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How to Get a Work Permit in New York?

Are you planning to apply for a job after school or on the weekend?

Getting a job while you are still in school is a great way to gain independence. In addition to giving you some extra spending money, you can also learn valuable skills and gain work experience.

However, you need to apply for a work permit before you can do most types of jobs. Fortunately, getting a work permit is a fairly quick and easy process once you know how.

So, let’s take an in-depth look at exactly how to get a work permit in New York.

how to get a work permit in new york

The Types of Working Papers

If you are aged between fourteen and seventeen, you need to apply for an employment certificate before starting work. This rule applies to high school graduates, minors who work for their parents, and minors who do industrial work. The employment certificate is more commonly known as working papers, and there are three main types.

Student Non-Factory Employment Certificate

This blue paper is also known as an AT-18 and is issued to fourteen and fifteen year olds. It allows teenagers to work certain hours after school and during the school holidays. The certificate lists the types of employment that are not permitted.

Employment restrictions include:

  • Construction and factory work
  • Help on a motor vehicle
  • Operate machinery
  • Clean, oil, wipe, or adjust machinery belts

how to get work permit in new york

Student General Employment Certificate

This green paper is also known as an AT-19 and is available to people aged sixteen and seventeen. You will need to apply for this certificate if you are still attending school. While this certificate allows you to work in a factory, there are still certain restrictions.

The AT-19 states that you cannot:

  • Do construction work
  • Help on a motor vehicle
  • Work around certain machines
  • Operate certain types of machinery
  • Clean, oil, wipe, or adjust machinery belts

Full-Time Employment Certificate (AT-20)

This peach colored paper is issued to sixteen and seventeen year olds who want to leave school for employment. You are permitted to work full-time if you have obtained this certificate. You are permitted to work in a factory and do a wide range of other types of work.

AT-20 restrictions:

  • Construction work
  • Operating certain types of machinery
  • Cleaning, oiling, wiping, or adjusting machinery belts
  • Helping on a motor vehicle

What You Need to Apply?

The first step to getting your work permit is to go and see your doctor to do an exam stating that you are physically fit for work. You can get this from your family doctor or a physical given during a school sports fitness test.

You also need to show proof of age. This can be in the form of your birth certificate, driver’s license, passport, or a state-issued photo ID.

Getting Your Working Papers

Once you have collected the necessary papers, you can get a working papers application form from your school guidance counselor. If you have already left school, the school closest to where you live will give you the application form. The office should be open part-time during the school holidays so you can pick up the form.

You need to carefully complete the application form and get it signed by a parent or guardian. It will then need to be signed by an official in the school guidance office. You must then give the work permit to your employer, who will need to keep it at the place you work.

how to get work permit in the new york

Working on a Farm

To work on a farm picking fruit, berries, and vegetables, you will need to get a Farm Work Permit and written permission from a parent or guardian. You are allowed to work for a maximum of four hours a day, even when school is not in session.

Working as a Newspaper Carrier

You can work as a newspaper carrier as soon as you turn eleven years old. You need to obtain a Newspaper Carrier Permit before you can start work. There are also limits on the times and number of hours you can work.

You can work from 05:00 to 19:00 all year round. However, when school is in session, you can work a maximum of four hours a day. On weekends and during school holidays, you can work up to five hours a day as a newspaper carrier.

Working for a Family Business

If your family owns their own business, you don’t need to apply for a New York work permit to work there. Aside from attending school, there are no real restrictions on when and how many hours you can work. However, if you are under the age of fifteen, a guardian should supervise your work at all times.

There are several different types of family businesses that you could work for. These include convenience stores, restaurants, and offices. It is up to your parent or guardian to determine if the work is suitable. If you injure yourself while at work, your parent or guardian will be responsible.

how to get the work permit in new york

Changes in Job and Age Group

You need to make sure that you have the right working paper for your age group. If you already have blue working papers, you will need to trade them in for green ones when you turn sixteen. You can get new working papers from your school counselor.

You have to give your employer the original working papers rather than photocopies when you start work. Your employer must return the working papers to you when you stop working for them. You can then give these working papers to your new employer if you are still in the same age group.

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Final Thoughts

If you are having trouble finding work, the New York Youth Jobs Program could help by providing the skills that will make it easier to get employed. Participants complete hands-on training during the program and gain certification at the end of it.

You can apply to join if you are a New Yorker and aged between sixteen and twenty-four. If you are sixteen or seventeen, you need to be on track to earn your high school diploma. You will also need to show proof of age and obtain permission to attend from a parent or guardian.

All the very best with getting your New York Work Permit.

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