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How to Get a Work Permit in Virginia / Teen Labor (2023)

how to get a work permit in virginia

In terms of how it is presented, Virginia’s regulations are laid out differently from other states. Rather than a single legislative act about the employment of minors, it runs under an administrative code in general.

The specific rules of employment fall under “Title 16: Labor and Employment” of the administrative code. Under Title 16, there are sub-sections with information on the employment commission, safety and health codes, worker’s compensation, etc.

Within these subs-sections, rules and regulations about minors are discussed. And yes, as with other states, you will need a work permit if you are under a certain age, but I will cover that in more depth later.

S, let’s look at the rules regarding the employment of minors and How to Get a Work Permit in Virginia.

Hazardous Occupations

Hazardous Occupations

No person under the age of 18 will be permitted to be employed in any hazardous occupation. Hazardous jobs include but are not limited to:

  • Manufacturing, storage, handling of, or exposure to explosives, radioactive substances, alcohol, any hazardous materials, and chemicals.
  • Operating: heavy machinery, motor vehicles, power tools used in construction or woodwork, appliances that heat up, such as ovens at a bakery.
  • Occupations in logging, sawmilling, mining, slaughtering, meat-processing, demolition, shipbreaking, roofing, excavation, or firefighting.
  • Pornography and or any other work that requires nudity, sexual acts, or sadomasochistic abuse.

The Exemptions

For some hazardous occupations, apprentices and student learners may be exempt from age restrictions if they have the proper certification in place. Those who are aged 16 and 17 must complete a level one National Fire Protection Association 1001 certification process to be allowed to partake in any firefighting duties under a paid or volunteer-based firefighting company.

Jobs For Minors Aged 15 – 17 Years Old

Jobs For Minors Aged 15 – 17 Years Old

  • Artistic professions.
  • Retail work including cashier work, sales, price marking, stock take, assembling orders, packing shelves, bagging, and carrying orders.
  • Clerical work in offices.
  • Deliveries, errands, and messenger work on foot, bicycle, or public transportation.
  • Janitorial cleaning and maintenance work without using hazardous machinery.
  • Kitchen work with full use of all appliances except ovens that may be a burn hazard.
  • Working with food in packaging, weighing, pricing, and stocking, with the exception of meat.
  • Gas station positions such as dispensing fuel and oil, and cleaning vehicles.

Jobs For Children Under The Age Of 14 Years Old:

Jobs For Children Under The Age Of 14 Years Old:

  • Delivery of parcels or messages (on foot or bicycle).
  • Work as a caddy.
  • Paper routes/sales.
  • Private home domestic duties.
  • Farm, garden, or orchard work.
  • Employed by parents in any non-hazardous position.

The Hours Permitted

As with most other states, working hours are limited. The hours for minors under 16 are as follows:

  • No more than 18 hours during a school week and no more than 40 hours a week during holidays.
  • During the school week, no more than three hours a day or eight hours a day during holidays.
  • No work before 07:00 am or after 07:00 pm, except for Labor Day, which allows minors to work until 09:00 pm.
  • You are entitled to an uninterrupted break lasting at least 30 minutes after every five hours of work.

What about the Agricultural Industry?

What about the Agricultural Industry?

In the agriculture industry, it gets a bit tricky. Minors younger than 16 may not work on farms during any school hours, unless they work for their own parents or someone standing in for their parents, that owns the farm, garden, or orchard.

In this case, many children are homeschooled or have more flexible schooling hours. Minors who work for their own parents are also exempt from any restrictions on their working hours, but they are entitled to a 30-minute break every five hours.

How To Get A Work Permit In Virginia

How To Get A Work Permit In Virginia

In Virginia, only minors aged 14-15 will need work permits. Jobs for minors under the age of 14 will not need a permit, as they are usually informal and untaxed.

Work permits are issued by completing a three-part registration process electronically via this website. It is quite simple, as you just fill out the electronic form of your designated section and click “submit.”

A parent or guardian is needed…

A parent or guardian is needed...

You will get a “unique identifier code” once you have completed the first section that you need to give to your parent or guardian and your employer. You have to use that code to enter the sections of the registration to be tied to your application.

Please note that you are not allowed to “start” the application without a promise of employment. You complete the first section, your employer completes the second section, and your parent or guardian completes the third section for submission.

Can be done in a day…

It is important to note that only the employer is authorized to submit the second section, and you are not allowed to complete it on their behalf.

You will be issued a permit electronically within a day of completing all three sections of the registration. Alternatively, you can download and complete the forms manually, but you will have to mail them in, which will take significantly longer.

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How To Get A Work Permit In Virginia – Final Thoughts

No one is permitted to force you to work outside of the perimeters of the laws and regulations, with or without a work permit.

If you feel, at any point, that you are being exploited, you can make a complaint on the Virginia Occupational Health and Safety department’s website form or call their nearest office on this list.

All the very best in getting your Virginia Work Permit!

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