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How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job?

how to use linkedin to find a job

LinkedIn can be the best way for you to get a leg-up in your job hunt. And you can double your efforts by not only applying to LinkedIn advertised positions via Easy Apply or contact information listed but also allowing recruiters to find you!

So, let’s help guide you through How to Use LinkedIn to Find a Job and get you working!

how to use linkedin to find a job

What Your Profile Should Look Like?

Profile Photo and Biography

Your photo should be taken in a well-lit area or touched up before posting. Make sure to keep your appearance professional and neat. A warm, inviting smile will do wonders.

Try not to have the picture taken dead centered on your face and not against a white wall. This particular look screams “mug shot” rather than “business chic.”

Keep your intro simple…

To create an intro on LinkedIn that stands out, it should be an easy-read short bio of yourself. If you have any accomplishments, it is well worth mentioning them, for example:

Award-winning sales management guru with 15 years of experience practicing in various industries; including electronics, motor vehicles, cleaning chemicals, and SAP software,”

This tells the viewer about the expertise in sales to be expected.

Replace Experience With Passion

Should you lack experience, you may include traits or your passion for your line of work:

“Graphic design and copywriting professional with a passion for marketing communications and innovative business practices.”

You should have a summary of the positions you have had, which can be listed in bullet points. Your profile settings can be adjusted to let LinkedIn recruiters know that you are searching for a job. It may be wise to only let recruiters view that feature, should you not want your employers to be tipped off of your plans to look for greener pastures.

Your Language Proficiency

You may feel that your second or third language is irrelevant; however, it may open various opportunities for you. Many companies deal with either local or international communities that rely on the use of a certain language or the understanding of a certain cultural practice.

It is always beneficial to mention your proficiency in other languages and not to overstate your abilities. This will prevent embarrassment when expected to communicate on a professional level later when you are only able to manage basic conversational language.

Skillsets And ‘Search Phrases’

LinkedIn allows for up to 50 skills to be listed. List every single skill you can think of – again, do so honestly. Should you run out of skills to list, double back and list variants of the skill as you have used it before. If you listed “sales,” you may want to list it again as “telesales” or as “direct sales.”

Recruiters often search for profiles using specific phrases. Using a variety of them will increase the chances of recruiters finding your profile when looking for employees with your skillset. You may be part of a charitable organization in your free time. You should list it, as your philanthropic work may resonate with employers who look for employees that will go the extra mile.

how to use linkedin to find job

Build Your Contacts

Connect with as many contacts as you can to build your network on LinkedIn. You can reach out to former colleagues, clients, and even your former educators, to endorse your skills and leave you a recommendation. This will help to give your profile some much-needed credibility. You can also identify connections in human resources and management positions – to inquire about any available positions.

Make The Most Of Your Linkedin Account!

It does take a fair amount of time to fully optimize your LinkedIn profile. So, to help guide you, I’ve put together my advice on How To Upload A Resume To Linkedin, How To Let Your Recruiters Know You’re Open On Linkedin, and How To Announce Your New Job On Linkedin to start with as well as the Best Linkedin Profile Tips.

Next, you might want to learn how to write Linkedin Cold Messages, or how about the Best Linkedin Recommendation Examples, the Best Linkedin Headline Examples For Job Seekers, and finally, the best Linkedin Summary Examples For Job Seekers to get you noticed!

Lastly, we have an excellent selection of books to take a look at, such as the well-known LinkedIn For Dummies, or perhaps LinkedIn Profile Optimization For Dummies, and my top choices, which are How to Write a KILLER LinkedIn Profile… And 18 Mistakes to Avoid, along with LinkedIn Riches: How To Use LinkedIn For Business, Sales and Marketing! all available online in 2023.

Final Thoughts

It is easy to get lost in nonsense-posting on social media. Why not make it a more productive endeavor? Spend a few minutes on LinkedIn every day to create a post or connect with other members.

You will have a better chance of spotting more jobs and other opportunities this way. Active accounts are more likely to feature than inactive ones, so recruiters will see more of you too. It’s all about standing out from the crowd and getting noticed. Of course, it should be for the right reasons!

So, good luck finding a job through LinkedIn!

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