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How to Become a Teenage Survey Taker?

How to Become a Teenage Survey Taker

If you’re a teen looking for an easy, convenient, part-time job that lets you work whenever you want, you may find that your options are limited. Most jobs require you to have a lot of education and expertise that you can leverage. However, there’s one job I want to discuss that checks all those boxes, and actually counts being a teenager as a bonus.

I’m talking about taking surveys for a fee. Now, if you think this isn’t really a job, think again. You give up your time to do a little work giving companies the information they need. They pay you. That’s work!

So if you’ve ever wondered how to become a teenage survey taker, now’s your chance to find out.

how to become a teenage survey taker

What Does A Teenage Survey Taker Do?

Plain and simple, you fill out online surveys and get paid for your trouble. Why? Because data is the newest, most valuable commodity currently on the market. Companies large and small want to know how people behave, how people use different products and services, and also how their brand is perceived by consumers.

And guess what?

Teenagers are a huge market that set trends and fashions all businesses want a part of. It’s no surprise, then, that these businesses are willing to pay a lot to get to know what teens want. That’s why they hire survey companies to find out directly from you.

These companies make up targeted surveys and ask teens to fill them out on their websites. In return, they pay either in gift cards that can be used in numerous online stores or in rewards you can select directly. Sounds pretty easy, right?

Pros And Cons Of Being A Teenage Survey Taker

For every job, there are pros and cons, and this one is no exception. Here is a breakdown to help you decide if getting paid to fill out surveys is something you might do to earn a buck.


  • Earn money and either be paid on a weekly or a monthly basis, depending on the survey site.
  • Work as much or as little as you want. You can work whenever you want; there’s absolutely no pressure or responsibility – you just trade your time for money.
  • It’s easy to start, and you can do it from anywhere. All you need is an Internet-ready device like your phone or computer and, of course, an internet connection. Though I would never recommend doing this during class time, you can make a buck in any spare time you have, even between classes at school.


  • You really do just make a buck. Usually, each survey pays you only $1 and can take between 5-10 minutes to fill out (which also depends on your connection speed). Still, if you do an hour of surveys, that can pay you between $6-$12, which isn’t bad for a work-whenever hourly wage.
  • This work can get repetitive, and that can be boring.
  • Your personal data can be scraped or just simply sold. However, you can limit or completely avoid this by scanning surveys and rejecting any that ask for specific personal information you want to protect. You can also keep an email account linked to your survey sites to prevent spam from reaching your other accounts.

How To Get Started?

Like I said in the Pros section, this is an easy job to set up and get started. I’m talking like 5-10 minutes of set-up, and then you can get cracking. Here’s what I would recommend getting you started in this line of work.

1 Get yourself a new email address. There is no doubt that at least one survey you take somewhere will turn around and sell your data, even though every website says this won’t happen. At least with a separate email address, you can protect your other ‘real’ accounts from getting spammed regularly.

2 Check out the big survey sites and decide which ones you are willing to work for. Some pay gift cards, others only in selected rewards. Some will let you cash out weekly, others monthly.

how to become the teenage survey taker

Top Sites for Teenager Survey Takers

1 Choose the site or sites that you like and set up the accounts you need. This takes minutes, and you’ll be into the world of survey-taking in no time.

2 Enter the sites and find the polls and surveys that are recommended for teenagers. Some of these sites will automatically filter surveys for your account according to your age and sometimes your sex as well. Others require you to do a little digging.

Select a survey and go…

And that’s it. Select a survey, fill it out, and collect points that you can redeem for gift cards or prizes at the end of each cycle. As long as you keep visiting the sites once in a while, there’s nothing else to do to keep your account maintained.

Just work as much as you want and if you run out of surveys on one site, flip over to another to see what that site has to offer.

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Final Thoughts

It is that simple. Just because you’re a teen doesn’t mean that you have to work some grind that sees you flipping burgers or mopping bathrooms, or worse.

You can make some money to buy the things you want by easily taking surveys. You can work as much or little as you want with no pressure and no deadlines. So if you want to start earning your own cash, this could be a place to start.

You even take surveys to make a little money here and there when you’re bored. Even if you already have a job. As long as you have free time! So, check it out and see if this job is for you.

All the very best becoming a Teenage Survey Taker!

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