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How to Pass the Walmart Assessment (2023 Updated)

Are you planning to apply for a job at Walmart

This major retailer offers a wide range of entry-level and corporate roles across the United States. The company offers a variety of different roles for people of all experience and skill levels. While there are usually several vacancies to apply for, the competition for positions can be high. Therefore, you will need to pass a special online assessment to show that you have the necessary skills.

 So, if you want to know how to pass the Walmart assessment, it’s time to find out…

About The Assessment 

About The Assessment 

Every person who applies to work at Walmart is tested to find out if they are right for the job. The test is based on the company’s core values, which all employees are expected to embrace and reflect on. It is necessary to pass this test before being granted an interview and being considered for a job.

The interview needs to be done online, and it is best to complete it at home. If you do not pass the assessment, you will not usually be asked to attend an interview. However, it is possible to take the test again in six months if you still want to work at Walmart.

Areas Covered In The Test

The main assessment is intended for entry-level roles in one of the company’s stores. This includes team members, cashiers, and shelf stockers. The test is divided into four sections, and it is important to do well in each of the sections.

Customer Service

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All people who work in one of the company’s stores are expected to have strong customer service skills. It is important to be polite, friendly, and helpful when interacting with customers. This area of the test is designed to make sure you have good customer service skills.

This part of the test will present you with several different scenarios. You will be asked to choose the best course of action for the particular situation that is outlined. Pay attention to the keywords that are used in the description of the situation. Try to relate the described situation to a situation you have been faced with in the past and handled well.

Problem Solving

Many of the jobs in stores require a certain amount of cash handling. Therefore, it is important to demonstrate that you have at least a basic understanding of math. The tests in this section will instruct you to correctly use charts and graphs and show other basic math skills.

Work Experience

This part follows a similar format to the section on your resume. The trick to scoring highly is to match your specialist skills with the skills highlighted in the job description. But, if you don’t have any work experience yet, it is best, to be honest and state this. Many entry-level roles do not require work experience if you meet the other requirements.

Personality Questionnaire

Many applicants find this to be one of the most difficult sections of the test. The basic goal is showing that you have the right personality traits for the role you are applying for. Carefully read the job description and work out which personality traits are likely to be valuable. 

How To Pass The Walmart Assessment 

If you have never taken a test of this type before, the company’s assessment may seem overwhelming. It is important to remain calm and complete each section in as much detail as possible. Here are some tried and tested ways to increase your chances of success.

Practice makes perfect

Practice makes perfect

Take the time to review the types of content that you are likely to be tested on. You should make a list of your strongest skills and write a few sentences that connect them to work. This will give you something to refer to while you are taking the test. You can also find a few practice tests online that will help you to hone your assessment-taking skills. 

Get advice from current and former employees 

Everyone who works for Walmart will have taken the assessment at one point. If you have friends or family members who work for the company, they can provide valuable advice. Otherwise, you can reach out to former employees through networking platforms such as LinkedIn. These people can also provide tips on how to ace the interview and what to expect during orientation. 

Choose a quiet location

Make sure you begin the test when there are as few potential distractions as possible. It could be difficult to concentrate if there is loud music playing and other noises. If you live in a shared household, try to make sure the other house members are out for the day. Put your phone on mute and avoid looking at the screen until you have completed the test. 

Make sure you are ready

It is important to take a little time to calm your mind and body. It may be a good idea to do a little light exercise and eat something before starting the test. Have plenty of water close to hand and take a deep breath before starting. 

Read the questions carefully

Take a deep breath at the end of each question to clear your mind before going on to the next one. Make sure you read each question carefully so that you understand the full meaning. Misreading a word could cause you to make errors that could result in a failure. 

Manage your time properly

Manage your time properly

While it is important to read each question carefully, you also need to allow enough time to answer it. Your answers should be as concise and detailed as possible. You can always go back and add some information if you have time at the end of the test. 

Check your work

Take the time to read through all your answers before submitting your test. Make sure there are no clear grammar or spelling mistakes. Your answers should be as detailed as possible and clearly match the questions or instructions. 

The Teaming Assessment

You will need to complete this evaluation if you are applying for a managerial role. This evaluation consists of five areas that make sure applicants have the necessary skills and attributes. Let’s take a closer look at the areas of the evaluation and what each one involves. 

Work With Associates

Managers need to have strong leadership skills. This section presents you with several scenarios that are related to leadership. You will be assessed on how well you can deal with these potential situations.

Manage Your Area

Managers also need to be able to make quick and informed decisions. This section is designed to reveal the way you make decisions and how effective those decisions are. You will be provided with a series of scenarios and need to use the information to decide what to do. 

Manage Your Day

This section is designed to test if you can successfully prioritize tasks. A series of challenges that managers often face will be outlined. You will be tasked with arranging the tasks in the order or priority and explaining your decision. 

Tell Us Your Story

This section of the test is actually about your work history. You, understandably, need to have previous work experience to work as a manager and need to demonstrate your skills. The information you provide in this section should highlight your skills in the best way possible. 

Describe Your Approach

This section involves a questionnaire that is designed to reveal your work personality. You will be asked to select answers that reflect the way you would approach different situations. It is important to make sure that the answers you choose in this section are as consistent and strong as possible. 

The Physical Assessment

The Physical Assessment

This special evaluation is given to people who apply for a job at a distribution center. This assessment features two sections: Load Store Freight and Fill Store Orders. It is important to score highly on both sections to be considered for a job in a distribution center.

The overall goal of the test is to show that you can safely perform all of the functions of the job. You need to show that you can safely lift heavy boxes and packages without straining your back. Distribution centers are usually busy and hazardous areas, and a good understanding of safety is essential.

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How To Pass The Walmart Assessment – Final Thoughts 

You need to take and pass the official assessment before being considered for a job at Walmart. While passing does not guarantee employment, it goes a long way to ensuring success. If you fail the test, you will need to wait six months before you can take it again.

There are several ways to increase your chances of passing the test. Make sure you understand Walmart’s core values and can reflect them in your answers. Putting in a little practice and making sure you are fully prepared can also go a long way.

Good luck with passing your Walmart Assessment Test!

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