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How to Message a Recruiter on LinkedIn?

how to message a recruiter on linkedin

Are your messages often ignored on LinkedIn? Or aren’t you receiving much attention from recruiters?

Getting a response from recruiters on LinkedIn can be a challenge. It’s not as easy as it looks! Recruiters on LinkedIn receive endless messages every day.

So if you’re interested in connecting and finding work, but you’re struggling to stand out from the crowd- then this guide can offer you some useful tips on How to Message a Recruiter on LinkedIn.

how to message a recruiter on linkedin

What Is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a vast professional networking community that is popular with job seekers and recruiters worldwide. This virtual marketplace allows LinkedIn members to promote themselves by using profile features to attract recruiters.

LinkedIn is a valuable online platform for many individuals to showcase their experiences, connect with recruiters, and establish professional relationships in a global network.

What Is LinkedIn Mail?

LinkedIn mail is a paid messaging platform that allows members to communicate with any recruiter. It offers the opportunity to message anyone regardless of whether you have them as a connection or not. So, why pay for LinkedIn mail when you can opt for the basic version? Let’s take a look…

Why Use LinkedIn Mail?

LinkedIn mail is a handy tool that promotes networking between individuals and is a convenient way to enquire about job postings. If you are seeking work or interested in a job posting, but have not yet connected with the recruiter, then this is a convenient way to message them.

Whereas using the free and basic version of the messenger can be limiting because it only allows you to communicate with members that you’re already connected to.

How To Message A Recruiter On LinkedIn?

You can send a direct InMail message from the Linkedin member’s profile page. You’ll find the function to message recruiters located near their ‘Introduction’ section. You can also opt to initiate a conversation with any LinkedIn member from your Messaging page or Conversation window too. Here are the steps to follow…

How to Send an InMail Message to Recruiters?

Messaging recruiters on LinkedIn can be time-consuming at first. It’s common to receive limited responses after reaching out to many recruiters. It’s also common not to get immediate results, so keep trying to establish contact and keep going. Sooner or later, you’ll have a response!

how to message the recruiter on linkedin

Just follow these simple steps…

1 Go to the LinkedIn member’s profile page that you’d like to send an InMail message to. You can also search using the messaging page or conversation window.

2 Go to their ‘Introduction’ section and click ‘More.’

3 Select the ‘Message’ option from the menu.

4 Choose to type a ‘Subject’ in the ‘New message’ window.

5 Click ‘Send,’ and you’re done!

How To Send A Message Effectively?

Here are three simple tips to help you when messaging recruiters and how to establish a good connection on LinkedIn.

Send a Connection Request and a Short Message

Go to the page of the Linkedin recruiter that you want to message. Send a request to connect with them with a short personalized message to introduce yourself. Also, explain why you’re messaging them and what you want.

Send a Follow-Up Message

If the recruiter accepts your connection request, send them a follow-up message thanking them and giving more details. Express interest in the role that you’re applying for. Elaborate why you’d like to know more about the job, what experience you have, and what you can offer. More on this later…

Attach your CV and Complete Online Applications

Before sending the message – make sure it’s short, polite, and to the point. It’s recommended to attach your CV and tailor it to the job you’re applying to. You don’t have to wait for vacancies to be advertised, and you can still message recruiters about jobs. Also, have a look at their profile and see if there’s an option to apply online at their company website.

how to message recruiters on linkedin

What To Write When Messaging Recruiters?

It can be tricky to word the perfect message when contacting recruiters on LinkedIn. It’s suggested to keep it short and simple. Depending on the type of role you’re applying for, think about whether to keep it formal or casual. More information on how to effectively message a recruiter on LinkedIn can be found here.

It’s always good to act professionally on LinkedIn until you’ve established a rapport with your recruiter. If you get a reply and your recruiter seems interested and friendly, then it’s suitable to sound more casual, but not too much!

LinkedIn Sample Messages

To get more of an idea of what to write when messaging recruiters, here are some sample messages that you can use. Make sure to edit these messages and include the names, skills, and experience where applicable.

Example 1:

Hi (Recruiter’s name).

My name is (Your Name), and I’m interested in (the role or job title). I would like the opportunity to talk about how my (experience) and my (skills) fit this (role name). I’ve applied for (the role you applied to) and look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for accepting my connection request, and I hope you have a great day!

Kind regards, (your name).

Example 2:

Hi (Recruiter’s name).

I’m (your name), and I would like to learn more about (the role) and discuss any jobs that are available at (company name). I have heard great things about (company name) and think that my (experience or skills) in this field would be a great fit. If you have the time, I would love to discuss any opportunities and get better acquainted. I hope to hear from you soon, and have a great day!

Kind regards, (your name).

Example 3:

Hi (Recruiter’s name).

I’m looking to connect with others in the (industry name). I would like to learn more about (job title) and have some questions related to (topic). I’ve read your profile can see you have experience in (industry) which I am also interested in. I have (experience) and thought it would be a great idea to reach out to you. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you, and have a great day!

Kind regards, (your name).

If you’re also interested in how to message other LinkedIn members for different reasons – more sample templates can be found here.

What To Do and Not To Do When Messaging Recruiters?

Personalize messages and keep them unique

If you want to grab the recruiter’s attention, try to avoid being generic and repetitive. Try to avoid copying and pasting the same sample messages for every client. Keep the content original and relevant to the job!

Keep the messages short and simple

If you want to have a good impact, then try to avoid writing lengthy and descriptive messages to recruiters. Most recruiters are busy and have many messages to respond to, so reading too much information at once is not ideal.

Don’t talk numbers yet!

When you first message a recruiter on LinkedIn, try to avoid being demanding or focusing on how much you want to earn.

It can be offputting to discuss pay at such an early stage, and some recruiters may think you’re less interested in the work and only about the money!

Be clear but not pushy

When messaging recruiters, it’s a good idea to give clear directions and structure in what you say. Plan and outline the next steps to them. Don’t be shy to enquire about an interview or request a follow-up call. However, try to avoid being too pushy or assertive.

More tips can be found by checking out How to Grab a Recruiter’s Attention on LinkedIn Mail.

how to message the recruiters on linkedin

More Tips To Consider When Connecting With Recruiters

If you’re wondering how to make yourself stand out from the crowd on LinkedIn– here are some simple tips to create a more appealing profile for recruiters…

  • Make sure you have a profile picture. Follow the guidelines before uploading an appropriate picture; keep it professional and smile! Recruiters do not accept connection requests and are not likely to message you without one.
  • Using LinkedIn Mail can be limited when writing a detailed message because the subject is limited to 200 characters, and the body of the message is 1900 characters. So try emailing recruiters directly using their email addresses if it’s an option. Don’t forget to attach any work samples or your CV!
  • Thoroughly read the recruiter’s job profile and the job vacancy details before messaging them or applying for roles. Recruiters won’t be impressed if you do not meet their requirements, but you message them anyway, and your message will be overlooked.
  • Be creative and write a short and snappy subject line when messaging recruiters. The subject line is your first opportunity to make a lasting impression. It’s also an effective way to attract them to read on! As a recruiter with a high influx of messages, it can be repetitive, so write something creative to grab their attention!

For more info, take a look at 10 Ways to Make Your LinkedIn Profile Stand Out.

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Final Thoughts

Searching for the right job can be a challenge, and reaching out to recruiters on LinkedIn can be time-consuming. If you’re struggling to hear back from recruiters, don’t stop trying, and stick with it.

It’s important to regularly follow up with recruiters if you’ve received no response. Perfecting your messages can be an effective way to attract recruiters on Linkedin and make a good impression. Remember to keep your messages short, simple, and professional.

If you know how to use LinkedIn Mail effectively, it can be a valuable tool to network with like-minded members in your industry and connect with a global community.

The best of luck with your job search on LinkedIn!

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