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How to Get a Work Permit in Hawaii?

how to get a work permit in hawaii

Are you looking for your very first job but not sure where to start?

Don’t worry; everyone goes through it; it can be exciting but terrifying at the same time! You will first need to know the regulations that come with working as a minor. If you’re aged 14-17 and seeking employment in Hawaii, then you must first obtain a work permit. As a minor, you must prepare some documents for your employer before you get hired in your job.

Follow these guidelines about how to get a work permit in Hawaii, and you’ll easily be on your way to employment.

how to get a work permit in hawaii

How Old Do You Need To Be To Work In Hawaii?

If you’re a minor in Hawaii, the minimum age that you’ll be able to work is 14. Due to Federal state law, no minor under this age can legally work. This is due to concerns that employment may interfere with school life or a child’s personal development. For further information, check out the Child Labour laws in Hawaii.

To be employed in Hawaii, teens aged between 14-15 must present a ‘Certificate of Employment’ before getting hired. If you’re a teen that is 16-17 years old, then you must present a ‘Certificate of Age.’ Although once you reach 18 years old, you’ll no longer be required to present a work permit.

But until then… if you’re a minor, you’ll have to follow the usual process to get a work permit. Here’s how…

Where To Get A Work Permit In Hawaii?

You can choose to visit the Child Labour Office and get a form to complete in person. Although, applying online is the most convenient option.

You can find the ‘Work Certificate’ for minors aged 14-15 here. As well as the ‘Certificate of Age’ form for minors aged 16-17 here. Once the forms are completed, then you can move to the other steps.

The Application Process

Applying for your Hawaii work permit as a minor is a simple process. If you’re just starting with your first application, then it can seem confusing at first. But if you follow these straightforward instructions, then you’ll be done in no time. Here’s what to know…

Make sure you have completed the correct document for your age before proceeding. Both forms for ‘Certificate of Employment’ and the ‘Certificate of Age’ can be found online at the Hawaiian Child Labour website. Although, depending on which certificate you’re applying for, the process can be slightly different.

Filling out the forms…

Minors aged 16-17 seeking the ’Certificate of Age’ must include their details. Their name, age, address, and last four digits of their social security number. Once these details are submitted, then the minor must present this form to the employer with proof of age once the work contract begins.

Minors aged 14-15 seeking a ‘Certificate of Employment’ only need to complete the ‘Minors information’ section of this form. The details required are the name, age, mailing address, email address. As well as the last four digits of your national insurance number.

Parents’ consent is also needed…

The second half of the ‘Certificate of Employment’ form is for the employer to complete. They must fill out all the relevant information related to their company and provide details of the minor’s job requirements.

After the employer has completed these two sections, then the minor’s legal guardian or parent must also sign this form to give consent that the minor can work.

Getting authorization…

The Minor must take the completed form, proof of age, to the ‘Child Labour Office’ where they will issue the Minor with a document that is known as a ‘Temporary Authorisation’ slip which has to be authorized before you can start work.

The employer will then be sent the ‘Certificate of Employment’ that has been authorized by the Labour Office. The Minor can then start working but must also apply for a ‘Certificate of Age’ once the minor turns 17 years old.

how to get work permit in the hawaii

The Job Restrictions

Local state laws restrict the number of hours a minor can work and also limit the types of occupations they can have. It’s best to read up on the work state restrictions for minors in Hawaii before applying for jobs.

If you’d like to search for teen jobs in Hawaii, or you’d like to explore the latest summer opportunities, visit this website.

How many hours can minors aged 14-15 work per week?

If you’re aged 14-15, then you’ll not be able to work for more than three hours a day during the school week or 18 hours per week. Minors cannot exceed eight hours a day on a non-school day such as weekends or during the summer holidays or exceed 40 hours per week.

What times can minors aged 14-15 work?

Minors in Hawaii are also restricted with hourly limits per working shift. During school days, minors can only work from 7:00 am until 7:00 pm, but during non-school days the hourly restrictions change to 6:00 am until 9:00 pm.

how to get the work permit in the hawaii

What times can minors aged 16-17 work?

Minors aged 16-17 are subject to no hourly restrictions. They have the option to freely discuss a working schedule with their employer. Minors can work for any amount except during school days. This remains the only factor to consider when providing regular shift work patterns.

Labour Law requirements For Employees In Hawaii

Employers have to follow strict work regulations. This ensure minors do not work too often in the week or for too long per shift. For minors aged 14-15, their employers must ensure they do not exceed working more than six days in a row. They have to have a 30-minute break or meal during this time.

For minors aged 16-17, the employer must verify and record information related to their ‘Certificate of Age’ and return these documents to the minor. It’s suggested to read up on the work laws that employers are subject to before getting hired to make sure you’re familiar with the rules.

What is the minimum wage for minors aged 14-17?

For minors aged 14-17, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) prohibits any employer from paying less than $4.25 per hour for a limited period of 90 days after they first start their job. As a minor, there are many worker protections to know about, and you can read the information about your rights as a minor here.

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Final Thoughts

Before applying for your first job in Hawaii, read the latest information provided by the Hawaiin Child Labour Office. Remember to complete the correct application as a minor because the required documents differ depending on your age range.

If you are still unsure about obtaining a Hawaii work permit or have any personal queries, you can email the Wage Standards Division at dlir.wages@hawaii.gov or call them on (808) 586-8777 to speak with an adviser.

Good luck and welcome to the working world!

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