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How to Become a Welder?

A welder is a skilled tradesman that joins pieces of metal together for repairs or to build new products using high heat and expert techniques. Welding takes a lot of practice and training on various pieces of equipment.

An experienced welder’s skill-set will always be in high demand. There are plenty of different fields of work you could explore once you have honed your skills. You could land your dream job of working on automobiles, motorbikes, ships, or aircraft.

There are more career paths for a welder than one might think. That’s why I decided to take an in-depth look at how to become a welder and help you find a job that will suit your ambitions.

how to become a welder

Welding Courses

Research the types of welding training you need to pursue your preferred career path. Once you know what type of welding skills you need, then you can start taking welding courses. Some schools offer welding courses for students to gain some experience.

Welding Certificate

Once you have a high school diploma and have done a welding course, you can enroll in a welding certificate program.

It usually takes from six to twenty-four months to complete your certification, depending on the level of specialty you wish to achieve. Many students even go on to complete a bachelor’s degree in welding.


An apprenticeship is a fantastic way to start gaining experience and developing your skills while learning from more experienced welders. You will learn all the best techniques and specific types of welding in which you could specialize.

how to become the welder

Becoming a Certified Welder

Different welding specialties have their own specific certification. To become a certified welder in the field you have chosen, you first need to pass an exam at an accredited welding facility. This will involve passing a written exam as well as an examination of your welding skills.

Types of Welding

ARC welding

  • Used mainly in construction to weld large pieces of material together.

MIG welding

  • The most common type of welding. It involves fusing stainless steel, mild steel, and aluminum.

TIG welding

  • Uses inert tungsten gas to create a fusion that is of high quality. This type of welding takes a lot of skill and training.

Hyperbaric welding

  • Used when welding underwater. Welders who specialize in this type of welding usually work on ships, pipelines, or oil platforms.

Oxyacetylene welding

  • This type of welding uses acetylene gas and oxygen. It is used for cutting or maintenance of various metals.

How Much Money Do Welders Make?

The average salary for a welder is $44,190 a year or $21.25 an hour. Of course, this also depends on the level of experience and qualification.

A highly qualified welder with experience that undertakes high-tech welding will earn substantially more. Also, welders who do dangerous work, such as underwater welding, will receive higher pay and/or danger pay.

A qualified welder can pretty much find work in any part of the US or the world with relative ease. That is one of the biggest advantages of being a welder.

Additional Skill-sets Needed

  • Good hand-eye coordination.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Physical endurance.
  • Good chemistry and math knowledge.
  • Time management skills.
  • Experience with complex and dangerous tools.
  • Excellent safety habits.
  • Organization and administrative skills.

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Welding is quite a physically demanding job. And welders in the latter stages of their careers may want to consider taking up teaching or becoming welding inspectors.

A welder can make a lot of money, and they generally have very good job security. Although it may not sound like an appealing career, a welder can have quite an adventurous job that allows them to travel and see various parts of the world.

If you would like to have a hands-on job that challenges you physically and puts your skills to the test, then this is an excellent option worth considering.

Good luck, and may you find the right job for you.

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