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How to Get a Work Permit in Nevada?

how to get a work permit in nevada

Are you a teenager living in Nevada?

Want to earn a bit of extra cash?

Then it’s time for you to find a job!

Hold up, though; it’s not quite as easy as just filling in an application. Some states have a few hoops for minors to jump through before they can start work. Most locations in America require a work permit.

Applying for one isn’t a difficult process, but there are a couple of things to think about. After all, you want everything to be legal and above board, don’t you?

So, I’ve decided to take an in-depth look at exactly how to get a work permit in Nevada.

how to get a work permit in nevada

How Old Do You Have to be to Work in Nevada?

Nevada is a pretty great place to look for a job. Thanks to the booming tourist industry, there’s always plenty of employment available in the field of hospitality. And many of these jobs don’t require previous experience, which makes them an ideal place to enter the world of work.

So, what’s the minimum age?

As a general rule, 14 is the youngest a person can be if they want to work in Nevada. There are a few restrictions on what they can do, though. They are also limits on how many hours they can legally work.

That’s because of a little thing called The Fair Labor Standards Act (or FLSA). This makes sure that minors aren’t being overworked or underpaid. It keeps employers on the straight and narrow, so people under the age of 21 get fair working conditions.

Want to know more?

The department of labor can help you. Their website has plenty of information on the FLSA. You’ll find everything you’ve ever wanted to know about how this act works to protect you.

What Restrictions are There on Minors in Nevada?

Well, that depends on their age. Different rules apply depending on how old the person is. The older you get, the fewer laws there are to abide by.

14-15 years old?

You can work a maximum of 18 hours a week during the school semester. You are also limited to working 3 hours per day. Those hours must be between 7:00 AM and 7:00 PM, as growing teenagers need to get enough rest.

If you’re 16-17 years of age, then you have a bit more freedom. There are still restrictions on which jobs you can do, though. You can’t take on anything risky that could cause injury, or that could potentially damage your emotional well-being.

What about 18-year-olds?

Good news! The only real restriction here is that you can’t serve alcohol. You can, however, work in a place where it is sold, but someone else must hand it to the customer.

Can Anyone Under the Age of 14 Work in Nevada?

Yes, they can. But the rules surrounding this are very strict. And that’s where the Nevada work permit comes in.

Teenagers aged 14 or above only need verbal permission from their parents to be employed. If you’re 13 or younger, though, you have to get approval from the state first. You need to apply for permission from the court.

Where do I apply for a work permit?

If you’re under 14 years old, then your parent or guardian needs to apply for the Nevada work permit on your behalf. They can do this by visiting their local Family Courts and Services Center. All the necessary paperwork can be found there.

This includes an application for permission to work, which should describe in full the duties the child will be performing. There will also be a form to petition the court for a work permit. Once all that has been filed, a judge will sign off on it, and the work permit will be issued.

That all sounds simple. Is it?

Those papers must be filled out correctly and filed before the child starts work. But once that’s done, the process is pretty straightforward, and you’ll soon be raking in the dough!

Jobs for Minors in Nevada

As I mentioned earlier, there are restrictions on which jobs under-18s can do in Nevada. Some occupations are too dangerous for children and teenagers, so you won’t be allowed to do them. However, some employers can be unscrupulous, so it’s worth checking which jobs you’re legally allowed to perform before agreeing to do it.

Banned jobs include…

Anything that involves working with poisonous chemicals, for a start. That includes making paints or anything involving lead. It also includes working with tobacco and involvement in brewing or distilling alcohol.

Teenagers also can’t work with heavy machinery. You’re not allowed to operate forklift trucks or any kind of mining or smelting equipment. I’d recommend you look for a less hazardous job in a café or restaurant instead!

Want to know more?

You can find plenty of information on the restrictions right by visiting this website. It has a complete list of every rule about the employment of minors. It may take a little digging to find exactly what you need to know, but all the information is right there.

how to get the work permit in the nevada

How Much Can a Minor Earn in Nevada?

As you probably know, the minimum wage varies by state. Some use the federal minimum of $7.25 for all non-tipped employees. Others set their own rate, which is usually higher than the federal wage.

It’s different for minors, though. Businesses are legally allowed to pay them less than the going rate in their area. The minimum for under 20s is, unfortunately, just $4.25 an hour.

That’s so low!

Don’t worry, though! That doesn’t mean your new boss will necessarily pay you such a tiny salary! If you find a job somewhere like McDonald’s, then you’re far more likely to receive around $10 per hour.

If you’re not sure about the minimum wage in your state, then this section of the Department of Labor website can lend a hand. You can search by state to find the minimum wage all over the United States. It can even tell you how much wages have risen (or not!) over time.

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Getting a job when you’re underage isn’t always easy. Some employers can try to take advantage of your lack of experience, and others might try to pay you less than their older employees. It’s important to discuss it with a parent or guardian before agreeing to take on a role, even if you’re old enough to not need a Nevada work permit.

But starting work at a young age can be an awesome thing. You’ll learn valuable life lessons that will help you in the future, and being a young self-starter is sure to look good on your resume. Plus, it’s always great to have a little extra cash on hand!

So, happy job-hunting, folks!

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