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How to Spell Resume?

how to spell resume

Are you preparing to apply for an important job

It is important to make a good impression, which involves carefully editing your application documents. Any spelling and grammar mistakes in these documents are sure to affect your chances of getting hired. One common issue people tend to have is how to spell the word resume. You are likely to have seen the word written several ways, and you don’t want to make a mistake. 

So, let’s take a look at how to spell resume and the history of this word.

About The Resume Accent

There are three main accepted ways to spell the word resume. In two out of three of these methods, you will see a dash over one or both of the letter ‘e’s. For example, you could also see the word written as resumé or résumé.

The dash over the letter ‘e’ is known as an accent. If you choose to write the word with accents, it is important to stick to one of the accepted methods. Putting the accents in a different place is considered to be a spelling mistake. This includes placing an accent over the first ‘e’ but not the second.

Used in the Frech language…

Accenting the word implies that it is not written in American or British English. Putting a dash sloping to the right over the letter, as in é, is also known as an acute accent. This accent is most commonly used in French and other romantic languages. There are three other possible types of accents to be aware of.

You may sometimes see ë, which is known as a diaeresis. A circumflex accent is shown as ê. In addition, you may sometimes see the dash sloping to the left as in è, which is known as a grave accent. 

Rhyming with “hey”…

You will most commonly see the word resume spelled with one or two acute accents. This indicates that the word is intended to rhyme with the word ‘hey.’ This has a very different sound to the word resume, which is a synonym for continue.  

Origins Of The Resume Accent

The word résumé is French and means summary. The term is used in France to refer to an employment document. If you are French, you will always use the spelling résumé, and it is the same as CV in the UK. This document is designed to be a summary of your professional and educational experience. 

While the term resume has been adopted in the United States, the word is usually written without any accents. Accents on the word are not usually needed for written communications in AP format. Adding accents to words in the English language can often be seen as pretentious. 

Origins Of The Resume Accent

Dictionary Definitions

Checking the dictionary is usually the best way to discover how to pronounce and write words. You will also find the meaning of the word and how to use it in different contexts. Let’s look at how popular dictionaries define this word and its spelling. 

The American Heritage Dictionary 

One of the great things about this online dictionary is that it provides information on the roots of words. It explains that the word is the past particle of the French word résumer. According to this dictionary, all three spellings of the word are equally acceptable. 


This online portal provides a wealth of information about this word and how it is used. You can place audio recordings of the word to make sure you’re saying it correctly. You will see several versions of the word in different European languages. While it states that all three uses are acceptable, it suggests that the one accent version is contestable. 

Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary 

This respected online dictionary represents the word as having two accents. However, it also presents the other variants of the word, noting that they are less commonly used. There are also detailed descriptions of how this word is used in the United States and its meaning. 

Oxford Advanced American Dictionary 

This dictionary also suggests that the word should be written with two accents. However, the dictionary also accepts that the word can be written with one or no accent. You can also play a short audio clip on the online portal to check your pronunciation. 

Oxford Advanced American Dictionary 

Associated Press

This news and media portal has strict guidelines for contributors to follow. According to the Associated Press, accents should not be placed on words in US English. However, accents can be added to people’s names if this follows the accepted spelling of those names. 

Chicago Manual of Style 

This online portal provides clear guidelines on how different words should be spelled and used. You will find short articles on the usage of different words and common mistakes. According to the online portal, the word should be written with two accents. 

When To Use Accents?

As you can see, even the world’s leading dictionaries differ slightly on whether or not you should use accents. This can make the issue even more confusing when you’re applying for a job. The goal of everything you write on your application is to impress the hiring manager.

When To Use Accents

Follow the US spelling

It is important to note that the word is usually written without accents in the United States. Therefore, it is best to skip the accents unless you have a particular reason for including them. Although the use of accents can make you stand out from the crowd, this isn’t necessarily a good thing. 

Consistency is key

The key when spelling any words is to be consistent. If you decide to use one or two accents, you have to use them at all times. Otherwise, your use of accents will look like a spelling mistake. 

Review the job description

When deciding whether or not to use accents, study the job description carefully. Search for the word resume and pay close attention to how it is spelled. If an accent is used, it is a good idea to copy this spelling. 

How to use accents

Because accents are rarely used in the English language, working out which accents to use can be confusing. If you are unsure which accent to use, it is best to avoid it altogether. If you decide to use one, it is best to put it over the final ‘e.’ Make sure the accent is sloping the correct way, and avoid placing it over the first ‘e.’  

How To Type An Accent?

If you decide to add an accent to the word, you will need to be able to type it quickly. However, the letter ‘e’ with an accent cannot be found on a standard keyboard. Here are some quick and easy ways to type it on different platforms and devices. 

How To Type An Accent


There is a trick to Microsoft applications that can make typing the symbol very quick and easy. Hold down the ALT key and type 0233 at the same time. You should see that the symbol magically appears when you release the ALT key.

If this doesn’t work while you’re using Word, click on Insert and find the symbols icon. You can then select the é from the long list. The symbols you have used recently are saved, making them easier to find in the future. 


If you are using a MacBook, you can bring up the accent menu display by pressing and holding a key. You then need to enter the number that corresponds to the accented letter you are searching for. Alternatively, you can press and hold the Option key and tap the ‘e’ key. You will then see a mark hovering on the line. After releasing the Option key, tap ‘e’ again, and an accent will appear over it.

Google Docs

You need to go to the toolbar at the top of the page and click on ‘Insert’ followed by Special Characters. Next, you need to change symbols to Latin and locate the ‘é’ symbol. Double-click on this symbol to insert it into your document, and then continue typing.

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Final Thoughts

There are three common ways to spell the word resume. Of the two options with accents, the spelling résumé is the most common. This spelling is French and matches the French origins of the word.

Generally speaking, it is best to avoid using accents when spelling this word. The main exceptions would be if you are applying for a job in French or with a French employer. The word should not be capitalized unless it is part of a proper noun and the correct plural is resumes.

All the best in applying for your new job!

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