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How to Get a Work Permit in Maryland?

how to get a work permit in maryland

Are you ready to go out and get your first job?

Many teenagers take on a part-time job at some point to make a little extra money. It will also teach you skills that can be really useful after you graduate. However, the chances are you’re going to need to get a work permit before you start work. Luckily, this is a pretty quick and easy process once you know how.

If you are wondering how to get a work permit in Maryland, then it’s time to find out.

how to get a work permit in maryland

How Old Do You Have To Be To Work In Maryland?

If you are under fourteen years old, you cannot usually work for an employer. There are a few exceptions, like working as a model, an entertainer, or a performer. If you want to do any of these jobs, you need to get a special permit. A parent or guardian needs to sign the permit and usually has to be with you when you are working.

Once you turn fourteen, you are allowed to do a wide range of other jobs. However, you need to apply for a Maryland work permit. The work permit states the hours and times you can work and is usually needed until you turn eighteen.

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how to get work permit in maryland

The Steps To Take

You need to get a job offer before you apply for a work permit. You can then get a Maryland work permit application from your school. The other option is applying for a Maryland work permit online at the Maryland Department of Labor’s Employment of Minors page.

After you sign your work permit, both your employer and your parent or guardian also need to. Take your permit along with your proof of age, such as a passport to your school for signing.

Job Change = New Work Permit

You have to complete the Minor’s Personal Information section of the work permit. Fill in your name, date of birth, address, and phone number. Also, fill in the section with your employer’s details. Once this is done, you can start work.

If you change jobs for any reason, you need to apply for a new work permit. Your work permit expires after a year, and you will need a new one to keep working.

Times When You Don’t Need A Work Permit In Maryland

There are certain jobs that you don’t need a work permit for. You can set up your own business to promote things that you make, such as crafts, photos, and videos. Here are some other things you can do to earn money without a work permit:

  • Delivering newspapers and fliers
  • Farm work like feeding animals
  • Housework like vacuuming and dusting
  • Working for a family business such as a restaurant
  • Caddying on a golf course
  • Sailboat instructor
  • Youth camp counselor

Work Restrictions On Teenagers In Maryland

Even when you’ve got a work permit, there are still restrictions on how and when you can work. Your new employer should be aware of these restrictions and stick to them. If they try to make you work at other times, you need to remind them of these.

14 and 15-Year-Olds

You can work up to four hours on a school day or eight hours on a non-school day. In total, you can work up to 23 hours a week during school time and 40 hours a week during the school holidays.

You are only allowed to work between 7:00 am and 8:00 pm. After working for five hours, your employer needs to give you a break of at least thirty minutes. This gives you enough time to eat a meal and relax. However, your employer does not have to pay you for this break.

16 and 17-Year-Olds

You can spend up to twelve combined hours working and in school each day. Therefore, the number of hours you can work on any day depends on your studies. On weekends and during school holidays you can work up to twelve hours a day.

The law also states that they have to rest for at least eight consecutive hours between work and school. You also have to be given a thirty minute break after working for five hours in a row.

how to get the work permit in the maryland

Employer Work Permit Responsibility In Maryland

After your employer has signed your work permit, they have to keep it on file. It needs to remain in the place you will be working at all times. If your employer cannot produce your work permit when asked, they can get a high fine.

Your employer is responsible for making sure all child labor laws are followed. They have to keep your work permit on file for at least three years. They have to schedule breaks at the correct times and make sure you take your breaks.

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Final Thoughts

Starting a job can be a lot of fun, and it is a great way to learn new skills. However, it is important to understand your rights and restrictions before you start work.

Make sure your employer gives you a contract, and you read it carefully before signing. Your contract should clearly state how much you will earn, when you are expected to work, and when you get paid. Other details like your main duties should also be clear.

Read through the contract with your parent or guardian and only sign it if everything seems correct.

All the very best getting your Maryland Work Permit!

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