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How to Email a Recruiter?

how to email a recruiter

You just had a job interview; you have really good feelings about it. The atmosphere was relaxed, you went there prepared, and you answered every question with confidence. Everything you said was relevant to the job, and you’ve been able to show your skills and strength without sounding arrogant.

The recruiters looked genuinely impressed and, to keep it short, you now have great expectations.

Tick, tock…

Two weeks have gone by, and you didn’t hear back from them. Should you get in touch with them? And if yes, when and How to Email a Recruiter without sounding too pushy?

If you’re in this situation, you’re in luck. Today I’m going to explain not only if it is appropriate to email a recruiter, but I’ll also provide you with examples that you can use as a guide to writing an effective email.

how to email the recruiter guide

Is It Ok To Email a Recruiter?

Before I answer How to Email a Recruiter, let’s talk about if it’s an acceptable practice.

Before getting in touch with a recruiter, many of us tend to overthink the situation, completely forgetting who a recruiter is and what his job is. Will I sound desperate? Will they be annoyed by my email? What if they reject my application just because I didn’t have the patience to wait for an answer?

Well, I will wait one more week and see what happens…

Does this sound like you?

The reality is that recruiters are human beings, and their job is to find people who are not only a good match for a specific position but are also interested in the job they’re applying for. By sending them an email (1 email, not 25 in two days), you’re doing nothing more than showing your determination.

Moreover, you’re proving that you didn’t send random job applications for any position you could find on the internet. Instead, you really want that job, and you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get it.

Does it sound like something that we should be shy of?

As far as I’m concerned, determination and persistence are good qualities that will never affect a job application negatively; if anything, it will be the opposite.

Picture this…

Suppose the final decision comes down to you and another candidate, and that’s the reason why you haven’t heard anything back yet?

Let’s say the other person has more experience than you, but during the interview, the recruiters got the impression that his motivation wasn’t as strong as they would expect from a top candidate. However, his CV is impressive, and this gives him a slight edge.

how to email a recruiter tip

In contrast…

Your interview went great, and your lack of experience was balanced with your education profile and your soft skills. And now, they receive your email that confirms how strong your motivation is.

All of a sudden, the advantage of the other candidate disappears, and in a few hours, you’ll receive a call to inform you that you’ve been selected.

Was it worth it to send them an email?

Indeed, yes.

When You Might Want To Email a Recruiter?

Following up after a job interview is not the only occasion where you could email a recruiter.

Let’s find out which reasons are the most common…

Email Before You Apply For a Job

When you find a job posting that you would like to apply for but need some clarification to customize your cover letter, this is an excellent opportunity to email a recruiter.

For example, if the description of the job doesn’t contain a requirements list, or if at any point it is unclear, you might want additional information.

Why is it a good idea to email?

Because you show that before applying for the position, you want to be sure what it is about. By doing so, you might discover that you’re not qualified for the job or that you’re not interested in it. Therefore, you’ll end up saving time for your recruiter, who will not have to process your application, and for you.

These are a few things worth keeping in mind when you email a recruiter in this situation.

  • This is not a job application. Do not send your CV, and do not talk about your work experience or education.
  • Stick to the exact reason why you’re writing. Mention your skills or qualities only if they’re strictly relevant to the question.
  • Try to find the recruiter’s name so you can address your email correctly.
  • Keep it short and direct.

Here’s an example…

Email Sample 1

Subject: Customer Service Representative – Language Requirements

“Dear Mr. Jackson,

My name is Tom Collins, and I’m writing to you with regards to the Customer Service Representative position advertised on the Searchforjobs website.

I’ve read on the requirements list that knowledge of French is necessary to apply, but I would like to get some clarification about the required level. Is an advanced mid-level (B2 on the CEFR scale) in both speaking and listening enough to be considered for the role?

Thanks in advance and I’m looking forward to hearing from you soon.


Tom Collins”

Job Application for an Advertised Position

This is by far the most common scenario where you will have to email a recruiter.

You saw a job listing, and you decided to apply for the position.

What do you need now?

Nothing more than an updated CV and a customized cover letter.

While sending an email is not the only way to apply for a job, this is much more common than any other possibility, and therefore, I had to include it in this list.

Here are the essentials to know:

  • Keep it short! A cover letter shouldn’t be longer than 500 words or one page.
  • Use the full name of the recruiter.
  • Everything you say has to be relevant to the job and shouldn’t reiterate what they can already read on your CV.
  • Keep it professional.

Email Sample 2

Subject: Restaurant Manager Position – Tom Collins Cover Letter

“Dear Mr. Jackson,

I’m writing to you in response to the job posting on Searchforjobs.com, advertising the Restaurant Manager Position available at […].

After spending the last two years as assistant manager at […], I’m now looking for an opportunity to advance my career.

My extensive experience in the restaurant industry has allowed me to develop a broad set of skills that I consider crucial for the position, such as…[list some of your skills that exactly match the job requirements].

During my years at […], I already proved to be an enthusiastic, efficient, and valuable leader anytime that the restaurant manager was off duty.

I would be thrilled to further discuss with you how my skills and experience make me an ideal fit for this position.

Please find my resume/CV attached for your review.

I appreciate your consideration, and I very much look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards

Tom Collins”

how to email recruiter guide

Cold Email Job Application

Let’s now take a look at a case of wanting to apply to a company that you’d love to work for, but unfortunately, they’re not running any recruitment campaigns at the moment.

The main goal of this email would be to introduce yourself, verify if your profile might be interesting for the company, and ask to be considered for a suitable position when it eventually becomes available.

How to write an effective cold email cover letter?

Research the company extensively. Find out what their values are and what they are looking for when they search for new employers. Take a look at old job postings to verify that your skills and qualities match their requirements.

Make clear why you’re interested in working for that company and how your skills would be beneficial for them. Since they are not looking for any specific rule at the moment, it’s crucial to focus more on why you would be an added value for the company. If your profile is exceptional, they might decide to open a position for you and call you for an interview.

Don’t forget…

Attach your CV so that the recruiters will keep it on file for when the right opportunity comes up.

Don’t talk about your personal life. Be professional and, as usual, keep it short. You can also give the company a call to find the name of somebody on the recruitment team to address your email to.

Email Sample 3

Subject line: Tom Collins – Senior Account Manager

“Dear Mr. Jackson,

I’m writing to you to express my interest in a Senior Account Manager position at [name of the company]. I’ve been following your work for a few years, and I’ve always admired the…[explain why you would love to work there].

I strongly believe that the skills that I’ve developed after working for five years at […] would make me a highly valuable addition to your company because… [outline why you’re a good fit for their company and that position].

I hope to have the opportunity to further discuss with you the possibility of becoming part of your amazing organization.

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Best regards

Tom Collins”

Follow Up on a Job Application

Did you send a job application, and you’re anxiously waiting for a response?

If you’re considering emailing the recruiters, there is no reason not to do so. An effective email could actually encourage them to give a closer look at your application and increase your chances of getting an interview. But, in this case, the timing is essential. Some people suggest waiting one week; some others suggest two weeks. The reality is that there isn’t a specific rule.

However, if the recruitment campaign has a closing date, my recommendation is to wait at least until that day. Even better, give the recruiters a few days after the deadline to allow them the time to go through all the applications.

How should you write a follow-up email?

First, confirm your interest in the position. Then, briefly point out the main reason why you would be a good fit for the role. Don’t list all your skills and qualities, but consider this an opportunity to reiterate only your greatest strengths. If they want to know more, they’ll go back to your cover letter.

Be polite and make sure you don’t sound annoyed for not having received a reply yet.

how to email the recruiter

Email Sample 4

Subject line: Tom Collins – Wind Farm Site Manager

“Dear Mr. Jackson,

On December 3rd [year], I submitted my CV and a cover letter to apply for the Wind Farm Site Manager position advertised on Searchforjobs.com.

It is my understanding that the closing date to apply for the position was one week ago, and I would like to reiterate my interest in being part of this outstanding project.

I believe that my successful five years’ experience as a wind farm site manager at […] makes me the ideal candidate for the role, and I’m looking forward to having the opportunity to further discuss my qualifications with you.

I remain available in case you need any additional information.

Thank you for your consideration.


Tom Collins”

Is There Any Other Case When You Could Email a Recruiter?

There are several other situations where it’s appropriate to write to a recruiter. Plus, even if any email should be tailored to its specific purpose, the following 5 golden rules should always be kept in mind.

  • Write only when you have a precise question or if you need clarification.
  • Go straight to the point without adding any unnecessary detail.
  • Remember to use a formal style.
  • Never email a recruiter to complain about a rejection.
  • Lastly, as we already mentioned several times, keep it short and sweet.

Post Interview Limbo?

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Back to today’s topic…

Final Thoughts

If you’re about to email a recruiter and you’re not sure whether it is a good idea or not, ask yourself if what you’re going to say would somehow annoy you. If your answer is no, then the chances are that the recruiter will not have any reason to see your email as a hassle.

Today I’ve gone through How to Email a Recruiter and when you’re most likely going to do it. In any emailing situation, just remember to apply the 5 golden rules, and you will surely get the information that you’re looking for.

Happy emailing!

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