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How to Become a Teen Golf Caddy?

How to Become a Teen Golf Caddy

Are you young, full of energy, and a lover of golf?

Well, getting a teen golf caddy job is not only a great way to make some money while working outdoors, but it could also be a good step towards becoming a pro golf caddy in the future. Did you know that Tiger Woods’ former caddy Steve Williams made a staggering $20m during his caddying career?

Just for carrying golf clubs and offering sound course management advice!

But let’s start at the beginning to find out how to become a teen golf caddy? What are your expected duties? How much does the job pay? And what are the career options going forward?

So, let’s take a swing to see where it goes!

how to become a teen golf caddy

The Requirements

Being a teen golf caddy is more than just carrying clubs. You are expected to be responsible for the day-to-day running of the golf course. Your job could entail helping the groundskeeper with certain duties or ensuring that the club pro shop and changing facilities are clean. Greeting guests and just generally helping out in any capacity is expected.

The size and scale of the golf course you work at will have a dramatic effect on the duties you are expected to perform. For instance, some championship standard courses have managers, stewards, and a host of maintenance staff. You’ll be expected to help all of them when needed, especially on important competition days.

But if you work at a smaller family-style golf course, your duties could be simply carrying clubs and keeping the common areas tidy.

Do I Need Golf Experience To Be A Teen Caddy?

If you have experience playing golf or a keen interest in the game, it definitely helps. But it’s not essential. If you are a sponge for knowledge and are willing to learn, any able-bodied teen can become a golf caddy. But the more you know about golf, the quicker you will rise the ranks at the course. And the quicker you will get paying jobs.

For example, the more you know about playing golf, the more your caddying skills will be in demand. Golfers will personally ask for your services if they are confident in your course knowledge or if you have a friendly demeanor. A round of golf can take anywhere from three to five hours, so having the right attitude is essential.

How Much Do Teen Golf Caddy Jobs Pay?

You can expect to get paid approximately $10 to $15 per hour for being a teen golf caddy. Some caddy jobs are paid purely on a commission or tip basis directly from the golfers, while others have set salaries.

If your duties at the club require more than just carrying clubs on the course for a golfer, a set wage is possible. However, it’s mostly based on tips. The major issue with this job is the unpredictability of the daily schedules.

Inconsistent in the beginning…

If you’re working on a busy course, you’ll get work every day. But if you’re working at a quieter course, you might wait around all day and not get a job. And if so, you won’t make any money. It’s more suited to teens looking for an easy-going summer job.

If you do have superior knowledge of golf and the course you work at, you can quickly get a reputation as a reliable caddy. Your services will be in high demand, and you should get a round in every day.

Step-By-Step Guide To Becoming A Teen Golf Caddy

1 Get Parental Permission

Always get permission from your parents beforehand. Because you will be on the course caddying for many hours at a time, make sure your parents know what you’re doing.

2 Learn More About Golf

If you have never played golf before, you’ll need to get up to speed quickly. Go down to the local driving range and try hitting some balls and learn to play the game a bit. Talk to other golfers at the range to gain more info. Learn about the game’s basic rules and what you should and should not do.

Golf etiquette is extremely important to golfers and golf course owners, so go on Wikipedia or watch some YouTube videos on the subject. Don’t turn up at the golf course to caddy if you have little or no idea about the game.

how to become the teen golf caddy

3 Play the Game

Play more golf. If you have already played the game, this is the perfect summer job or potential career path for you. You might want to be able to at least hit the ball decently before you become a caddy, but that’s not essential.

Having some kind of golf skills or interest in the game will help you to get a caddy job. If you’re competing with another potential caddy that doesn’t have your golf knowledge, you’ll get the job.

4 Make a Local Golf Course Shortlist

Visit your local golf course(s) to apply for a position. Use the search term ‘golf course’ on Google Maps to find courses in your local vicinity. Compile a shortlist of all your local golf courses with their email addresses and contact details.

5 Apply for Teen Golf Caddy Jobs

Email all the courses with your application. Always send a cover letter that outlines your interest in caddying and golf in general. A resume is not needed for these types of teen caddy jobs.

How Do I Become A Pro PGA Tour Golf Caddy?

If you are eyeing up teen golf caddy jobs as a vehicle to become a professional caddy for pro golfers, this is the place to start. Going to college won’t help if you want to become a PGA tour caddy.

Being on the course, making relationships with golfers, and caddying for the best local golfers is how you become a pro caddy on a major tour. Pro golf caddies on the PGA Tour can make between $1500 and $3000 per week, and generally get paid 5% on any winnings your golfer makes.

Getting pro-active…

Offer your caddying services at major local amateur tournaments, and if you are decent, you’ll quickly make a name for yourself. Get caddying jobs at championship standard courses, and you will meet pro golfers and other pro caddies who can give you jobs or point you in the right direction.

This is the best way to start on the path to becoming a pro-PGA tour golf caddy, but you’ll need some luck to meet the right people.

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Final Thoughts

A teen caddy job is a great way to make some quick cash in the summer. But if you turn up at your local golf club without any experience or prior golf knowledge, you’ll probably get turned away.

Play the game, do your research on the rules, know golf etiquette like the back of your hand, and have a warm and friendly attitude. No golfer wants to spend four hours on a golf course with a big mouth know-it-all. Be humble, gracious, and polite at all times.

Just remember that you get paid directly with tips. So if you don’t get a round in on the course that day, you probably aren’t getting paid. Apply at your local golf courses now and embark on a fun journey as a teen golf caddy.

Good luck on the course and have fun!

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