared for every occasion and work with your team to come up with campaigns for each.

What To Say And How It Will Look?

Now more than ever, we know that a wrong move on social media can easily harm the reputation of any brand. It is imperative to work with graphic designers and content writers to ensure that what you put out will be on par with the brand and the values of the company.

You will need to be mindful of the following

  • No misleading text or imagery.
  • No “promises” that cannot be fulfilled.
  • Correct pricing and info regarding dates etc.
  • Social media community standards must be adhered to.
  • Stay away from content that may be deemed offensive.
  • Keep designs and language on par with what is trending.
  • Posts should be easily “digestible” not too wordy.

When Your Followers Engage?

The whole point is to get followers to engage with posts and grow the following. Engagement should always be rewarded with a response. Obviously, it would be impossible to respond to every comment or inbox message. However, responding to comments is the easiest way to show that you care about what they have to say.

Many companies have numbers and email addresses that may be used in place of a social media inbox. It would be wise to respond to inbox messages if possible.

Nothing wrong with an automated message…

However, you can circumvent this by allowing for automated messages to thank a customer for reaching out. How they can get a quicker response to their question or concern by providing the number or email address you prefer they use. This is especially useful when you have after-hour or emergent messages.

The elephant in the room is often negative comments or criticism. Many companies will delete comments containing foul language or derogatory statements, and that is usually perfectly fine to do so.

how to become social media managers

Personal replies to complaints…

However, when criticism or negative reviews are left, it is often best to leave the comment up and address it, with an apology or an offering to make the situation right for the client. When comments are ignored and deleted, customers will often harbor negative sentiments.

And although you deleted the comment, there is always the risk of others having seen it or screenshotting it for later reference. This will reflect very negatively on the brand, as it will appear as though important matters are swept under the rug instead of being dealt with.

How To Become a Social Media Manager?

Now that you know the ins and outs of what is expected, you can work toward becoming a social media manager. Many companies will require you to have a marketing-related qualification such as an associate or undergraduate degree.

However, in some instances, experience and a strong portfolio will be enough. Many social media experts start their own companies, running the social media pages of various companies to build their portfolios.

If you’re not qualified…

If you do not have any qualifications, there are many short courses. You can find them on platforms such as Udemy.com, which can serve to pad your resume.

Alternatively, you can start in any marketing position. Thereafter, you can ask to be trained and given duties for the social media position. Graphic designers and content writers often switch to social media or include it in their overall job description.

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Final Thoughts

Your own social media pages are the perfect example of your skills. Companies will likely peruse your platforms to see if anything is amiss. Let this be a reminder that your pages should reflect a wholesome image.

If it does not, it should have the utmost private settings possible. And not contain any profile photos you would be ashamed of. To become a social media manager will ultimately mean that your personal pages will have to reflect the same values and standards as that of the company you represent.

Good luck in your new career as a Social Media Manager!

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