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How to Prepare for a Promotion Interview?

how to prepare for a promotion interview

First of all, congratulations! If you are preparing for a promotion interview, it already means you are excelling in the workplace and doing a fantastic job.

Before the company finalizes the promotion, companies often conduct a promotion interview. Like any interview, preparation is key. There are many things you must consider when going into the interview.

So, let’s take a look at How to Prepare for a Promotion Interview and all that you need to know!

how to prepare for a promotion interview

What Is A Promotion Interview?

If you are selected, your manager is likely looking to put you in a higher position in the company, whether it be the next rank or perhaps skipping a few and being trusted with a larger amount of responsibilities.

An interview is a formal process that takes place to make sure you are fit for the role. The interview will likely be with people familiar with you and the work you produce.

Keep it professional…

There can be both benefits and downsides to having this familiar contact. The company already knows your strengths and knows the work you have done. However, unlike outside applicants, you have to prove why you will excel in this position and let them know what new ideas and qualities you can offer that they don’t already know of.

Just like the outside applicants, you have to prepare and take time for this interview. Don’t slack because someone on the panel is your work best friend; keep it professional.

Hiring internally…

It’s a known fact that companies prefer to hire internally anyway, so you do have this on your side. However, there are then higher expectations of you. Make sure you don’t lose points by being unprepared. Here are some tips for preparing for your promotion interview…

Top 5 Preparation Tips For Your Promotion Interview

1 Talk with your superiors

Make sure to chat with the people above you in the field. They may be helpful and offer you some insights. They can also reiterate what they believe to be your strengths and weaknesses. This can help with examples in the interview as you can confidently revert to the conversation and discuss why these strengths are vital for the position.

It is the right thing to do to let your supervisor know you are also going for a promotion interview. They will find out regardless, so it’s nicer coming from you personally.

2 Research the Job Position

Since you have been offered the job role internally, it is still vital you look at the job description as if you were applying for the position out with the company. There’s also an advantage for internal applicants. You can go over the job description with HR or perhaps another colleague in a similar position to discuss any extras it entails.

Another great idea would be to ask the current employee about the job and the expectations. You can pick their brain (if they let you) about important information and how the job works.

how to prepare for the promotion interview

3 Why Should They Promote You?

You have to come up with several reasons why you deserve the position and why you are the most suitable candidate for it. Reiterate your previous work with the company and the procedures they take. You can also discuss how your experience in your current role will help you excel in the new position.

4 List Your Skills

It is essential to highlight your skills to the interviewer. The best way to do this is to look at the job description and link your strong skills to what they are looking for. You can give examples of your previous work to highlight these skills and how they have helped you in your career so far.

5 Convince Them Why They Should Promote You

Perhaps you are a key link in your current role and are fantastic at what you do. This could be hard for managers to let you go from your current position to climb the ladder to more significant roles. You must convince them that putting you in a higher position will benefit the company and be an even bigger asset in this new position.

Ask Questions

Like you would in any other interview, come prepared with a few questions you can ask the interviewer. This not only makes you look interested in the role, but it shows your confidence in the possibility of the promotion.

You can enquire about the transition process from your department to a higher role. You can also discuss your expectations in the future role. Or any other responsibilities stated on the job description you are less familiar with.

Why Do Companies Hire Internally?

A study found that 61% of external hires are more likely to be fired than those promoted from within the company. As an internal hire, the employee is more familiar with the in and outs of the company’s ins as well as knowing its core values.

Training is less time-consuming and expensive because employees are already familiar with the software and systems within the company. Internal hires also reduce staff turnover, which benefits the company.

Questions Examples

Talk a little about yourself and why we should promote you to this position?

“I am very ambitious and entirely focused on the companies vision to expand globally. I have a keen eye for detail and always have financial and commercial objectives in my mind when working on a project.

I’m looking to grow within the company and work with a team of like-minded individuals who have the drive to excel in the work they produce. I have ambitious plans for the future with the company objectives in mind and think I would be an excellent fit for making these come to life. I believe I should be promoted to this position.

As you can see from my track record in my previous role, I have always hit sales targets and worked to the highest standards possible. I am 100% committed to the company. Once I am in the position, I firmly believe that you will see immediate improvements and positively impact both financially and within the team.”

how to prepare for the promotion interviews

Why Do you Want to Leave Your Current Position?

“While I absolutely love my job and working with my team, I feel it’s time to expand and grow within the company. After four years in the role, I have picked up various skills that will serve me well in this new position. In my last team, I believe that we worked superbly to create great outcomes for the company financially. In a higher role, I think I will be able to do the same, if not more.”

Prove That You Are Ready for A Higher Role

“I believe there are three key reasons I am ready to be placed in a higher position with the company. First of all, having worked here for two years and consistently met targets and achieved success within the role, I believe I have been a key player in my team by leading most of these successes.

Secondly, I am completely committed to the company’s vision and long-term plans. I feel passionate about the services we offer, and I think that shines in my work. Finally, I have an intended plan of what I can do in this position and have several ideas on how to execute these while bringing new ideas to the table. I am totally confident in my abilities and believe I am the right candidate for the role.”

What Would You Like to do in The First 30 Days of the Role?

“I already have some ideas about what I intend to do, but first, I would speak with my superiors and discuss the objectives of the year. First of all, I’d get to know my colleagues and become familiar with the work environment in that department. I will evaluate their strengths and put a plan into place if there are any opportunities for changes in improvement and development.

Finally, I will create a plan of action that includes short-term and long-term goals for the company. I will make sure these are executed to the highest standard by myself and the team to complete the goals and objectives set in place.”

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Final Thoughts

A promotion interview is as nerve-wracking as any other interview.

Preparation is critical, along with reading and rereading the job description. Make sure you are prepared and link your strengths to the position. Plus, don’t get complacent and not bother doing any research because you know the interview panel.

You must highlight and prove to them that you are the best candidate for the position compared to your peers or external applicants.

All the very best and good luck with your Promotion!

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