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How to Get a Work Permit in Louisiana?

how to get a work permit in louisiana

Are you trying to get hired in Louisiana but have no work permit?

Well, here’s what you need to know…

Have you found a job that you would like to apply to? Is the employer interested in hiring you? Then start preparing and follow these easy steps, and you’ll be working in no time.

To be employed in Louisiana, you must be aged 14 years or older. You will need to meet this age requirement to work in certain jobs as a minor. But first, you will need to prepare a work certificate for your employer.

So, if you are applying for your first job as a minor and you’re not sure how to get a work permit, then I will help you with the process of How to Get a Work Permit in Louisiana.

how to get a work permit in louisiana

How Old Do You Need to be to Work in Louisiana?

If you are looking for any type of work as a minor in Louisiana, then you must be 14 years old. Although, there are state laws that limit the number of hours you can work as well as the types of jobs that minors can do. If you want to learn more about work restrictions as a minor, you can check the Louisiana child labor laws before applying for roles.

What do teens need to work as a teenager in Louisiana?

It is an essential requirement for teens aged 14-17 in Louisiana to apply for a work permit to provide to their employer. Once you have found a suitable job and an employer of interest, it’s best to apply straight away for a work certificate. But it’s important to follow the right process and consider the child labor laws when applying for work as a teen in Louisiana. More on this later…

Where to Get a Work Permit in Louisiana?

Minors can get a work permit application from your local education office. Certificates are usually handled by local school superintendents, and once you have the document, it must be given to the employer to check before you’re hired. Minors can also apply online for an employment certificate; visit the Louisiana Workforce Commission page for more information.

How to Apply for a Work Permit as a Minor in Louisiana?

Here are three easy steps to follow when applying for your work permit. More information about the application process can be found here.

1 If you are aged 14-17, you must complete an application to the ‘Employ Minors Form,’ which can be found here. Give this form to your employer to complete it. The document includes information related to the type of job, the working hours, and the wage amount. You must also give this form to your legal guardian/parent to sign.

2 After both parties have signed the completed it, take the form along with ID/proof of age to your school board office. Tell the school representative that you want to apply for an employment certificate, and they will start the process.

3 The time it takes to process your work certificates differs according to your school and the yearly period. Please ask your school in advance for information on when to expect your completed certificate. After the process is finished, you must bring the original employment certificate to your new employer.

how to get work permit in the louisiana

How to Get a Work Permit in Louisiana During the Summer Holidays?

Do teens need a work permit to work over the summer holidays?

Yes, it does not matter if you are only working part-time or temporarily over the summer vacation. All minors must have a work permit for any type of job in Louisiana. If you are trying to get a job during the summer break or would like to know alternative ways to apply for a work permit, then here’s what you should know…

Schools are usually closed during the summer break, and this can make the process slightly different. Instead, teens can apply online for a ‘Minor Employment Certificate’ here. Then, visit the school board office to confirm your application with proof of your age. The local superintendent’s office will submit your request and issue the work certificate to you.

What Types of Work Can Minors Have in Louisana?

As a minor, the type of job you can choose from is limited, and certain occupations are not allowed. Make sure you read up on state laws before applying for local roles as a teen. More information on labor laws for minors can be found by visiting Child Labor Laws Louisiana.

Can minors work unlimited hours?

No, if you’re aged 14-16 and looking for work in Louisiana, your employer has legal responsibilities which restrict how many hours in the day minors can work. Employers also have to give shorter and earlier shift patterns to minors. More on this later…

Can minors under the age of 14 work legally in Louisiana?

No, the state labor law prohibits any teen under the age of 14 to work because of concerns about the mental, physical, and emotional development of a minor. The main argument is that younger children should be more focused on education and their school life.

How many hours can teens aged 14-15 work in Louisiana?

State labor laws limit the daily and weekly working hours of minors aged 14-15. The hourly restrictions are limited to just three hours on school nights and eight hours on the weekend. This means the maximum weekly hours during school is limited to 18 hours. Shifts must also be finished by 7:00 pm, although during the summer period they can finish as late as 9:00 pm.

how to get work permit in the louisiana

How many hours can teens aged 16-17 work in Louisiana?

For teens aged between 16-17, there is no restriction on the number of hours that they can work. Though, all employers must ensure to give a 30-minute break every five hours.

Which jobs are restricted as a minor in Louisiana?

Louisiana state law restricts teens under the age of 17 from working in certain occupations. Particularly, jobs that involve safety concerns or tasks that could impact physical health are considered. Restricted occupations include working with cleaning products, mechanics, machinery, construction, manufacturing, cooking, and repairs.

Are all employers subject to child labor laws in Louisiana?

Yes, all employers have to follow strict child labor laws in Louisiana. Although some exceptions make it possible for some minors to have certain occupations, there are still restrictions in place. Here are some…

A licensed 17-year-old can be employed to drive vehicles but only during the day. Or minors over the age of 15 can work in a shop selling alcohol, although they cannot handle any products containing alcohol. As a minor seeking work, it can be confusing to understand the rules and policies of state law, so be sure to contact the Louisianan Department for information.

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The Important Points

If you’re a minor aged between 14-17 and found a job of interest, speak with your employer and make sure to apply for a work permit in good time. Minors can apply online or visit their local education office to start the process. The earlier, the better!

It’s important to follow the guidelines provided and contact your local state department if you require further information.

The best of luck with your job search and Louisiana work permit application!

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