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How to Cancel a Walmart Order?

how to cancel a walmart order

I’m sure we’ve all done this before, placed an order online at Walmart.com only to realize that it was the wrong item ordered or that you didn’t actually need or want it after all. 

So, what can you do about it?

Well, if you catch it early enough, then yes, you can cancel it in its processing stage. Otherwise, it might prove to be a little tricker.

Let’s look a little closer at how to cancel a Walmart order and find out.

How to Cancel a Walmart Order: The Lowdown

So the good news is, yes, you most certainly can cancel a Walmart order. Simply jump back online and head to your purchase history on your Walmart account to see if the option to request cancellation is available on that particular order.

If the order hasn’t yet been processed and shipped off, this shouldn’t be a problem. However, if the order has already been shipped, then you will simply have to wait for it to arrive at your delivery address and then send it back. You can opt to send it back via mail or return in-store.

But more on that later… 

Steps to Cancel Your Walmart Order

It’s a simple process to do so; just follow these directions.

1 Open your Walmart App or head to Walmart.com – select your account.

2 Scroll through the menu – find “Purchase History.”

3 Click on the order you wish to cancel.

4 At the bottom of this order page, locate the “Request Cancellation” tab.

5 Follow the steps – click “Confirm.”

6 Wait for an email to confirm your order has been canceled.

What if I didn’t Recieve an Email Confirmation?

If you don’t receive an email confirming the cancellation of your order, then you should assume that your order has not been canceled, and it will still be processed and shipped out to you.

You can try to repeat the cancellation process; however, the same issue might arise. Or, if it’s a day or two later that you discover there was no email, then it might be too late. And your order has already shipped.

What if There is No Option to Request a Cancellation?

If you go through these steps only to find that there is no option to cancel your order, then you won’t be able to cancel it there and then. Instead, you will have to wait until the order arrives on your doorstep, and simply return it afterward.

How Can I Return it After it Has Been Sent?

If you have received a Walmart order that you wish to cancel, you have a few different ways to return it. The first is to take your boxed order to your closest Walmart location. Once there, head to the customer services desk to have one of the friendly team members assist you with it.

How Can I Return it After it Has Been Sent

But be aware…

You need to make sure you have begun the returns process in your account when returning it to the store to make it quick and painless. You will need a printout or a screenshot of the barcode for easy processing. And don’t forget to bring a form of ID and the card you made the payment with.

The other options are to return your unwanted package via mail. There are two different options here to choose from. Simply determine which one would work best for you.

Parcel Pickup Services

You can have the unwanted parcel collected from where it was delivered. Make sure the parcel is repackaged with everything in the box and sealed. You will need to print the returns label and have the barcode for the driver when they come to pick it up.

Return by Mail

You will first need to print your returns label and tape it onto the box you are returning. Then head to your closest FedEx or USPS to get it shipped. Make sure you get the receipt from the postage company so that you have proof of postage and can track the item if need be.

Once again, remember, before being able to proceed with any option, you will need to have started the returns process in your account.

How To Start The Returns Process Through My Account?

You can start a return through your Walmart App or head here. Once you’ve done this, you will be sent an email that contains your returns barcode and label. If you return in-store, you just need the barcode. However, if you are shipping the return, then you will need to print out the actual label. If you can’t find the email, then you can print the returns label from your Walmart Account.

How To Start The Returns Process Through My Account

To do this, you’ll need to:

1 Select your account

2 Head to “Purchase History” – click on the order you wish to return.

3 Click on “Order Details” – scroll through and find the “Start a Returns” section.

4 Select this, click on all items you wish to return, plus the reason – choose “Next.”

5 Choose “Refund” – click “Save.”

6 Revise the items you have selected – if you are happy – press “Continue.”

7 Choose how you are returning it – pick up or return via post.

8 Make sure everything is correct – select “Submit.”

9 Print the returns label that appears in the next window. 

Is My Item Valid For Returns?

Walmart is very generous with its returns policy. Most items have a 90 days returns window. However, a few items like electronics and mobile phones have a much smaller window, anywhere from 14 days to 30 days. To see if your unwanted item is able to be returned, you can check out the Walmart Corporate Returns Policy.

How To Locate My Closest Walmart Store?

If you are returning your order to a Walmart store but are unsure of your closest location, the easiest option is to use this Walmart Store Locator Tool. Just fill in your ZIP code and click “Search.” You can also select from a wide range of services you are looking for at a particular store. Anything from a Bakery and Deli to Gas Services, a Pharmacy, Garden Center, Wireless Services, and even a Photo Center.

How To Locate My Closest Walmart Store

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Ok, back to today’s Walmart customer query…

Final Thoughts

Walmart tries to make the cancellation process easy for orders placed that are now unwanted. If you are quick enough and the order is yet to be processed, you can cancel it via your account.

When successful, you will receive an email confirmation of the cancellation, and payment will be returned. However, if unsuccessful, you will see that the order is still open in your order history. In this case, you will have to wait until it has been delivered to then return it. But if you follow the steps in this guide, you should enjoy a smooth returns process.

Good luck!

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