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How to Become a Teen Uhaul Reservation Sales Agent?

How to Become a Teen Uhaul Reservation Sales Agent

Uhaul reservation sales agents or responsible for customer questions and inquiries.

Customers will call from the US and Canada to rent trucks. This is a sales job just like any other, and you will be expected to have good sales skills and be able to solve problems that may arise.

So, if you’re interested and would like to know How to Become a Teen Uhaul Reservation Sales Agent, then simply keep reading…

how to become a teen uhaul reservation sales agent

Why Should I Apply To Be A Be A Reservation Sales Agent For Uhaul?

This is not the highest paying job out there; however, there are often bonuses stacked onto your base salary. Employees of Uhaul, part-time and full-time, often receive a medical plan of some sort, a 401K, and staff discounts. This position also offers a very flexible schedule.

Most teenagers choose this job because it offers excellent work experience that will come in useful to obtain a better job later.

What If I Don’t Have The Necessary Sales Skills?

If you do not have any skills in customer service or sales, you may want to do some research. Websites such as udemy.com offer short courses on many types of skills.

You can learn sales and customer service skills at affordable and even discounted prices. Some coupon websites will offer further discounts on online learning courses. Alternatively, you can watch YouTube tutorials on how to perform these duties for free.

Write a script and record yourself…

Write yourself a short script on what you think a Uhaul salesperson would have to say and practice It. You can also record yourself and listen to the recording to hear if you sound professional. You can then ask a family member to practice with you by pretending to be a customer.

I Don’t Have Any Sales Experience

If you do not have any work experience to put into your resume, you can always mention any online courses that you have completed. As a bonus, ask a teacher to write you a reference.

Once ready, you can visit the uhaul.com website and navigate to the career section to apply. If you receive a call from them, remember to speak as eloquently as possible as this will showcase your telephone skills.

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Final Thoughts

Remember that Uhaul receives many applications constantly, so do not be discouraged if you don’t land the job on the first try. Keep practicing your skills and apply again in a month or two.

Good luck with your interview and drive safely!

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