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How to Become a Teen Pet Sitter?

how to become a teen pet sitter

Do you love spending time with animals?

If you are looking for a way to make some cash in your spare time, working as a teen pet sitter is a great option. This is one of the few jobs teenagers can do without applying for a work permit.

However, you need to be reliable and responsible to work as a pet sitter. It is essential to make sure that pets are fed on time and cared for in a range of other ways.

So, if you are wondering how to become a teen pet sitter, let’s find out what’s involved…

how to become teenage pet sitter

What A Pet Sitter Does?

Pet sitters usually take care of animals while their owners are at work or on vacation. This is a good job for teenagers because they can work after school and on weekends. This job comes with a range of tasks that have to be completed on a schedule.


Pet owners usually provide the food that their pets eat. It is important to understand how much food each pet needs to eat and their feeding schedule. Pet sitters also need to know if the pet has food allergies and make sure they always have fresh water.

how to become the teenage pet sitter

Cleaning up

If pets are kept in a cage, the cages have to be cleaned out regularly. This can include replacing sawdust and other bedding every couple of days. If caring for cats, pet sitters have to clean out the litter tray every day and replace the kitty litter.


Dogs usually need to be walked every day, especially if they are kept in the home. While owners are on vacation, it may be necessary to walk the dog before going to school. Larger dogs may need to be walked two or three times a day to make sure they get enough exercise.


Pets with long fur need to be groomed regularly. Their fur needs to be thoroughly brushed and combed to remove any knots and burrs. It may also be necessary to bathe dogs every few days.

Administering medicine

Some pets have to take medicine to treat different illnesses. It is essential to know how much medicine they need to take and when it should be given. You need to store the medicine in a safe place out of the reach of pets.


Many pets need regular interaction to keep them stimulated and happy. This could be as simple as throwing a ball or Frisbee in the park. Other pets need a lot of human interaction, such as petting when their owners are away.

The Rate For A Teenage Pet Sitter

The average wage for a teen pet sitter is between $15 and $20 per hour. When working for a new pet owner, make sure that everything you need will be provided. Otherwise, the cost of food and equipment will eat into your salary.

If you need to buy extra food or other items for the pet, make sure you keep the receipts. The pet owner should reimburse you for these items when you get paid. If you decide to buy the pet treats or toys, make sure you have permission from the owner first.

The Benefits Of Pet Sitting

If you love animals, getting paid to spend time with them is a huge benefit. This is also a great way to prove to your parents that you are responsible enough to have your own pet. You will usually be paid an hourly wage and can manage your own schedule to a certain extent. Playing with pets in the fresh air is a great way to get fit and have fun.

The Downsides of Pet Sitting

However, pet sitting can be challenging at times, especially if the pets or clients are unfriendly. It can be difficult to find work, especially when you are getting started. Some clients may have a long list of rules and regulations, which can seem unrealistic. Your pet sitting duties come first, even if your friend is having a party.

How To Become A Teen Pet Sitter?

If you decide to be a pet sitter, you will be self-employed. This means you will be responsible for finding your clients. If you have your sights set on becoming a teen pet sitter, here are some ways to get started.

Get permission from your parents

Make sure your parents are OK with you working as a pet sitter. Although you don’t need a work permit for this job, you need parental consent. You should talk through the pros and cons of the job with your parents to make sure this job is for you.

Do your research

Make sure you understand how different types of pets need to be cared for. As a pet sitter, you could take care of dogs, cats, birds, fish, reptiles, and other types of animals. Do a little research on common pets and the care they need.

Contact your local veterinarian

You need to know where your nearest vet’s office is and how to get there in an emergency. If the pet suddenly becomes sick while you are looking after it, you will have to take it to the vet. Finding out where the vet is in advance will save you a lot of time and trouble in an emergency.

It is best to find pet sitting jobs that are close to home. This saves you the time of having to walk or cycle a long distance to the client’s home. Putting up fliers in your neighborhood is a good way to find clients who live locally. Your nearest vet may also let you put up a flyer on their bulletin board.

Get references

If you are working for someone you don’t know, the pet owners are likely to ask for a reference. This can be difficult to get if this is your first job. Ask your teachers for references that describe your personality and work ethic. Each time you work for a client, ask them for a reference after a few weeks.

Meet The Pet Owners

When a potential client contacts you, take the time to meet them and their pet before agreeing to a job. You need to make sure you can interact well with the pet, and they are not aggressive. It is also important to make sure you understand exactly what the pet owner wants you to do.

Although talking about money can be uncomfortable, you need to find out when and how much you will be paid. If meeting a client in their home for the first time, it is best to take a parent or guardian with you. This is sure to give your parents peace of mind and makes sure the client is a genuine pet owner.

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Final Thoughts

Working as a teen pet sitter is a great job for teens. It is a good way to gain work experience as well as a good hourly wage. Pet sitting involves a certain amount of responsibility, which future employees are sure to appreciate.

However, this job can be tough, especially if you are caring for aggressive or anxious pets. It is a good idea to meet the pets before taking on a new client. Make sure you get along well with the pets and be sure that you understand the feeding times and other tasks.

Good luck with your Pet Sitting business!

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